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Dear Taxpayers:                                                    Highlights Include:
	 July is an important month as my office submits the 2018         	 • Total Market Value: $263,871,905,280
preliminary tax roll to Florida’s Department of Revenue            	 • Total Taxable Value: $187,130,689,986
(DOR), the agency that oversees the operations of all property     	 • Total Parcel Count: 640,409
appraisers in the state. The preliminary tax roll is a systematic  	 • Total Homestead Exemptions: 339,832
listing of information pertaining to the just valuation of all     	 • Total Tangible Personal Property Accounts:
real property within Palm Beach County, for purposes of            59,485
ad valorem taxation. These values are based upon market            	 We are now seeing modest and sustainable
conditions as of Jan. 1 and provide taxing authorities with a      growth with the overall increase of 6.15 percent,
crucial element for the process of developing their budgets.       which indicates a healthy but stable real estate
	 Palm Beach Countywide property values have increased             market in Palm Beach County.
6.15 percent from 2017 to 2018. These values are subject to        	 Once the tax roll receives approval from the
change.                                                            DOR (usually in late July), my office will prepare
                                                                   the “Truth In Millage” (TRIM) Notices for Palm
Town Of                                                            Beach County residents, which are mailed in mid-
Jupiter News                                                       	 In this month’s newsletter, an update on the
                                                                   status of applications for property tax exemptions,
By Ilan Kaufer, Town Of                                            portability and agricultural classifications and an
Jupiter Councilman                                                 invitation to join me and my staff on Aug. 8 for
	 Happy July,                                                      a seminar about the PAPA website redesign. All
	 Hope you had a fun and                                           users of PAPA are welcome. You won’t want to
safe July Fourth celebrating                                       miss it!
our great nation. Thank you
to all the men and women                                                                                         Respectfully,
who serve our country and                                                                        Dorothy Jacks, CFA, AAS
protect our freedoms as we                                                    Palm Beach County Property Appraiser
celebrate another year in this
great country.                                                                 pickupS FOR AuTiSM ...
	 With summer in full                                                                                                           ... and Related Disabilities
swing the Town Council has
begun budget work. On June 14, the council had its first           GOT cluTTeR?     DOnATe YOuR
meeting on the budget and the next meeting will be held on                            GenTlY uSeD
Aug. 2. Included in the preliminary budget are an accelerated                                    iTeMS
construction schedule for the new police department and
emergency operations center and construction of the new                                  Call us now
veterans’ memorial. All meetings are open to the public and                      for a free piCkup
budget materials are available on the Town website.
	 Don’t forget to mark Aug. 7 on your calendars for the                          561-361-0032
Town’s National Night Out Against Crime at Roger Dean
Stadium in Downtown Abacoa.                                             
	 As always please contact me with any comments or
questions at and follow me on facebook                             1.888.9.pickup
at or on Twitter @

                    Sunday, July 22                                                                                                                                                                                          All Donations are Tax Deductible
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Certificates of Insurance Available

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