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Historically Speaking

All About Father’s Day

By Halli Moore

	 Father’s Day history is                                      She pondered if there is a day to honor mother, why not for     and President Calvin Coolidge too supported the idea of a
not even a hundred years                                       father? She felt strongly for fathers because of the affection  national Father’s Day in 1924 to “establish more intimate
                                                               she received from her own father, Mr. William Jackson           relations between fathers and their children and to empress
old. Thanks to the hard                                        Smart, a Civil War veteran. Sonora’s mother died while          upon fathers the full measure of their obligations.” After
                                                               giving birth when Sonora was just 16. Mr. Smart raised          a protracted struggle over four decades, President Lyndon
work and struggle of Ms.                                       the newborn and five other children with love and care.         Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the
                                                               	 Ms. Dodd began a rigorous campaign to celebrate               third Sunday of June as Father’s Day in 1966. Then in 1972,
Sonora Louise Smart Dodd                                       Father’s Day in the U.S. The Spokane Ministerial                President Richard Nixon established a permanent national
                                                               Association and the local Young Men’s Christian                 observance of Father’s Day to be held on the third Sunday
of Washington that just as                                     Association (YMCA) supported Sonora’s cause. As a result,       of June.
                                                               Spokane celebrated its first Father’s Day on June 19, 1910.     	 Sonora Smart Dodd was honored for her contribution
we have set aside Mother’s                                     Though there was initial hesitation the idea gradually gained   at the World’s Fair in Spokane in 1974. Mrs. Dodd died in
Day to honor mothers; we                                       popularity all over the U.S. and Father’s Day came to be        1978 at age 96.
have a day to acknowledge                                      celebrated in cities across the country.
                                                               	 President Woodrow Wilson approved of the idea in 1916         	 Halli Moore is a resident of The Palms. 
the important role played by
the father. However, some scholars say that Father’s Day       Do You Have An Intestinal Or
history is much older than we actually believe it to be. They

say that the custom of honoring Dad’s on a special day is
over 4,000 years old.
	 Scholars believe the origin of Father’s Day is not a
latest phenomenon, as many believe it to be. Rather they
claim that the tradition of Father’s Day can be traced to the
ruins of Babylon. It is recorded that a young boy named
Elmesu carved a Father’s Day message on a card made of
clay nearly 4,000 years ago. Elmesu wished his Babylonian
father good health and a long life. Though there is no record

of what happened to Elnesu and his father but the tradition
of celebrating Father’s Day remained in several countries
all over the world.

	 The world owes thanks to Ms. Sonora Louise Smart

Dodd, a loving daughter from Spokane, Washington as it
is because of her struggle that Father’s Day saw the light
of day. The celebration originated in Sonora’s mind when

she per chance listened to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909.

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