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Thunderstorm And Noise                                          yet). Play their favorite game, give them their favorite toy,     changes, a more tailored behavior modification plan specific
Phobias In Dogs                                                 etc., during these times so they begin to associate loud/         to your pet may be necessary. Contact your veterinarian to
                                                                storm sounds with positive experiences.                           discuss what the best approaches will be to helping you and
By Palm City Animal Medical Center                              	 If these behavior modifications simply do not work, there       your pets live a stress-free, happier life together.
                                                                are other medical interventions. The Thundershirt was created     	 Established in 1981, Palm City Animal Medical Center
                                                                based on research from a renowned animal behaviorist. It is       is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your
                                                                imperative that the Thundershirt fit very snugly, but recent      pets. With focuses on compassionate care in surgery,
                                                                research shows that it can be very effective for not only storm   physical therapy and rehabilitation, preventative medicine,
                                                                phobias, but generalized anxiety. Some natural products have      extensive diagnostics, and emergency service, Palm City
                                                                been shown to have some efficacy, such as Rescue Remedy           Animal Medical Center combines exceptional medical
                                                                or dog pheromone based products like Adaptil. The response        care with a caring philosophy for pets and their owners.
                                                                to these products vary from dog to dog. When behavior is          For more information, call (772) 283-0920, visit www.
                                                                nonresponsive to more conservative options, medication is or find us on Facebook
                                                                often effective. There are many different types of medications    at
                                                                from mild sedatives to true antianxiety drugs. Talk to your
                                                                veterinarian to come up with a plan and determine which
                                                                type of medication will work best for your pet. If you are still
                                                                struggling with your pet’s anxiety despite implementing these

	 As summer inches closer so do thunderstorms and
fireworks, which can be a significant source of anxiety for
many pets. Sometimes it is the loud sounds, but some dogs can
begin to show signs of nervousness as soon as the sky darkens
or the wind picks up. Signs of anxiety can range widely from
pacing, panting, trembling all the way to destruction of the
house, inappropriate elimination or self-harm from scratching.
Recognizing the signs of anxiety and using a multimodal
approach is the most effective way of minimizing these
feelings and subsequent behaviors in your dog.
	 Oftentimes, dogs that have storm phobias are also
very reactive to loud noises in general or have concurrent
separation anxiety. One study found that 90 percent of dogs
with storm phobias also have noise phobias (i.e. fireworks)
and 90 percent of dogs with separation anxiety have another
behavior disorder, most often storm phobia. Long story
short, many dogs with “phobias” are prone to anxiety of
many forms and treating or counterconditioning one of these
phobias may help to address other fears your pet may have.
	 One way to help with storm anxiety is to desensitize your
pet. Playing videos or soundtracks of storms or fireworks
in the house can help get your pet used to these sounds.
Start with the volume very low and slowly increase the
volume over the course of several days. Give pats, attention
and treats during this time so that your dog learns not to
associate these sounds with anything negative. If this is not
feasible, you can try counterconditioning your dog to loud
sounds. Whenever a storm is coming or loud noises occur,
immediately praise the dog and give him a treat (as long
as they are not showing any signs of destructive behavior

    In Your

Networker Of The Month

By Marisol Guntkowski
	 The St. Lucie County
Chamber of Commerce
honored Dr. Susan
Parker Sanders with St.
Lucie Chiropractic, as
“Networker of the Month”
for May. The ceremony
takes place the fourth
Tuesday of each month
at the Business Bowl and
Breakfast at PGA Golf
Club in St. Lucie West.
	 For more information please visit http://www.
	 Congratulations Dr. Sanders!

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