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Page 2, PGA C.A.N.!                                                              July 2018

Editorial Board                                                                  Commissioner’s Update from page 1

Editor:	 	    James A. Cioffi                                                    	 Residents should report problems to the Emergency          in an assisted living facility or nursing home, does that
                                                                                 Information Center by calling the above number.              facility have an emergency plan? Is that facility hurricane                                                               Representatives from police, fire, utilities and social      hardened?
                                                                                 service agencies all work out of the EOC during activation   	 Sadly, in the aftermath of our brush with Hurricane
Feature Writers:	 Dawn Levinstein, POA                                           and will investigate and resolve issues reported.            Irma last fall, county officials heard reports that frail,
                                                                                 	 The county’s Public Affairs Department is one of           elderly residents were being dropped off at emergency
		Commissioner Hal R. Valeche                                                    the many departments who ride out the emergency              shelters immediately prior to or during the storm by either
                                                                                 activations at the EOC, where they serve as the official     a nursing home facility, a home health care worker, or
		            O’Neal Bardin Jr.                                                  Public Information Unit (PIU), a designation required by     even a family member. As if that was not bad enough,
                                                                                 the National Incident Management System, a consistent        these elderly persons arrived at the shelter without
		Tom Murphy                                                                     nationwide framework within the U.S. Department of           so much as a blanket. That, in my view, is a very sad
                                                                                 Homeland Security.                                           commentary. Remember, as Emergency Management
Contributing                                                                     	 In addition to working directly with the media on          Director Bill Johnson has said, the emergency shelters
                                                                                 information they receive from the county’s executive policy  activated during hurricane events should be considered
Reporter:	    Don Kiselewski                                                     group, operations teams and municipal representatives at     a life raft, not a cruise ship. Shelters – quickly assembled
                                                                                 the EOC, the PIU also constantly monitors county social      in designated public schools – are equipped with limited
	 Your editors strongly believe that the number                                  media sites including Twitter @PBCGOV and @PBCDEM,           supplies, and evacuees are required to bring all of their
of people who do become involved with any                                        and Facebook at pbcgov and pbcdem. Additionally, the PIU     own bedding, snacks, extra water, toiletries, clothing and
news medium directly reflects on that medium’s                                   monitors emails at                        medication, and keep all of that contained in the assigned
excellence, versatility and broad viewpoint.                                     	 Once you are comfortable that you have a good              20 square feet of space. If you do not live in substandard
Therefore, we invite PGA residents to contribute                                 personal plan in place, you’ve stocked up on all the         housing or are not located in an evacuation area, you may
articles or current, timely news items and/or                                    essentials and have hurricane hardened your home or have     be far better off sheltering at home.
“Letters to the Editors.”                                                        made arrangements to stay elsewhere including your pets,     	 The following links will take you to information on
	 Articles/letters are subject to editing and editors’                           make sure you have taken into account your relatives or      hurricane preparedness and shelters:
right to publish. Submission must include writer’s                               friends who are vulnerable, elderly, or alone. Do they have
name, address and telephone number. Unsigned articles                            a safe place to stay during a storm? If a loved one resides  pdf
/letters will not be published. Opposing views to article                                                                            
viewpoints contained in this paper are welcome.                                                                                               Shelters.aspx
Articles do not necessarily represent the viewpoint                                                                                  
of the C.A.N.! organization. Submissions should                                                                                               Special-Needs.aspx
be mailed or delivered by the tenth of each month                                                                                    
for the following month’s publication (example: by                                                                                            Pages/Hurricane.aspx
January 10 for February publication) to:                                                                                                      	 If you do live along the coast or are located in one of
	 C.A.N.! Editors                                                                                                                             the more high-risk evacuation areas, talk to your friends
	 Post Office Box 33436                                                                                                                       or relatives who live outside of that area about staying
	 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420 or                                                                                                             with them during a storm event. You can pool resources
	 Contact the publisher for additional information                                                                                            and supplies and provide some comradery to one another
regarding submissions, fax (561) 627-9088 or e-mail                                                                                           while you weather the storm.                                                                                                                             	 I encourage you to talk to people within your property
                                                                                                                                              owners associations or neighborhood groups to identify
	 Let’s hear from you.                                                                                                                        neighbors who are elderly, alone or infirm and who may
                                                                                                                                              need assistance.
                                                                                                                                              	 As always, please contact me if I can be of assistance
                                                                                                                                              at (561) 355-2201 or by email at
                                                                                                                                              If you do not have access to the Internet and would like
                                                                                                                                              some printed information, please do not hesitate to call
                                                                                                                                              me and we will provide that to you.

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