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Scholarship News from page 10                                for Constitutional      Charlene Lyons, YMCA/Youth in Government; Kate Boland, CCV chair; Judge Alan Forst; second
                                                             Values.                 place winner Tabitha Bean; Judge Mark Klingensmith; third place winner Rebecca Cameron; Judge
CCV Sponsors Constitution                                    	 The Center for        William Roby; first place winner Sam Crombie; Judge Darren Steele and Laurie Gaylord, Martin
                                                             Constitutional          County Superintendent of Schools at the CCV Constitution Academic Competition
Academic Competition                                         Values is a 501 (c)
                                                             (3) organization
By Jackie Holfelder                                          created to encourage
	 The Center for Constitutional Values (CCV) and             greater knowledge
Martin County School District partnered for the third        of the United States
annual Constitution Academic Competition for high            Constitution and
school students on May 14 at Murray Middle School.           its importance.
	 The competition tested the high school seniors             Programs include the
on their knowledge and understanding of the United           scholarship program
States Constitution. Judges at the event, which was the      and a speaker series
culmination of three stages of competition that were held    to foster discussion
throughout the school year, were the Honorable Judges        of historical and
Alan Forst and Mark Klingensmith of the Fourth Circuit       contemporary issues.
District Court of Appeals and the Honorable Judges           For information,
Richard Belanger, William Roby and Darren Steele of          contact Kate Boland at
the 19th Judicial Circuit.                                   CCVMartinCounty@
	 Winners were Rebecca Cameron (third place winner) or (772)
of South Fork High School; Tabitha Bean (second place        266-3386.
winner) of Jensen Beach High School and Sam Crombie
of Martin County High School (first place winner).
	 The first place winner received a total of $1,250 in
scholarships from the Center to help further his education.
The second place winner received $750 and the third
place winner received $500. Each runner up in individual
school competitions had received a $250 scholarship.
	 Seventh grade students at the middle school
demonstrated their knowledge of the United States
Constitution in Kahoots, an online game. The winning
student, Talan Bello, received a $25 gift certificate.
	 Scholarships are funded by donations from individuals
and organizations in Martin County and other locations.
Special thanks were given to the law firm of Fox,
Wackeen and Dungey on behalf of their colleague,
George W. Bush. Bush is a founding director of the Center

                                                             CCV Chair Kate Boland; third place winner Rebecca               Laurie Gaylord, Martin County Superintendent of Schools;
                                                             Cameron of South Fork High School; second place winner          and Judge Alan Forst; Judge Mark Klingensmith; Judge
                                                             Tabitha Bean of Jensen Beach High School and first place        William Roby; Judge Darren Steele at the CCV Constitution
                                                             winner Sam Crombie of Martin County High School at the          Academic Competition
                                                             CCV Constitution Academic Competition
                                                                                                                                                                      Photos by William Tulko

                                                             Wealth ManageMent

                                                             Selecting A Trustee

Eula Clarke, Stuart City Commissioner; Charlene Lyons,       A trust often serves                                            Relationship to Beneficiaries. If you’re like many people,
YMCA Youth in Government; and Kate Boland, CCV chair;        as the centerpiece of                                           your first thought in selecting a trustee may be a relative.
at the CCV Constitution Academic Competition                 a comprehensive estate                                          But be sure to consider the relationship between the trustee
                                                             plan. A properly funded                                         and the beneficiaries. Trustees may often have to make
                                                             trust protects the privacy                                      difficult decisions with respect to the beneficiaries, such
                                                             of your estate and ensures                                      as whether to assist a beneficiary with a large purchase
                                                             that assets in the trust avoid                                  or investment. If the trustee and beneficiaries have close
                                                             probate. Typically, a trust                                     relationships, this may cause strain. A trustee should be
                                                             will hold all or the majority                                   able to say “no” when it is in a beneficiary’s best interest.
                                                             of your assets.
                                                                                                                             What Not to Consider. Avoiding hurting someone’s
                                                             Though you will likely                                          feelings is one of the most common reasons for naming a
                                                             be the trustee during your                                      trustee. However, naming a trustee who is poorly suited to
                                                             life, upon your incapacity                                      the role does a disservice to the beneficiaries. If you feel
                                                             or death, you will need a                                       that you must name a particular individual to spare their
                                                             successor trustee to manage the trust assets. The successor     feelings, consider your options. Naming a more qualified
                                                             trustee even may continue to manage the trust for younger       co-trustee or a corporate co-trustee, such as Stifel Trust,
                                                             beneficiaries after your death. Naming successor trustees       can help ensure the trust is managed responsibly.
                                                             is an important decision and, for many people, a difficult
                                                             one. The following are a few factors to consider when           Stifel does not provide legal or tax advice. You should
                                                             selecting a trustee.                                            consult with your legal and tax advisors regarding your
                                                                                                                             particular situation. Trust services are provided by Stifel
                                                             Experience. Experience administering a trust is helpful,        Trust Company, N.A. and Stifel Trust Company Delaware,
                                                             but not necessary. Instead, focus on an individual’s            N.A. (Stifel Trust Companies), wholly owned subsidiaries
                                                             experience with the types of assets they will manage            of Stifel Financial Corp. and affiliates of Stifel, Nicolaus &
                                                             as trustee. If your trust includes real estate or business      Company, Incorporated, Member SIPC & NYSE. Unless
                                                             interests, a trustee unfamiliar with those types of assets      otherwise specified, products purchased from or held by
                                                             may struggle to learn on the job.                               Stifel Trust Companies are not insured by the FDIC or
                                                                                                                             any other government agency, are not deposits or other
                                                             Availability. Trust administration can be labor intensive       obligations of Stifel Trust Companies, are not guaranteed
                                                             and time consuming. Make sure the person you choose             by Stifel Trust Companies, and are subject to investment
                                                             will be available to properly administer the trust.             risks, including possible loss of the principal invested.

                                                             Personality. The personal aspects of trust administration       Article provided by Bob Sander, Senior Vice President/

                                                             are just as important as the technical aspects. A trustee will  Investments, with the Stuart branch of Stifel, who

                                                             often have broad discretion with regard to distributions        has attained the Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®)
                                                                                                                             designation and the Accredited Investment Fiduciary®
                                                             from the trust. Also, the trust may have multiple               (AIF®) certification. He can be reached at (772) 403-8305
                                                             beneficiaries. This may lead to conflict between the trustee    or Stifel, Nicolaus & Company,
                                                             and the beneficiaries, or among the beneficiaries. If conflict  Incorporated Member SIPC & NYSE
                                                             is likely, select a trustee with strong communication and

                                                             dispute resolution skills to keep the peace.
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