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Page 4, Abacoa                                                                             Abacoa POA Meeting Notices

APOA Update                                                                     	 Official notification is posted via the bulletin board outside the Abacoa POA office as well as the www.Abacoa.
                                                                                com Web site. Members may now download Abacoa POA agendas and minutes from our Web site.
From The Director                                                               Notice of Monthly Abacoa POA Board Meeting – June 19, 11:30 a.m.
                                                                                	 Notice of Monthly Abacoa POA Community Architect (CAC) Meeting – Fourth Tuesday – See agenda for
Of Property                                                                     posted time.
                                                                                **All Abacoa POA meetings to be held at the offices of the Abacoa POA, 1200 University Blvd., Suite 102 unless
Management                                                                      otherwise posted. All agendas, as well as approved minutes, will be available at

By Laurie Boaz, LCAM,                                                           	 Articles herein are the creation of the individual writers, and do not express the opinion of the APOA. By printing an
Abacoa POA                                                                      article herein, the APOA is not endorsing the writer, the article’s content, or any business referred to therein. The APOA
	 Summer is upon us once                                                        will not be responsible for errors contained in, or related to, articles.
again and the kids will soon be
on summer break. Hope you                                                                    Deadline for the next Abacoa newspaper
have great family plans ahead.                                                                         is the 11th of the month.
	 June 1 marks the beginning
of hurricane season which                                                           Submit articles/pictures to
runs to Nov. 30. Make sure
to be prepared and have your                                                     SUM“AMll AEboRut CKAidsM” PS
safety plans in order. Have                                                                                       See wwhwawt.nopubrcumlteumralbaellirasnacer.eorugp to!
proper tools, plenty of supplies
to include batteries, flashlights, nonperishable foods and a well-              Ages 6 to 12 • 9 am to 3:30 pm • June 4 to August 10, 2018
stocked first aid kit. Talk with your family members about what
to do in case of a hurricane. Designate an emergency meeting                    ArtCampers will use S.T.E.A.M. as they create 2D & 3D art in our new
location and be sure to have a plan for your pets. Hopefully,                     computer lab! Before-care, after-care & scholarships available.
our area will not be impacted by any major storms, but it is
best to have a plan of action and preparations in place.                            Register at
	 June also brings several observances and celebrations. Flag
Day is June 14, it commemorates the adoption of the United                      395 Seabrook Road, Tequesta • (561) 748-8737
States flag which occurred on June 14, 1777, by resolution of
the Second Continental Congress. In 1916, President Woodrow                     JUNE 22 and 23  July 27 and 28
Wilson issued a proclamation that officially established Flag                       at 7:30PM      at 7:30pm
Day on this day. Many Americans celebrate by displaying the
Red, White and Blue in front of their homes. Father’s Day
is Sunday, June 17, take time to remember Dad. June 21 is
summer solstice, it’s the longest day of the year. The amount of
daylight only goes down from here … for the next six months.
Summer solstice is the meteorological start of summer.
	 Jupiter Police Department encourages that we all continue
to stress awareness of suspicious persons or activities in our
neighborhoods and to call the department when in doubt. If
you see something, say something. Contact Jupiter Police non-
emergency number, (561) 799-4445, to report these incidents.
Of course, if there is an emergency, dial 911. Don’t forget to
lock your doors.
	 TheAbacoa Property Owners’Assembly continues to work
hard for the community. Several projects have been completed
and others are scheduled.
	 Should you have any suggestions or concerns, we are here
to assist, contact us at (561) 624-7788 or PropertyManager@
	 Thank you to all who contribute in keeping Abacoa a
premiere place to live, work and play!
	 “It’s better to fail in originality than to succeed in
imitation.” – Herman Melville

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