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Bluewater Babes Hits from page 1                                               lonstanding
                                                                               local charities:
Jennifer McGrath, director                                                     Cancer Alliance                                                                            Chris Russell and Tom Rielly
of BWB at (561) 406-2509.                                                      for Help and
About Bluewater Babes                                                          Hope, H.O.W.                                                   need in our own community.
Charitable Trust                                                               – Hearing the                                                  To learn more visit www.
	 Bluewater Babes Chari-                                                       Ovarian Cancer                                        or www.
table Trust is a 501(c)(3)                                                     Whisper, and                                         
public charity committed                                                       the Kristin
to providing financial as-    Joe Cavallo and Boomer                           Hoke Breast                                                    Photos provided by
sistance to local breast and  Rinker                                           Health Program at Jupiter Medical Center; and additionally,
ovarian cancer patients in                                                     provides direct support to those in need through its “Out of   Bluewater Babes             Time for a cure
need.                                                                          the Blue” financial assistance fund.
	 Bluewater Babes                                                              	 Proceeds from the annual Fish for a Cure events, the new
Charitable Trust proudly                                                       Swing Fore a Cure golf tournament, and other ongoing fun-
supports and has donated                                                       draising efforts continue to increase and extend Bluewater
more than $465,000 to                                                          Babes’ reach and provide much needed help for those in

Golfers Take A Swing from page 1                                               About The Arc Of Palm Beach County                             and their families, through services, education, and advocacy
                                                                               	 The Arc of Palm Beach County has been improving the          since 1958. The Arc supports programs throughout Palm
	 All proceeds from the tournament                                             lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities,  Beach County that reach more than 2,800 families each year.
support the mission of The Arc of
Palm Beach County, which strives                                               Jeff Moyer, Garrett Kimple, Mike Dugan, Cole Hubka from        Bob Salmore (board member), John Ruffa, Matt Pearce,
to improve the lives of children                                               FCBI FUND                                                      Juan Cocuy from RSM US LLP
and adults with developmental
disabilities through services,
education, and advocacy. The Arc
Invitational was made possible Kimberly and Jim
thanks to presenting sponsor, The McCarten
GEO Group, and the generosity of
Genuine Parts Company and Pratt & Whitney.

Matt White, Mark Mantegna, Tim Collins, Danielle Skorski
from The Breakers

                                                                               Don Davidson, Warren Carr, Jim Agostinelli, Ralph Lipford      Matthew Enochs, Dave Juckett, Dave Collins, Daniel
                                                                               from Genuine Parts Company                                     Usiadek from Pratt & Whitney

Joe Curley, Ed Tancer, Brian MacPherson, Chris Benvenuto                       Tom Cairnes, Bert Premuroso, Scott Danielski, Ray Ball         Jeff and Sabra Ingemen, Camille and Scott Goodby
from Gunster                                                                   from The Gardens Mall

                                      Photo credit: Mike Jachles

                                                                               Jim Brown, Robert Forchin, David Dunn, Horace Joseph Brian Evans, David Venturella, Kyle Fitzpatrick, Duane

                                                                               from Brown Brothers Consulting                                 Helkowski from The GEO Group and BNP Paribas

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