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Color For Summer

By Gustavo Asp, President,                                          garden center and make sure to plant it                            	 Golden Shrimp Plants: This
Magland Landscape                                                   in a partially shady area. Crossandras can                         is a perfect plant for landscaping.
	 Before you start                                                  take up to four hours of direct sun a day.                         This shrub grows to a height of
contemplating your garden                                           	 Pentas: This flower, also called                                 3 to 4 feet, and it features white
plan, it is essential to have an                                    “Egyptian star cluster,” blooms year-                              flowers that bloom on top. This
understanding of the difference                                     round and is a perfect choice for south                            plant is ideal for Florida’s summer rainy season. Flowerings will
between annual and perennial                                        Florida gardening.Available in colors, varying from red and pink   be in bloom all the way through September.
plants and how they behave                                          to purple and lavender. The nectar-rich flowers grow in clusters   	 If you are
throughout the seasons.                                             over a long blooming season in the vibrant red, pink and purple    considering
	 An annual is a plant that                                         shades that act as a butterfly beacon and bees in the springtime.  changes to
lives for just one season, it will                                  	 Florida Sweethearts: Florida Sweethearts are also called         your landscape
sprout, flower, seed and die all                                    “angel wings” and “elephant ears.” The interiors of the large      for summer,
in the same year.                                                   leaves bloom a colorful pink. These                                you can do one
	 A perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years.        are a summer favorite in central and                               bed at a time or Magland Team, Magland Landscape
Landscapes with summer perennials are filled with a vibrant         south Florida. The luscious leaves can                             change entire
arrangement of colorful flowers. However, many gardens start        get large, this plant takes up one square                          spaces. Please contact me to help you and guide you in your
to lose their vibrancy as the summer months start to fade away.     foot by itself when you plant it. They                             next gardening project. There are lots of options out there,
As the summer comes to an end, so do the beautiful flowers.         are available in pink, white, variegated                           it’s just a matter of finding the right one for each space. Call
The weather cools and seasons change, but there are a variety of    and hot pink.                                                      (561) 745-6756 or email us at
beautiful late-blooming summer perennials to help keep summer
gardens vibrant. Late-blooming summer perennials help keep your
summer gardens looking their best throughout the entire season.

Pentas           Coleous  African bush daisy

	 Color in your garden can start from
early spring until late fall. By cautiously
planning and diversifying flowering plants
to create an appealing blend of colors
throughout the seasons you may avoid
a dormant gray landscape. Some plants
bloom in winter or early spring while Vincas
others may last far into fall. Midwinter
does not offer many flowering plants however, a beautiful
succulent or hedge can break up the dormant gray. Hellebores
are very popular winter perennials; they are easy maintenance
and colorful blooms during the gloomiest time of the year. To
keep color in your landscape throughout the year especially in
autumn when summer annuals have run their course and it’s too
early for winter annuals have some perennials in the garden.
	 Begonias: The three most popular types of garden begonias
are the rhizomatous, commonly called Rex begonias; and the
old-fashioned wax which are known as fibrous rooted.The bloom
of pink and white begonias is a traditional sign that spring has
arrived in other parts of the country. Here in Florida, beautiful
begonias are a gardener’s friend year-round. Low maintenance,

Begonia odorata           Angel wing begonia

these flowers are easy to enjoy; you plant them and they will
bloom! Begonias love water and fertilizer so be sure to give it
acceptable amounts of both. Want to feature begonias in your
window box? They will bloom almost anywhere you put them.
Put them in a lightly shaded area if possible.
	 A well-designed garden should include plants rated for their
remarkable foliage, as well as some that produce fall color and
others that provide good structure in winter. The temperatures are
warming up and it will soon officially be summer. Late blooming
summer perennials make a garden swirl out blooms for weeks
on end in summer.
	 Torenia/wishbone flower
is a small, bushy annual that
is especially valuable because
it blooms abundantly in shady
conditions. The species has
lilac-blue flowers with deep
purple lower lips and a yellow-
blotched throat.
	 Cultivars are available in many colors including pink, rose,
white, and burgundy.
	 Crossandra “Orange Marmalade:” Add tropical flair
with long-lasting blooms on a plant that thrives with heat and
humidity. Large clusters of frilly, bright orange flowers shine
against glossy green foliage.
Outstanding disease and insect
resistance means great garden
performance; beautiful in beds,
borders or containers. These
flowers are great perennials
for central and south Florida.
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