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Page 4, Abacoa                                                                 APOA Update
                                                                               From The Director
How Are Insureds
                                                                               Of Property Management
Saving Money
                                                                               By Laurie Boaz, LCAM,                                            barbeques. Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium will hold their annual
On Medical                                                                     Abacoa POA                                                       Mega Bash on July 3 and 4. Both nights include a mega kid’s
                                                                               	 It’s July and summer is                                        area, minor league baseball and of course post-game fireworks.
Insurance?                                                                     here. Hope you are enjoying                                      Join in the festivities and enjoy the entertainment. In the United
                                                                               some summer fun and staying                                      States, the third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day.
  By Anne Gambino                                                              dry. With the wettest month of                                   This day is a celebration enjoyed with your favorite flavor
  	 There has been a                                                           the year, June, behind us, we                                    of ice cream. July 29 is National Lasagna Day and dedicated
  lot of discussion lately                                                     look forward to sunny days to                                    to appreciating lasagna. July is also National Picnic Month.
  on the unaffordability                                                       appreciate outdoor activities.                                   Celebrate by planning a picnic, pack some food and head out
  of medical plans that                                                        	 Summer is a busy time                                          to your favorite outdoor spot and enjoy a meal with family and
  are offered through the                                                      for Abacoa POA; we have                                          friends.
  exchange for those who                                                       begun to prepare the proposed                                    	 Jupiter Police Department encourages that we all continue
  do not qualify for a                                                         2019 annual budget, to be approved in September. The annual      to stress awareness of suspicious persons or activities in our
  subsidy. The out-of-                                                         pressure cleaning of common area curbing and sidewalks is now    neighborhoods and to call the department when in doubt. If
  pocket expense for                                                           in progress. We continue the monthly scheduled maintenance       you see something, say something. Contact the Jupiter Police
  premiums and high                                                            of the common areas within Abacoa as well. We appreciate all     nonemergency number, (561) 799-4445, to report these incidents.
  deductibles have made                                                        the communities and businesses who continue to do their part     Of course, if there is an emergency, dial 911.
  some insureds throw up                                                       in keeping your properties looking attractive. Take a moment to  	 Make sure to lock your vehicle doors and close garage
  their hands and walk                                                         review your properties for necessary cleanup or improvements     doors. The majority of recent thefts from motor vehicles
  away from coverage                                                           that will enhance the overall aesthetics of the community. Your  were from unlocked cars. It is important to remove valuables
  altogether. This prompted an immediate response from                         contributions help keep Abacoa a premiere place to live, work    from your vehicles.
  the insurance industry which in turn started issuing                         and play!                                                        	 Should you have any suggestions or concerns, we are here
  Limited Benefit Medical Plans. What exactly are these                        	 July holidays and observances include, July Fourth             to assist. Contact us at (561) 624-7788 or PropertyManager@
  plans though and what do they cover?                                         which is Independence Day. This is a federal holiday which
  	 Limited Benefit Medical Plans are not a                                    commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence     	 “May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please,
  comprehensive major medical plan, nor are they                               on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from Great Britain.      but as the opportunity to do what is right.” – Peter Marshall
  intended to replace a major medical plan. The                                Ceremonies take place along with fireworks, parades and
  plan is intended to provide you, and your covered
  dependents, with basic insurance coverage that is                                       Abacoa POA Meeting Notices
  capped at specific amounts for specific services. On
  most occasions these plans also have no deductibles                          	 Official notification is posted via the bulletin board outside the Abacoa POA office as well as the www.Abacoa.
  and very small copay out-of-pocket for doctor visits.                        com Web site. Members may now download Abacoa POA agendas and minutes from our Web site.
  A traditional Limited Benefit Plan would give the
  insured a certain amount of money towards each                               Notice of Monthly Abacoa POA Board Meeting – No Board meeting in July
  doctor visit, wellness visits, diagnostic testing, a daily                   	 Notice of Monthly Abacoa POA Community Architect (CAC) Meeting – Fourth Tuesday – See agenda for
  hospital and surgical benefit, both in and outpatient,                       posted time.
  emergency room benefit and even accidental benefits.
  These plans seem to work out extremely well for                              **All Abacoa POA meetings to be held at the offices of the Abacoa POA, 1200 University Blvd., Suite 102 unless
  anyone who is in well health and would not need                              otherwise posted. All agendas, as well as approved minutes, will be available at
  unlimited amounts of coverage. Most people that
  choose this plan cannot afford traditional medical                           	 Articles herein are the creation of the individual writers, and do not express the opinion of the APOA. By printing an
  coverage but still want protection and availability to                       article herein, the APOA is not endorsing the writer, the article’s content, or any business referred to therein. The APOA
  their doctors. They also do not want to pay their high                       will not be responsible for errors contained in, or related to, articles.
  deductibles before receiving care for such things as
  outpatient surgeries, etc. They are worth looking into                               Deadline for the next Abacoa newspaper
  for some as long as the insured chooses the proper                                             is the 11th of the month.
  	 If you would like any further information on how                           Submit articles/pictures to
  these plans can help you, or a free quote, please call
  the offices of Strategic Insurance at (800) 293-8963,
  Ext. 2.

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