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July 2018                                                        PGA C.A.N.!, Page 1

VOL. 28 NO. 7                                                  FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                       JULY 2018

PGA POA Jottings

By Dawn Levinstein,                                            Remember, you not only need to close your shutters or install    are alligator nests. Just like humans look after their babies (or
PGA POA                                                        your panels, you must be sure to store or secure all potted      soon to be babies) so does Momma and she can take your leg
	 I will try short and sweet                                   plants, accessory items, patio furniture and anything that can   off or worse. Do not walk dogs near the water’s edge.
this month. I know you can’t                                   blow away (and don’t be fooled, 50-pound items can fly when      Hungry Humans?
believe it either! I just have a                               winds are more than twice the weight of the item). Do not        	 Pollo Tropical took the former Burger King space in the
couple reminders and a little                                  empty or lower your pool. If you are going away, be sure to      LA Fitness Plaza. Many people have asked us when they will
news.                                                          make arrangements now for someone to address these items.        open. The answer is they are now open!
Assessments                                                    Every time we have a storm, I get calls just hours before the    Rain
	 The annual assessment to                                     storm makes landfall asking if I have anyone who can help        	 We all complained that it was so dry. Be careful what you
PGA POA was due July 1 so                                      secure property; we don’t. Please don’t wait to be prepared.     wish for because May and June certainly made up for it by
if you haven’t mailed your                                     Information regarding storm preparation can be found at          dumping rain every day. During the first part of June we had
payment, it is now late. If you                                                                       some bad days with one day in particular dumping over three
didn’t receive the budget and assessment information, please   	 If you don’t already have hurricane protection for your        inches of rain in just 30 minutes. For those who aren’t aware,
call us at (561) 627-2800 so we can verify your address and,   windows, remember you must get approval from the POA             along the main roads and in Marlwood, Burwick, Thurston
if necessary, send you a duplicate package.                    ARC before installing shutters, panels, impact glass (or         and Glengary there are swale systems which are designed to
Storms                                                         anything else on the outside of any residence).                  hold water. The idea is that some of the water flows to the
	 The storm season officially began last month. Please be      Gators                                                           storm drain (then into the lakes/canals) and some of the water
sure that you have already made arrangements to have your      	 As I mentioned last month, alligator mating and nesting        sits in the swale to percolate into the ground which acts as an
property secured at the issuance of a storm warning or watch.  season is here. Nesting season lasts through July and Momma      additional filtering system (i.e. instead of just having it all run
                                                               Gator can lay as many as 25 to 50 eggs. Stay away if you see     from the edge of the street directly into the storm drains).
Commissioner’s                                                 a pile of sticks and dirt (sometimes they measure 2-to 3-feet
                                                               high and 7-to 10-feet long) along any lake bank or canal. These  PGA POA Jottings on page 3
                                                               Craft Beer Bash Is Brewing Again
 Hurricane Season – A Way
 Of Life In South Florida                                      At PGA National Resort & Spa

 By Commissioner                                               Local Favorite Event Returns                                     commemorative beer mug trophy along with a PGA National
 Hal Valeche                                                                                                                    golf getaway including three days and two night’s luxury
 	 Since our hurricane                                         For Its Fourth Year                                              accommodations, a golf twosome and a dinner for two at
 season is a full six months                                                                                                    the resort’s signature restaurant, Ironwood Steak & Seafood.
 of the year, I think it is                                    	 PGA National Resort &                                          (Total prize value of $1,200). The second place winner will
 worthwhile to share some                                      Spa is proud to announce                                         go home with a commemorative beer mug trophy and dinner
 additional information                                        the Fourth Annual Craft                                          for two at Ironwood Steak & Seafood. Third place wins a
 about how you can plan                                        Beer Bash festival! Join us                                      trophy and a $50 gift certificate for iBar.
 and be prepared for these                                     Saturday, Sept. 8 from 5                                         	 Individual tickets will be sold for just $39 per person in
 unwelcome weather                                             to 8 p.m. as PGA National                                        advanced via online ticket sales or at the door for $49. There’s
 events.                                                       showcases the world’s most                                       no better way to enjoy the Craft Beer Bash than by taking
 	 As I have mentioned                                         impressive portfolio of craft                                    advantage of The Craft Beer Bash Room Package from $179
 before, the Division of Emergency Management                  beer and ciders.                                                 plus resort fee, which includes two general admission tickets
 remains at the ready for any potential disaster events        	 Participating brewers will have booths set up with             with luxury accommodations at PGA National for the night.
 be they weather or otherwise. During activation for a         unlimited samples for tasting. Patrons will have the
 hurricane, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is           opportunity to vote on the “People’s Choice Awards” for Best     Craft Beer Bash on page 4
 your local clearinghouse for the latest, up-to-the-minute     Craft Brewery and Best Hard
 information on storm watches and warnings, and the            Cider. Additionally, select
 dissemination of official media advisories. Keep this         breweries will have limited
 number handy for all questions and concerns before,           timed-release tastings.
 during and after a storm: (561) 712-6400.                     	 A homebrewers contest
                                                               to crown the “King of All
 Commissioner’s Update on page 2                               Beers” will be judged by
                                                               an expert panel which is
                                                               open to all beer categories.
                                                               The winner will receive a

                                                               Peoples Choice winner for Best Brewery
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