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Page 2, The Talk Of Tequesta                                                   	 Place of Hope is a unique, faith-
                                                                               based, state-licensed children’s
G Wood orks from page 1                                                        organization providing family-
                                                                               style foster care (emergency and
                                                                               long-term); family outreach and
                                                                               intervention; maternity care; safety
                                                                               for victims of domestic minor sex
                                                                               trafficking; transitional housing and
                                                                               support services for youth aging out
                                                                               of foster care; housing and support
                                                                               services for homeless families;
                                                                               foster care recruitment and support;
                                                                               hope and healing opportunities for
                                                                               children and families who have been
                                                                               traumatized by abuse and neglect
                                                                               throughout our region.

Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing                                                                           Good Works on page 3
Palm Beach County and is a privately
owned and managed company.                                                                                                   747-PALM
Captain’s is committed to providing
dependable, reliable and professional                                                                                                   747-7256
ground transportation to and from all
South Florida Airports and Seaports.

To reserve your vehicle:

561-798-2180 or 800-634-7890

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