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Page 4, The Jewish Voice                                                                                                                                                 Sharon Hass Freedman plays
                                                                                                                                     Evan Brody plays the piano. the flute.
Beth El Holds First Annual Talent Show from page 1

Jason and Kira Hanson, guitar/vocal duo, Rosemary Oren,
singer; Sharon Hass Freedman and Mark Galasky, flute/piano
duo; Yuna Gao, singer; Peter Weisz, guitar and vocals; Cantor
Norman Brody, storyteller; Melina McGahey, singer; Jacquez
Linder-Long, Singer; Eli Jacobson, diabolo and singer; Scott
Benarde, guitar and vocals; Maddy Stillman, Singer; Evan
Brody, piano; Skylar Alterman, violin; Skylar Alterman/
Aimee Nordegren Lao, vocal duet; Sam Kaufman, singer;
Melissa Jacobson, singer; Emma Brown, singer; Sheila Brody
and Sebastian Cajuste, ballroom dancing.

                                        Photo credit: Ilan Kottler

                                                                                                                 Sam Kaufman sings.
                                                                            Eli Jacobson performs the
                                                                            circus act, diabolo, while
                                                                            Alan Jacobson, his father
                                                                            and producer of the show,
                                                                            looks on.

Attendees enjoy treats.                                       From the Rabbis from page 3                                            	 When a person feels an excitement in his heart that
                                                                                                                                     he is able to give pleasure to his Creator through his
The audience enjoys the show.                                 	 Here we have a very important point to be made, which                existence by serving G-d, this strikes a certain chord
                                                              is expressed in the following law.                                     deep down inside that sparks light and vibrancy all over
Peter Weisz plays guitar and performs original song parodies  	 Maimonides writes in his Code of Jewish Law,                         a person’s body and life.
that he wrote about the temple.                               although it is a mitzvah, an important G-dly deed, to drink            	 Once, a great rabbi saw someone dancing to his
                                                              a cup of wine on the holidays, one should not overindulge              morning prayers. It was obvious this person felt and
                                                              in drinking and frivolity, and claim he is increasing in               understood the true joy and meaning of what he was
                                                              joy. For drunkenness is an expression of being wild and                saying. The rabbi commented, “Great things will come
                                                              foolishness. We are commanded to be joyous and happy,                  from these prayers.”
                                                              which is a great service of G-d to be done in reverence.               	 Another time, this same rabbi saw someone else
                                                              Serving G-d cannot be fulfilled when wild and drunk.                   dancing to trivial matters and said, “What a pity to wear
                                                              	 The Bible says in Deuteronomy, “Because you did                      out a good pair of shoes.”
                                                              not serve G-d in joy and with an overflowing heart,                    	 There will always be those who mock, since this is
                                                              you will serve your enemies.” Rabbi Shneur Zalman of                   their mechanism for overcoming their own jealousy and
                                                              Liadi explains that the true enemies of a person are the               guilt. A person who desires a deeper, more meaningful
                                                              destructive thoughts and internal challenges that hold a               existence that fulfills a greater value to life should ignore
                                                              person back. These enemies are eradicated, and not given               those who mock him and who only derive pleasure from
                                                              a chance to come into our minds and lives, through the joy             physical, superficial materialistic pursuits.
                                                              of serving G-d, recognizing the great opportunity granted              	 There is a saying in the name of the Baal Shem Tov:
                                                              to a mere mortal to reach the Creator of the universe. King
                                                                                                                                     “Foolishness, sadness, and a haughty feeling of self-worth
                                                              Solomon counsels us, “In ALL your ways you shall know
                                                                                                                                     are considered in many ways a terrible sin of the Bible
                                                              Him.” In everything we do, in every act and deed of life
                                                                                                                                     (although not actually), and a discriminating awareness,
                                                              and living, there is a way to connect it in the service of             joy brought about through finding the good in everything,
                                                              G-d and in therefore being joyous.                                     and a calm swiftness are considered (again, although not
                                                              	 Once, a student came to Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi
                                                                                                                                     actually) a Commandment of the Bible.”
                                                              and said he was being assaulted and overwhelmed with
                                                                                                                                     	 Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui is spiritual leader of Chabad
                                                              bad thoughts. The rabbi told him, “Bad thoughts gather
                                                              in empty spaces, i.e., when there is a vacuum in one’s                 House Lubavitch of Palm Beach. Contact him at
                                                              mind.” Rabbi MM Schneerson explained, “If a person
                                                              would fill his mind and heart with joy and delight, with     , 624.7004, or www.
                                                              the fullness and happiness of meaning and purpose, in
                                                              serving G-d, there would be no room for the emptiness        
                                                              and darkness and for the negative thoughts to take hold.

Scott Benarde plays the guitar and sings.
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