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Page 6, The Jewish Voice                                                                                                  School, Grade 8; Second Place – Aayushi Ranjan, Don
                                                                                                                          Estridge High Tech Middle School, Grade 6; Third Place
Local Happenings from page 5                                                                                              (tie) Jack Regnery, St. Mark’s Episcopal School, Grade 8 and
                                                                                                                          Nika Wolfs, St. Mark’s Episcopal School, Grade 8; Honorable
Palm Beach Fellowship                                                                                                     Mention – MJ Hanlon, Rosarian Academy, Grade 7 and Lily
Presents Awards                                                                                                           Guari, Rosarian Academy, Grade 7.
to Area Students                                                                                                          	 Franks presented gift cards for school supplies to the
                                                                                                                          teachers of the winning students. They are: Laralee Evans,
	 More than 100 people attended the Palm Beach Fellowship
of Christians & Jews May Day Soiree in celebration of its                                                                 Don Estridge High Tech Middle School; Chrissie Ferguson,
25th anniversary season.
	 The event began with a reception followed by a short                                                                    Rosarian Academy; Steve Gordon, Western Pines Middle
Annual Meeting and the presentation of awards for the Essay                                                               School; Barbara Milanese, Pine Crest School, Megan
& Creative Arts Competition.
                                                                                                                          Molitoris, St. Mark’s Episcopal School; Leslie Quinlivan,
                                                                            Vivienne Ivry, Donna Plasket, Suzanne Holmes  St. Mark’s Episcopal School.

                                                                                                                                                            Photo Credit: Davidoff Studios

Harrison Schram, Leslie Schram, Ron Schram, Lauren                                                                        Rosalie Franks, Maggie Zeidman
Schram, Jonathan Schram
                                                                                                                          Jonathan Schram, Rosalie Franks, Maggie Zeidman
	 “We, on the Board, are       John C. Randolph, Leslie        Michael Pucillo, Richard Kleid                             Local Happenings on page 7
proud not only of what we      Randolph                        Bill Metzger, Bobbi Horwich Eric Christu, Michael Ainslie
have accomplished in our
25th year, but also for what
we have accomplished in the
25 years of our existence,”
said Fellowship Chairman
John C. Randolph. “We
have come a long way in

that time, and I believe

we have seen significant
progress in fostering respect
and understanding between
people of the Christian and
Jewish faiths, and between
people of all faiths, races,
cultures and persuasions.”

Danielle Moore, Tami Watkins

	 Vice-Chairwoman Maggie Zeidman talked about the full
scholarships the Fellowship has provided annually for more
than 20 years for Palm Beach County educators to attend

the “Facing History and Ourselves” summer seminar, “The

Holocaust and Human Behavior,” in Massachusetts. Chrissie

Ferguson, a teacher at Rosarian Academy, gave an overview
of her experience attending the seminar last summer.
	 The group approved four new members to the Board of
Directors: Charles Hagy, Suzanne Holmes, Cynthia Kanai,

and Debora Weinstein.
	 Fellowship Education Chairwoman Rosalie Franks
presented the awards to the winning students. They were
asked to take inspiration from the Robert Frost poem “The
Road Not Taken,” to write essays or create art about making

choices and decisions and how they can affect your life. The
annual contest is open to middle- and high-school students
from all public, private, parochial, and charter schools in
Palm Beach County.

	 The winners are: 3-D Art – First Place: Matti Cohen,
Rosarian Academy, Grade 7. Video – First Place: Robby
Vargas, Rosarian Academy, Grade 8; Second Place: Tess
Romine, Western Pines Middle School, Grade 8. 2-D Art
– First Place: Mia Starkman, Pine Crest School, Grade 7;
Second Place: Victoria Bassey, Western Pines Middle School,
Grade 8; Third Place (tie): Ava Teo, Pine Crest School, Grade
6 and Elyza Lotero, Western Pines Middle School, Grade 8.
Special Photography Prizes: Color Photography – Jonathan
Schram, Palm Beach Day Academy, Grade 7. Black and
White Photography – Meagan Hage, Western Pines Middle
School, Grade 8.
	 Essay – First Place: Sydney Jansen, St. Mark’s Episcopal
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