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        Hearing Solutions

        Your Health – Your Hearing                                             with other serious health conditions. The following will be      awareness of the surrounding environment and increases
                                                                               helpful to better understand some of the causes.                 cognitive load. The brain becomes overwhelmed with the
        By Murray Steinfeld,                                                   	 A major area of medications known as chemotherapy              demands on its limited resources to maintain balance and
        LHAS, BC-HIS,                                                          drugs, although they help save lives, may also be ototoxic       gait, while straining to hear and process auditory input. It
        ACA,Board Certified                                                    (harmful to hearing). It is wise to discuss any chemotherapy     is also possible that cochlear disorders affect vestibular
        Audioprosthologist,                                                    medications with your physician, should he prescribe them,       function, leading to poor balance.
        Hearing Solutions                                                      just so you are aware of the possible effects they may have      	 Being concerned, curious and aware of the many factors
        (561) 747-6339                                                         on you.                                                          surrounding what we allow to enter our bodies can make
        	 According to the                                                     	 Aminoglycoside antibiotics used to fight serious               a huge difference in how we live our life. Discussing your
        Journal of the American                                                infections are also known to be ototoxic along with pain         medications with your prescribing physicians is important
        Medical Association,                                                   relieving solicylates and non-steroidal and inflammatory         to allow you to understand the effects they will have on
        approximately 40 percent of                                            drugs.                                                           your hearing, balance and your daily life and lifestyle in
        adults experience cognitive                                            	 In addition, phosphodiesterase type No. 5 inhibitors           general. Remember, knowledge is power!
        decline with hearing loss as                                           that treat erectile dysfunction have been linked to sudden       	 Hearing Solutions of the Palm Beaches, Colonial
        compared with those without hearing loss. It also noted                sensorineural hearing loss. This drug class includes Viagra,     Plaza, 651 W. Indiantown Road, Jupiter, (561) 747-6339,
        that more than one-third (1/3) of adults who wore hearing              Levitra, and Cialis.                                             e-mail: or www.
        aids experienced mental health improvements as a result.               	 Dosage, duration and method of administration all effect
        So the simple resolve is “Take Care of Your Health To Take             a drug’s ototoxicity risk.
        Care of Your Hearing,” because hearing loss often occurs               	 It should also be noted that hearing loss decreases

        I Didn’t Know That ... Bet You Didn’t Know It Either

        Fascinating trivia facts                                               an important part of European cuisine. Raisin prices             What Do You Call A Group Of Unicorns?
                                                                               skyrocketed. The English, French, and Germans                    	 A group of unicorns is called a blessing. A group of
        compiled by Stanley                                                    attempted to grow grapes for raisins, but their climates         kangaroos is called a mob, whales are called a pod, geese
                                                                               were too cold for drying the fruit.                              a gaggle, owls are called a parliament, ravens are called
        Morgenbesser                                                           Who Were First To Domesticate The Guinea Pig?                    an unkindness, a group of crows are called a murder, and
        Is It Easier To Peel A Wet                                             	 Guinea pigs were first domesticated by the Incas, who          12 or more cows is called a flink.
        Or A Dry Onion?                                                        used them for food, in sacrifices, and as household pets.        Did The Designer Of The Nike Logo Get Rich?
        	 A wet onion is easier to                                             What Do The Japanese Eat In Lieu Of Pizza?                       	 No! The Nike “swoosh” logo was designed by a
                                                                               	 Okonomiyaki is considered to be Japan’s answer to              University of Oregon student, Carolyn Davidson, in
        peel than a dry one.                                                   pizza. It consists of a potpourri of grilled vegetables,         1964. The logo came four years after business undergrad
        What Is The Only City                                                  noodles, and meat or seafood, between two pancake-like           Phil Knight and track coach Bill Bowerman founded
        With Three Dotted                                                      layers of fried batter.                                          the company they originally called Blue Ribbon Sports.
        Letters All In A Row?                                                  What Size Does Lady Liberty Wear?                                Davidson was paid $35 for her design.
        	Beijing.                                                              	 The Statue of Liberty measures 35 feet in diameter at          How Far Can A Lion’s Roar Resonate?
        How Loud Can A Snore                                                   the waist. The robe forms the outer shell of the statue,         	 An adult lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles away,
        Be?                                                                    and there is no “torso” underneath.                              and can warn off intruders or reunite scattered members
        	 The sound of a snore (up to 69 decibels) can be                      How Large Is The Sahara Desert?                                  of the pride.
                                                                               	 The Sahara Desert comprises an area as large as
        almost as loud as the noise of a pneumatic drill (70 to 90             Europe. Its total land mass is approximately 3,565,565
                                                                               square miles.
        Who Introduced Raisins To Europe?
        	 In the 11th century, crusader knights first introduced

        raisins to Europe when they returned home from the

        Mediterranean. By the 14th century, raisins became

        Pet Matters                                                            11am to 6pm.
                                                                                   Furry Friends depends on the generous support from donors
        For The Love Of Animals
                                                                               like you. Without Furry Friends, the future of the many animals
        by Pat Deshong, President of                                           we save would be uncertain. Thank you for donating and helping
        Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic                                         us continue our animal saving mission.
        & Ranch
                                                                               Ways to donate (tax ID #59-2111273):
            "For the Love of Animals"                                          1. Mail a check made payable to Furry Friends to 401
        features real stories happening at
        Furry Friends in Jupiter. We are                                            Maplewood Drive, Ste. 8, Jupiter, FL 33458.
        The Humane Society of Greater                                          2. Visit
        Jupiter/Tequesta, Inc and the                                          3. Call us with your credit card information at
        only no-kill shelter open to the
        public in northern Palm Beach                                               561.747.5311 ext. 1
        County. We’ve been rescuing,                                              “Your donation creates the possibilities to make
        rehabilitating, re-homing and                                          miracles happen for our Furry Friends”
        providing a safe harbor for
        the homeless animals in our                                            Adoptable Animals:
        community for more than 30
        years. Our not for profit 501c3 organization consists of our Jupiter   Honey
        based adoption center, veterinary clinic (open to the public), Thrift
        Boutique, and 27 Acre Palm City Ranch.                                     Honey is a six-year-old female cat   Honey
                                                                               who has lost out on her forever home
            Michele, a Furry Friends’ rescue partner, recently found herself   not once, but twice! Her first owner
        crawling underneath a dilapidated home, in search of cats and kittens  passed away and her second owner
        that were abandoned on a rural property in an adjacent county. She     is now hospice. Honey is full of fun
        was extremely cautious, knowing that large snakes roamed the           and likes most other cats. Please visit
        property in search of their next convenient meal. One measured         her at our Jupiter Adoption Center.
        more than 20’ long!
            Furry Friends and our partners worked diligently to rescue the
        dogs living in filth and squander inside, all victims of a “backyard”      Snuggles, a Miami stray, is a        Snuggles                                       Visit our ADOPTION CENTER
        breeding situation that had snowballed out of control. In all my       three-year-old shepherd mix who                                                             401 Maplewood Drive, Ste. 10
        years in animal rescue, nothing can describe                           has overcome extreme shyness                                                        Adopt a Furry Friend and save 20% off our
        my reaction upon seeing the horrific living                            since coming to Furry Friends. She                                                        already low priced adoption fees
        conditions endured by these animals. Dogs                              likes most other dogs and currently
        like Buddy (callously dubbed “Ears” by                                 resides at our Palm City Ranch. Call                                                             Expires June 30, 2018
        his owners) were neglected medically and                               561.972.1194 to schedule a meet and
        emotionally. Their owners wanted nothing                               greet with Snuggles!                                                              Visit our THRIFT STORE
        more from them than a subsidy to their                                                                                                                      615 W. Indiantown Road
        monthly social security income. Buddy                                  Saddle up and Join Furry   Daisy & Oskar are                     Furniture, Art, Household Goods, Clothes, Shoes & More!
        likely experienced pain for months, given                                 Friends for a Rootin'     gettin’ hitched!
        his severe ear infections and decayed teeth.                             Tootin' family-fun day                                                         50% off one item
 al                                                                              at the Ranch, including
homes.      More than sixty animals were rescued from                             live performances by                                                              (Excludes furniture and artwork)
        the property. Furry Friends took twenty under                                                                                                                 Expires June 30, 2018
        our care. Sadly, situations like this are more                         Tom Jackson Band & the
        common than imaginable and Furry Friends is                              Andrew Morris Band.                                                          Visit our VETERINARY CLINIC
        thankful for many, including Kit with Florida                                                                                                             401 Maplewood Drive, Ste. 8
        Yorkie Rescue, Michele, and Kathy, for                                 Enjoy BBQ & fixin’s, The
        partnering with us to save their lives and give                        Watering Hole, Hay Rides,                                               $20 office exam fee ($28 savings)
        them a future. We are sure that Buddy speaks                            Petting Zoo, Pony Rides,
        “thank you” from all these furry friends when                          A Royal (Doggy) Wedding                                             We sell Canna Pet! $59.95 for 10 ML bottle (regularly
        sharing doggie kisses with his new and forever mom.                                                                                        $79.95... you save $20!) Offer expires June 30, 2018
                                                                                     and much more!!
            Furry Friends is all about giving homeless companion animals
        their best future… no matter how long it takes to find it. We have               Paid Advertisement
        many fabulous dogs and cats in our shelter and invite you to come
        visit us six days a week. Our hours are Monday through Saturday,
   6   7   8   9   10   11   12