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VOL. 26 NO. 6                                                                                      JUNE 2018

From The Manager

By Kathleen O’Donovan,                                              may have made home improvements or purchased expensive                	 Be aware of official announcements from the National
General Manager                                                     items. Review your insurance policy carefully and be aware            Hurricane Center and local officials. The Emergency
                                                                    of your coverage limits. Know what your policy does and               Management Center will broadcast via:
	 It is that time of year again,                                    does not cover.                                                       	Radio	 WIRK/AM	 1290
Hurricane season. The storm                                         	 Condominium residents should be aware of the coverage               			 WJNO/AM	 1230
season spans the months of                                          you have through your COA and know the coverage for which             	 Television	 Channels 5, 12 and 25 (on West Boca Cable
June through November and                                           you are separately responsible.
we all need to be prepared.                                         	 When a storm is threatening our area, securing your home                                 5, 12 and 31)
Before hurricane season                                             is key. Bring in any objects outside, hurricane winds can
begins make sure to check                                           transform the most benign item into a destructive missile,            	 If you have any suggestions for our staff at the Community
your home owner’s insurance                                         causing damage to not only your property but your neighbors           Association, please do not hesitate to contact me at Kathleen.
to see if coverage is adequate. The following information           as well.                                                     
provides a checklist for reviewing your policy and otherwise        	 Make sure you have adequate amounts of non-perishable
preparing yourself for the worst. During hurricane season, pay      food, water and medicine on hand to last for several days.            BPCA Community
attention to the National Hurricane Center in Coral Gables          	 If you plan to evacuate, secure your property and prepare
or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration              in advance providing enough time to arrive safely at your             Shred Event
(NOAA) either on your radio or the Internet so that you will        destination prior to the storm’s arrival.
be aware of storms and warned of their approach. After a            	 During a hurricane watch, the Community Association                  	 The BPCA hosted
storm occurs, refer to these sources for pertinent information      will begin preparations to secure Association property.                a community Shred
regarding appropriate action to keep yourself and your family       	 If a warning is issued, gatehouses will be secured and               Event on Wednesday,
safe.                                                               when the winds are increasing in force, the guards will be             May 16th in the BPCA
Before the Storm                                                    dismissed. The gates will not be manned during a hurricane             Management office
	 Standard home owner’s policies do not cover flood                 and the gate arms will be removed. Once the storm passes,              parking lot. The BPCA
damage caused by rising water. If you live in a flood-prone         gates will be manned by supervisors until we can resume                staff and patrol officer
area you should contact your insurance agent to discuss             normal staffing. Management will return to the property once           John Ploude did an
obtaining flood insurance. Normally there is a five-day             the “all clear” has been given.                                        excellent job controlling
waiting period between the time flood insurance is issued           	 After a storm, adhere to instructions from official sources.         the traffic and assisting
and the time coverage is in force.                                  Avoid electric shock, watch for trees that may have fallen on          the residents. Another
	 Check your home owner’s policy for any windstorm                  powerlines or low hanging wires, etc. Use your phone for               community shred event
exclusions, if you have any questions contact your agent.           emergencies only.                                                      will be planned for the fall. Thank you to all of the
Most companies will not accept new applications when a              	 Stay off the roads so that first responders may address              residents that participated!! 
“hurricane watch” is posted in your area.                           issues unencumbered. Utility service may be interrupted,
	 Make sure you have adequate coverage, your home has               and we may be without water and sewer facilities for many
most likely increased in value over the past several years, you     hours or days.

Security Is A Collaborative Effort

By Justin Mocha,                                                    on the seat creates temptation. The unlocked vehicle creates
Director of Security                                                opportunity. Our deterrents listed above may no longer be
                                                                    strong enough to prevent this crime from occurring.
	 Criminal activity within Boca Pointe is lower than                	 Good security is a collaborative effort. Here are some ways
surrounding areas. This is due to many factors including:           residents can be active in managing criminal opportunity, and
manned gated entrances, roving security patrols on-site, strong     make our community safer:
PBSO presence in the vicinity, adequate lighting in villages        	 - Ensure you have a functioning alarm system, and arm the
and common areas, consistent and effective screening policies       system any time you leave your home unattended.
for new homeowners and tenants, etc. All of these factors deter     	 - Keep car doors locked with valuables out of plain sight.
criminal activity. However, it’s important to recognize that these  	 - Have a local contact with keys to your home available if
factors do not exist in a vacuum. Proper management of criminal     you will be away for an extended period of time.
opportunity is vital to ensure our deterrents function optimally.   	 - Check the lighting around your home. Replace bulbs as
	 Opportunity in this context can be illustrated by the             needed.
following example: an individual walking on the sidewalk            	 - Ensure any vendors performing work on or within your
at night encounters an unlocked vehicle on the street with a        home are properly licensed and ask for references.
laptop bag visible on the front passenger seat. The laptop bag        Also, be sure to contact Access Control if you observe any

                                                                                                         suspicious activity. Patrol
                                                                                                         can be dispatched to any
                                                                                                         location within Boca Pointe
                                                                                                         in minutes. If a crime has
                                                                                                         been committed, report it to
                                                                                                         both security and PBSO. We
                                                                                                         collaborate with the Sheriff’s
                                                                                                         Office extensively, and can
                                                                                                         assist them with investigations
                                                                                                         when necessary. 
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