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Name 	                   Phone 		Location                      Name 	                     Phone 		Location                     Name 	                  Phone 		Location

BANKS                                                          Palm Beach Sleep                                                Panchero's Mexican Grill	469-7601	 Abacoa Plaza

Bank of America	         624-4007		Abacoa Plaza                	 and Sinus	               624-5311	 University Commons         Stadium Grill	          630-9669	 Downtown Abacoa
BB&T	                    799-6670		Abacoa Plaza
PNC Bank	                630-2718		Abacoa Plaza                Partners in Women's                                             Starbucks	              775-6034	 Abacoa Plaza
Regions Bank	            734-4667		Greenwich
Suntrust Bank	           776-2530		Greenwich                   	 Health	                  354-1515 	 Abacoa Professional Ctr.  Starbucks - Courtyard
Wells Fargo	             775-5665		Abacoa Plaza
                                                               Plastic Surgery Institute                                       	 by Marriott	          779-2700	 Abacoa Town Center

                                                               	 of the Palm Beaches	 630-0254	 The Commons atAbacoa           Sal's Italian Ristorante	 493-8777	 Abacoa Plaza

                                                               Premier Rheumatology                                            Suzy Q's

                                                               	 and Endrocrinology	 932-1212	 CorporateCommerceCtr.           	 Hometown Diner	 822-3744	 Greenwich

CPA AND FINANCIAL SERVICES                                     Quest Diagnostics	 697-8378	 The Commons atAbacoa               Tropical Smoothie	      624-8775	 Abacoa Plaza

Aldo Beltrano, PA		       799-6577 Greenway Professional Ctr.  Ritter and Ramsey General and                                   RETAIL

Andrew A. Pineiro, Esq.	 799-9280	 The Commons at Abacoa       	 Cosmetic Dentistry	 626-6667	 University Commons

Curran Law Firm, PA	 935-9763 	 Jupiter Business Center        Skolnick Eye Institute	 296-2010	 The Commons atAbacoa          A&R Pharmacy	           630-3770	 Downtown Abacoa
                                                                                                                               Chic Boutique	          295-5282	 Abacoa Plaza
Daszkai Bolton,                                                South Florida Endocrine                                         East Coast Bridals
                                                                                                                               	 & More	               427-4429 	 Downtown Abacoa
	 LLP (CPA)	             624-2118	 Greenway Professional Ctr.  	 Center	                  626-9041	 The Commons atAbacoa       GNC	                    799-1526	 Abacoa Plaza
                                                                                                                               Golden Anvil Jewelers	  630-6116	 Bermudiana
Edward Jones -                                                 South Florida Institute for Reproductive                        Ileen Boutique 	        249-6346 	 Downtown Abacoa
                                                                                                                               Marston 	               619-5286 	 Downtown Abacoa
Financial Advisor	       625-0220	 Greenway Professional Ctr.  	 Medicine	                354-1525	 Abacoa Professional Ctr.   Publix	                 799-3181	 Abacoa Plaza
                                                                                                                               Ms. Outlaw 	            660-6695 	 Downtown Abacoa
Friedman, Feldmesser                                           South Florida Radiation                                         Ready2HangArt 	         747-5385 	 Downtown Abacoa
                                                                                                                               Woof Gang
	 & Karpeles, CPA	 622-9990	 The Commons at Abacoa             	 Oncology	                275-1820	Greenwich                   	 Bakery Abacoa	        630-5800	 Abacoa Plaza

M Jacques, LLC (CPA)	 818-5592	 Antigua at Town Center         Spine & Sport	             253-8737	 Abacoa Professional Ctr.

Raymond James	           904-7952	 Downtown Abacoa             Supriya Aesthetic

Schanel & Associates, CPA	 406-2504	 The Commons at Abacoa     	 Dermatology	             328-0163	 The Commons atAbacoa

Smith & Elkin, CPA PA	 775-2134	 Bermudiana                    The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic

                                                               	 & Laser Surgery	 429-5403	 Greenway Professional Ctr.

EDUCATION AND RESEARCH                                         University Pharmacy	 622-4088	 University Commons

Beacon Cove Intermediate School	 366-6400                      Vargas Orthodontics	 775-7007	 Abacoa Professional Ctr.         SALONS AND SPAS

Florida Atlantic University		           799-8500               HOTELS                                                          Allure Skin Care

Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College	 799-8500                     Courtyard by Marriott	 776-2700	 Abacoa Town Center             	 by Dona	              691-8600	 Antigua at Town Center

Independence Middle School	             799-7500               LEGAL SERVICES                                                  Allure Tanning	         429-3420	 Abacoa Plaza

Jupiter Middle School of Technology	 745-7200                                                                                  Amici Hair Salon	       775-8775	 Greenwich

LifeLong Learning Society @ FAU	 799-8547                      Alofs Law Firm	            622-1558	 Antigua at Town Center     A New Beginning	        776-8288	 Antigua at Town Center

Lighthouse Elementary School	           741-9400               Bader Stillman, L.P	 626-6007	 Mallory Creek                    Avant Garde Hair Salon	 624-4770	 Antigua at Town Center

Max Planck Florida Institute                                   Gabriel & Gabriel, LLC	 622-5575	 Bermudiana                    Barber’s Edge 	         530-3819 	 Downtown Abacoa

	 for Neuroscience		                    972-9000               Jones Foster Johnston                                           Boca Tanning Club	 372-5000	 Bermudiana

Scripps Research Institute		            228-2000               	 & Stubbs, P.A. 	 650-8233 	 Regions Bank Building             Edmund James Salon 	 429-4304 	 Downtown Abacoa

HEALTHCARE AND MEDICAL SERVICES                                Linkhorst & Hockin, PA	 626-8880	 GreenwayProfessionalCtr.      Ezio Hair for Men	      624-1190	 Greenwich

A Center for Dermatology Cosmetic                              Zele Huber                                                      G.G Marlene Skincare

	 & Laser Surgery	 427-2000	 The Commons at Abacoa             	 Trial Attorneys	         630-9700	 The Commons atAbacoa       	Professionals	 799-0110	The Commons atAbacoa

Abacoa Cosmetic Surgery                                        PLACES OF WORSHIP                                               Junior's Barber Shop	 776-5755	 Bermudiana

	 - Dane M. Goldberg	 691-8088	 Greenwich                                                                                      Let's Tan	              799-1914	 Downtown Abacoa

Abacoa Physical Medicine                                       Baha'i Library of Jupiter 321-439-5838 Antigua at Town Ctr.     Linda's Salon	          310-3034	 Antigua at Town Center

	 & Orthopaedics	 622-6111	 University Commons                 Chabad Jewish                                                   Palazzo Nails & Spa 	 328-7286 	Downtown Abacoa

Abacoa Podiatry -                                              	 Center Jupiter	          694-6950	 Downtown Abacoa            Salon LaBrea	           624-4990	 Antigua at Town Center

	 Adam Levy, DPM	 624-4800	 Bermudiana                         Lifesong                                                        Scalibur Hair Salon	 493-8311	 Antigua at Town Center

Access Medical                                                 	 Community Church	 691-0804                                    Sublime Hair	           694-9219	 Greenwich

	Laboratories	           745-1233	Corporate Commerce Ctr .     REAL ESTATE                                                     TessMarie Salon & Hair

Advanced Allergy Asthma                                                                                                        	 Extenstion Studio	 316-0688	 Antigua at Town Center

	 & Sinus Care	          627-6277	 Greenway Professional Ctr.  Apogee Real Estate                                              Tipsy Salon & Spa	 626-6074	 Bermudiana

Advanced Diagnostic                                            	 Services Inc.	           776-8233	 Greenwich                  U.S Nails	              775-3500	 Abacoa Plaza

	 Resources	             775-6600	 University Commons          Checklist North	           625-1760	 Antigua at Town Center     SERVICES

Advanced Fitness                                               Century 21 Tenace Realty	 429-3340	 Downtown Abacoa

	 & Therapy	             694-1243		Abacoa Town Center          Family Mortgage Inc.	 625-2660	 The Commons atAbacoa            911 Restoration	        203-1775	 Antigua at Town Center

All Animal Care Clinic	 630-3908		Greenwich                    FLF Holdings, LLC. 	 575-6455 	 Jupiter Business Center         AAA Custom Pools, Inc.	 493-8841	 Corporate Commerce Ctr.

Allegro Senior Living	 291-6755		Allegro                       Holland Group of Golden Bear                                    Abacoa Cleaners

Allergy and Asthma Care                                        	 Realty International	 514-7300	 The Commons atAbacoa          	 & Laundry	            775-2111	 Abacoa Plaza

	 of the Palm Beaches	 627-4377	 University Commons            Illustrated Properties                                          Abacoa's Hometown

Animal Health Clinic	 799-7717	 Abacoa Plaza                   	 at Abacoa	               622-5006	 Abacoa Plaza               	 Cleaners and Tailors	 622-7578	 University Commons

Aqua Laser Studio	 328-6435	 The Commons at Abacoa             Jupiter Business Center 	 296-7751 	 Jupiter Business Center    Acu-Wellness 	          557-6556 	 Downtown Abacoa

Aqua Plastic Surgery                                           Keller Williams Realty	 427-6100	 GreenwayProfessionalCtr.      Adam’s Pest Control 	 743-7283 	 Greenway Professional Ctr.

	 - David Rankin, MD	 776-2830	 The Commons at Abacoa          My Islands Realty, Inc.	 262-7150	 Antigua at Town Center       Blue Diamond

Bafitis Plastic Surgery	 795-3787	 Bermudiana                  Pathway Property                                                	 Pressure Washing 	 701-4265 	 Mallory Creek

Cardiovascular Health Care Specialists                         	 Management 	             203-2334 	 Downtown Abacoa           Carpenter

	 of Palm Beaches 	 627-3130	 University Commons               Platinum Properties                                             	 Companies, Inc.	 429-6081	 Antigua at Town Center

Cardona Pain & Anesthesia                                      	 Real Estate	             694-6631	 The Commons atAbacoa       Casuso Event

	Professional	           624-0702	The Commons at Abacoa        Real Time Property                                              	 Professionals	        222-5140	 Antigua at Town Center

Charles W. Hoffman,                                            	 Management 	             253-4493	 Jupiter Business Center    Champion Electrical

	 DMD	                   691-9161	 Abacoa Town Center          Rendina Companies	 630-5055	 The Commons atAbacoa               	 Contracting, LLC	 296-4144	 Corporate Commerce Ctr.

Comprehensive Foot                                             Sheenan Realty                                                  Couture Cleaners	       624-7550	 Bermudiana

	 & Ankle Surgery	 799-9581	 Greenwich                         	 Corporation	             745-2600	 University Commons         DigiSign, Inc.	         775-0284	 Abacoa Plaza

David S. Rondon, MD	 694-8945	 The Commons at Abacoa           Versa Property                                                  GCP Architecture, LLC	 331-5036	 Jupiter Business Center

Debra A. Shim, MD	 625-4380	 Bermudiana                        	 Management	              630-5055	 The Commons atAbacoa       East Coast Pool Supply	 694-7577	 Abacoa Plaza

Dental Spa at Abacoa	 420-8888	 Downtown Abacoa                RESTAURANTS AND BARS                                            G4S Secure Solutions	 800-275-8305 Abacoa Town Center

Family Acupuncture	 459-0528	 Greenway Professional Ctr.                                                                       Graphic Design

Family Counseling                                              3 Natives	                 328-8361 	 Bermudiana                	 by Jackie Leibowitz	 707-9069 	 Antigua @ Town Center

	Associates	             747-2775	Greenway Professional Ctr.   Aaron’s Table	             707-5034	 Downtown Abacoa            Linca Insurance Agency	 624-4087	 Downtown Abacoa

Florida Rejuvenation                                           Bagel Boyz	                624-9884	 Abacoa Plaza               Michael Dill

	 Center	                406-2504	Bermudiana                   Carmine's                                                       	 Photography	          320-2710 	 Antigua @ Town Center

Florida Vision Institute	 839-2780	 University Commons         	 Coal Fired Pizza	 340-3930	 Bermudiana                        NB Tutoring	            603-4563	 Antigua @ Town Center

Gardens Pediatrics Care	 622-6610	 University Commons          CG Burgers	                340-3940	 Bermudiana                 Palms Pool Services	 743-0070 	 Jupiter Business Center

Gentle Dental of Jupiter	 427-6850	 Bermudiana                 China Star	                355-8808	 Abacoa Plaza               Parkside Business

Global Neuro                                                   Civil Society Brewing                                           	 Services	             222-8029	 Antigua at Town Center

	 & Spine Institute	 257-0009	 Commons at Abacoa               	 Company 	                855-6680 	 Downtown Abacoa           Poseidon Agencies	 209-2750	 Corporate Commerce Ctr.

Jupiter Dental	          748-5099	 Greenway Professional Ctr.  Copacabana                                                      Public Storage	         328-0135

Jupiter Family Healthcare	776-5252	 The Commons at Abacoa      	 Cuban Cuisine	           360-3378	 Downtown Abacoa            Renee’s Pet Grooming 	 282-7134 	 Antigua @ Town Center

Jupiter Hematology                                             Costello's Trattoria                                            Social Business

	 & Oncology	            748-2488	 Bermudiana                  	 & Pizzeria	              776-5448	 Downtown Abacoa            	 Consultants	          601-6309	 Jupiter Business Center

Jupiter Medical Center                                         C.R Chicks	                318-6921	 Abacoa Plaza               State Farm Insurance	 622-1412

	 Urgent Care	           263-7011	 Abacoa Plaza                Crux Coffee Roasters 	 768-0400 	 Downtown Abacoa               THINGS TO DO

Karen Collins, MSW,                                            Das Beer Garden	           776-8669	 Downtown Abacoa

	 LCSW, ACSW	            512-9743	 Antigua at Town Center      Diva-Licious Cake House	 308-8599	 Jupiter Business Center      Abacoa Community Park	741-2400

Kenneth Beer, MD	 932-0717	 The Commons at Abacoa              Doghouse Grille	           619-9680	 Abacoa Plaza               Abacoa Golf Club	       622-0036

Kevin Innwood, MD	 745-7311	 The Commons at Abacoa             Freshii	                   320-0193 	 Downtown Abacoa           Club Pilates 	          449-8161	 Downtown Abacoa

Laser Vein Center	       776-7676	 University Commons          Hokkaido                                                        E3 Strength	            292-0585 	 Downtown Abacoa

Lighthouse Health Group	249-7400	 The Commons at Abacoa        	 Hibachi & Sushi	 799-7999	 Downtown Abacoa                    Jupiter Skate Park	     630-5684

Manhattan's Pharmacy	 277-9124	 Bermudiana                     Jersey Mike's Subs	 622-6883	 Abacoa Plaza                      Kids Need More Art	 746-4576 	 Downtown Abacoa

Medicus Veincare	        624-0123	 Corporate Commerce Ctr.     Jumby Bay Island Grill	 630-2030	 Downtown Abacoa               MAC Art Galleries	 429-4829	 Bermudiana

Meier Orthodontics	 799-4848	 University Commons               Le Metro	                  429-5464	 Downtown Abacoa            Rising Sun Martial Arts	 222-3903	 Downtown Abacoa

New Path Chiropractic	 653-1197	 Greenwich                     Little Moir's                                                   Roger Dean Stadium	 775-1818

Palm Beach                                                     	 Leftovers Café	          627-6030	 Bermudiana                 STEM Studio 	           818-7836 	 Downtown Abacoa

	Dermatology	 296-1122	GreenwayProfessionalCtr.                McDonald's	                627-7440	 Abacoa Plaza               Tribe Studio	           935-9945	 Downtown Abacoa

Palm Beach                                                     Mrs. Smokey's                                                   Zeal Yoga	              320-3213	 Downtown Abacoa

	 Sports Medicine	 845-6000	 The Commons atAbacoa              	 Real Pit BBQ	            557-3800	 Abacoa Plaza

                                                               Nina’s Fresh Bakery 	 508-7889 	 Downtown Abacoa                *If your business is located in Abacoa and you would like to be included in this directory,
                                                                                                                                             please become a business member by registering at

                                                                                                                                        It's Free! If you have any questions email us at
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