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Scholarship News

CCV Sponsors Constitution
Academic Competition

By Jackie Holfelder                                          Eula Clarke, Stuart City
	 The Center for Constitutional Values (CCV) and
Martin County School District partnered for the third        Commissioner; Charlene Lyons,
annual Constitution Academic Competition for high
school students on May 14 at Murray Middle School.           YMCA Youth in Government; Charlene Lyons, YMCA/Youth in Government; Kate Boland, CCV chair; Judge Alan
	 The competition tested the high school seniors
on their knowledge and understanding of the United           and Kate Boland, CCV chair; at Forst; second place winner Tabitha Bean; Judge Mark Klingensmith; third place
States Constitution. Judges at the event, which was the
culmination of three stages of competition that were held    the CCV Constitution Academic winner Rebecca Cameron; Judge William Roby; first place winner Sam Crombie; Judge
throughout the school year, were the Honorable Judges
Alan Forst and Mark Klingensmith of the Fourth Circuit       Competition                      Darren Steele and Laurie Gaylord, Martin County Superintendent of Schools at the CCV
District Court of Appeals and the Honorable Judges
Richard Belanger, William Roby and Darren Steele of                                           Constitution Academic Competition
the 19th Judicial Circuit.
                                                             scholarships from the Center to
CCV Chair Kate Boland; third place winner Rebecca
Cameron of South Fork High School; second place winner       help further his education. The
Tabitha Bean of Jensen Beach High School and first place
winner Sam Crombie of Martin County High School at the       second place winner received
CCV Constitution Academic Competition
                                                             $750 and the third place
	 Winners were Rebecca Cameron (third place winner)
of South Fork High School; Tabitha Bean (second place        winner received $500. Each
winner) of Jensen Beach High School and Sam Crombie
of Martin County High School (first place winner).           runner up in individual school
	 The first place winner received a total of $1,250 in
                                                             competitions had received a

                                                             $250 scholarship.

                                                             	 Seventh grade students at

                                                             the middle school demonstrated

                                                             their knowledge of the United

                                                             States Constitution in Kahoots,

                                                             an online game. The winning

                                                             student, Talan Bello, received

                                                             a $25 gift certificate.

                                                             	 Scholarships are funded by

                                                             donations from individuals and Laurie Gaylord, Martin County Superintendent of Schools; and Judge Alan Forst;

                                                             organizations in Martin County Judge Mark Klingensmith; Judge William Roby; Judge Darren Steele at the CCV

                                                             and other locations. Special Constitution Academic Competition

                                                             thanks were given to the law

                                                             firm of Fox, Wackeen and Dungey on behalf of their Programs include the scholarship program and a speaker

                                                             colleague, George W. Bush. Bush is a founding director series to foster discussion of historical and contemporary

                                                             of the Center for Constitutional Values.                     issues. For information, contact Kate Boland at

                                                             	 The Center for Constitutional Values is a 501 (c) (3) or (772) 266-3386.

                                                             organization created to encourage greater knowledge

                                                             of the United States Constitution and its importance.                                    Photos by William Tulko

Treasure Coast Outdoors

By Jim Weix                                                  are always looking for an easy meal.                         conservationist,            Grouper season is now open. They
	 Grouper season opened                                      	 Although almost any structure can hold grouper, I          as well as an               are a great addition to the fish box.
May 1, so anglers are                                        like fishing in the 150 to 200 depth range. It seems that    o u t d o o r w r i t e r.
adding them to the fish box.                                 the structure in the 60 to 80 foot depth range is just too   Jim was recently
Everyone has their favorite                                  heavily fished.                                              inducted into the
method of grouper fishing.                                   	 To find fishing spots, other than the ones everyone        Wisconsin Waterfowl
I like to anchor over good                                   seems to fish at, it pays to look for unique spots. Go       Association’s Hall
structure, and drop a slip                                   to          of Fame, for his
sinker rig down with live                                    artificial-reef-locations. You will discover that there are  work in helping
bait. If I don’t have live                                   many great artificial reefs waiting to be “discovered.”      restore thousands of
bait, cut bait and squid will                                	 Many of us were also hoping for some type of               acres of wetlands.
work, but you will often                                     reasonable harvest of goliath grouper, but it is not going   He is the owner of
end up with a bare hook because of all the little fish.      to happen this year. That was the word handed down by        The Real Estate
	 Fortunately these nuisance fish, when caught, also         the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at     Company, Inc. He
make great bait. A fillet of blue runner, with the skin on,  its April meeting in Fort Lauderdale. The seven-member       can be reached at
stays on the hook and grouper love them.                     commission decided to not open a season for goliath          (772) 288-1900 or
	 Another advantage of anchoring, is that it is easy to put  grouper at this time, but are still studying the issue.      by email: jimweix@
out a few flat lines with live bait. Dolphin and kingfish    	 Editor’s note: Jim Weix is an avid hunter, angler,
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