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VOL. 19 NO. 6                                                                              JUNE 2018

Abacoa Residents Of All Ages

Came Together To Celebrate Earth Day

	 On April 21, members of all ages, came together to                                                                              the cost of grocery store produce. Anyone can join the
celebrate, and have a good time, while celebrating Earth                                                                          Abacoa Community Garden, simply go to www.abacoa.
Day. And what a smashing success it was. Residents                                                                                com, click on Clubs and Groups, then Community Garden
of all ages mingled while appreciating nature’s bounty.                                                                           for applications. Applications are also available at the
Children’s activities, snacks and refreshments were a                                                                             garden entrance, or by emailing
lovely addition to the planting of our garden’s first soursop                                                                     New members are always welcome.
(sweet apple) tree. What a better way to show respect
and appreciation for planet earth than that of enjoying
the delicious bounties of a zero-carbon-footprint, fully
organic, vegetable, fruit, and herb garden?
	 While some painted little gnome statues, others enjoyed
a scavenger hunt around the grounds. Most happy, painted,
Gnomes were taken home by the children to watch over
their personal yards around Abacoa. But some very
special painted gnomes were recruited to become full-time
residents of the community garden. Those left behind are
enjoying living in the garden and moving around to delight
gardeners in surprising spots.

                                                               	 There was even a critter corner with a tent where
                                                               children and adults learned about caterpillars, butterflies
                                                               and other critters of the garden. While some watched,
                                                               listened and learned about these critters’ habits and
                                                               preferences, others enjoyed letting these harmless critters
                                                               walk on their hand. Some were even adventurous enough
                                                               to let caterpillars crawl on their nose.
                                                               	 Community Garden members also enjoyed the
                                                               planting of a brand-new fruit tree. The soursop, or sweet
                                                               apple as some call it, is native to the tropical regions
                                                               of the Americas. Some describe the flavor of the fruit
                                                               as a combination of strawberries and apple with citrus
                                                               undertones, and a creamy texture, found with banana
                                                               fruits. The soursop tree is now the newest addition to the
                                                               garden’s existing banana, lime, and mango trees.
                                                               	 The weekly garden harvest on Earth Day included juicy
                                                               tomatoes of many colors, green peppers, eggplant, bananas,
                                                               fennel, and Argentine spinach. Community and team-

                                                                                                   spirit are always apparent
                                                                                                   on Saturday morning garden
                                                                                                   meetups. But this was
                                                                                                   especially apparent on the
                                                                                                   21st, in celebration of Earth
                                                                                                     Members of the Abacoa
                                                                                                   Community Garden benefit
                                                                                                   from ongoing access to fresh,
                                                                                                   organic fruit, vegetables,
                                                                                                   and herbs, at a fraction of
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