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VOL. 29 NO. 7                                                      Our Village Voice                                                                                                  JULY 2018


                                                                                            rain? It seems to be raining a lot! Did you           	 Bill wanted to follow
                                                                                            know that all this rain is actually helping to        his much admired TV
                                                                                            replenish our lakes, rivers and streams? As           hero Anthony Bourdain
                                                                                            Florida’s landscapes continue to change due to        into parts unknown, but
                                                                                                                                                  with a difference. Bill is
                                                                                            development and other factors, it is important        still of this earth, not even
                                                                                                                                                  sick, and will return to
                                                                                            to remember rain replenishes some of our              his column in the August
                                                                                            critical resources. Rainwater filters through         issue. Same place, same
                                                                                            the Floridan Aquifer through a process called         time or whenever the newsletter, Our Village Voice,
                                                                                                                                                  is delivered to your mailbox.
                                                                                            recharge. Our Floridan Aquifer is the main
                                                                                            source of Florida’s drinking water. According       Celebrate our Month of Independence
                                                                                            to the St. Johns River Water Management, only
                                                                                            a quarter of the rain water we get filters all the
                                                                                            way through the purifying process to recharge

                                                                                            the aquifer. So bring on the rain, it is necessary
                                                                                            to help refill our lakes, streams and wetlands
                                                                                            while benefiting wildlife and our drinking
                                                                                            water supply.
                                                                                              You can become a water warrior! Visit
                                American Flamingos | Photo: Harold A. Davis to take the pledge
                                                                                            to save water in your home, outside your home

Welcome To Summer! and in your community.Audubon’s Water for Florida’s Future
                                                                           program is in partnership with Duke Energy, and teaches
	 As we head into the summer months there are many many simple actions you can take to conserve water. A few

opportunities to enjoy what Florida has to offer. Many
in Central Florida have been asking – why so much Welcome To Summer! on page 7

                                                                                                       This may sound like a deal important to reduce your speed during inclement weather

                                                                                                     but keep in mind only 12 like our regular afternoon rain showers. Reducing your

                                                                                                     percent of Florida property speed reduces the probability of a crash and reduces the

                                                                                                     owners would benefit. And severity if you do have a crash.

                                                                                                     the shortfall must be made 	 Arrive alive and enjoy your summer, Palm Beach

                                                                                                     up elsewhere. Chances are County!

                                                                                                     good we will see cuts in Important Information For Short-Term Rental Property

Dear Friend,                                                       county services and amenities and increases in millage Owners
	 Summer is in full swing
… whether you are enjoying                                         rates which will affect everyone. Only our schools would 	 As of this printing, we are busy testing our new online
a day on the water, planning
a road trip or participating in                                    be exempt from cuts.                                                         tourist development tax system which is scheduled to go
the lobster mini season, our
office is here to help! In this                                      November is just a few months away and it is not too live this summer. The new system eliminates all paper
issue, we’ll bring you up-to-
date on our new, online tourist                                    early to start talking about Amendment 1 and its impact and gives short-term rental property owners the ability to
development tax process and
we’ll share details about an                                       to our county. I urge all homeowner associations to start manage their account 24/7 at
important amendment on the
November ballot.                                                   educating your members now. Please make sure you are 	 If you own a short-term rental property, you must register
	 As a reminder, our office is closed on Wednesday, July 4 in
observance of Independence Day.                                    fully informed before casting your ballot on Nov. 6.                         the property with this agency and set up an account online.
	 Warm wishes for a safe and happy July Fourth holiday,
                                                                   Slow Down, Stay Cool                                                         If you have an agent managing a property for you including
                                                   Anne M. Gannon
What You Need To Know About Amendment 1                            	 Planning a road trip this summer? During the holiday filing returns and remitting payments, you must authorize
	 I would like to call your attention to the upcoming
November ballot, specifically Amendment 1 which would              and vacation seasons, Florida’s roads can be some of the your agent in our new system to avoid late fees and penalties.
create an additional homestead exemption of up to $25,000 for
homesteaded properties with an assessed valuation of greater       busiest in the country. This summer we are partnering with 	 Your agent cannot set up an account for you.
than $100,000 up to $125,000. If passed by Florida voters in
November, this exemption would create a shortfall for Palm         the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor 	 We want to help make this transition to our new online
Beach County of approximately $28 million.
                                                                   Vehicles (DHSMV) to ensure all motorists arrive alive.                       system smooth and easy. If you have questions or need

                                                                   	 According to DHSMV,                                                        assistance, please check our website at

                                                                   there were over 2,200                                                        tdt. If you still have questions, please contact us at:

                                                                   speeding crashes during the                                                  	 • TDT Hotline: (561) 355-3547

                                                                   months of June and July                                                      	 • Email:

                                                                   in 2017. Unfortunately, 59                                                   	 If you have an agent managing your rental property for

                                                                   people lost their lives in these                                             you, we have special workshops designed just for them.

                                                                   crashes. In total, speeding                                                  Ask them to call our TDT Hotline to learn how they can

                                                                   kills an average of 300 people                                               set up an appointment for special assistance for agents who

                                                                   in Florida each year.                                                        manage short-term rental properties.

                                                                   	 Please slow down and

                                                                   obey posted speed limits. It’s    Call Jupiter Police                        Please Send Your
                                                                                                         Department                              Email Address

                                                                                                       immediately                              	 Please send your email address

                                                                                                     to report suspicious activity.             to Jeff Green, Association Manager,
                                                                                                            (561) 799-4445.                     Jupiter Management. It is needed
                                                                                                           The sooner called                    for quick flashes of information to
                                                                                                                                                residents and homeowners (shores@
                                                                                                       the sooner they can help.
                                                                                                                                      , direct phone line
                                                                                                     911 is for emergencies only.               (561) 743-4607.
                                                                                                     Keep cars and house locked.
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