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June 2018                                                           PGA C.A.N.!, Page 1

VOL. 28 NO. 6                                                          FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                          JUNE 2018

PGA POA Jottings

By Dawn Levinstein,                                                    instant close keypad to allow you to open or close the garage door  forms are available on the aforementioned website and if you
PGA POA                                                                from your smartphone and see if it is open or closed remotely. I    have any questions, you can call Lori at the POA office (561-
Close It!                                                              understand that there are several options and Home Depot, Lowes     627-2800); we are always happy to help.
	 Dad used to say, “were you                                                                                                               	 As a reminder, you are required to get approval before doing
born in a barn? Shut the door!”                                        and others carry them. Please look into them if you are someone     the work. The majority of the application fees are $25.00 but there
Of course he was talking about                                                                                                             is a $250.00 application fee for “work started or completed prior
the front door and it usually                                          who uses their garage door as a front door.                         to submitting for the required approval”.
got slammed in response (yep,
I was a bad kid and now a bad                                          Storm Season                                                        	 While you are making your property and home beautiful,
mostly-adult). In PGAit seems                                          	 It is officially here: The start of storm season. Sorry, I can’t
that residents like to leave their                                     use the “H” word until the end of November but you know what        the POA has a number of projects and long range plans that
garage door open…..which is                                            I mean! If you don’t already have supplies like batteries, non-     I’ve mentioned in the past. The overpasses on Ryder Cup and
against the rules. Security and the POA staff have plenty to do        perishable food, water, extra medications, etc. it’s time to stock  Avenue of the Champions were both re-planted. The hedges at
without writing citations and imposing fines for open doors but                                                                            those locations were 30 years old and the species is no longer
the rule is there for your safety and security. The little crime that  up. There are several resources where you can get lists of what     available so it was time for a full replacement; the directional
PGANational experiences is usually crimes of opportunity. What                                                                             signs will be repainted and repaired; several of the gardens in
is frightening is that most people don’t lock the door between         you might need and how to prepare, including the POA website        Masters Park are being replaced and/or filled in; gutters are being
the garage and the house so while you are walking FiFi or Fido         at                                                 replaced on all POAguardhouses; and the landscape north of the
“right down the street”, not only can thieves help themselves to       Fixin’ Up the Place                                                 Preston entry along Ryder Cup Blvd will be replaced but no trees
what is in your garage but they may be waiting for you inside
your house (or just go help themselves there too).                     	 The POA Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”) has                will be removed. We are hopeful that this will result in a better
	 I recently heard about a device that has WiFi capability and                                                                             sight-line for cars heading toward Northlake Blvd and for cars
                                                                       processed over 100 applications at the last two meetings. We        exiting and entering Preston.

                                                                       were happy to see a number landscape improvement apps as            PGA POA Jottings on page 11
                                                                       well as quite a few people purchasing whole-house generators
                                                                       and impact glass windows/hurricane shutters. The PGA POA
                                                                       governing documents, and in particular Article XII of the PGA
                                                                       POA Amended and Restated By-Laws require owners to get
                                                                       written approval for any and all exterior changes. Application

Commissioner’s Update

Division Of Emergency                                                  shelters, and personnel to address medical issues that arise at     to three times weekly on both social media platforms on a
                                                                       general shelters in addition to the special needs shelter, along
Management                                                             with other measures to help fine-tune the shelter services.         variety of items from disaster preparedness to county events.
                                                                       This includes coordinating efforts with our emergency
– Working To Keep You Safe                                             management partners in the municipalities.                          	 The county’s online link,
                                                                       	 The officials with DEM are expanding our public
By County Commissioner                                                 information efforts and are making materials accessible             publicsafety/dem/ connects you with the Hurricane Survival
Hal Valeche                                                            through community outreach events and presentations.
	 Each year, the official                                              Materials include videos, pamphlets, and giveaway items             Guide, which covers shutters and home reinforcement,
start of hurricane season                                              that cover topics that include what to bring to a shelter, how
shifts our focus to our                                                to sign up for AlertPBC, accessing ReadyPBC, and making             shelters, information for older adults and those with special
preparations for major storm                                           an emergency plan.
events that may occur. One                                             	 Websites and social media really help spread the word.            needs, preparing your yard, pet safety, suggested shopping
county division whose key                                              ReadyPBC ( is DEM’s hurricane
role is to remain in constant                                          website, which provides information on everything a Palm            lists, evacuation zone guides, and other practical checklists
preparation for hurricanes                                             Beach County resident needs to know regarding hazards and
and other potential weather                                            how to prepare for, respond to, and mitigate them. AlertPBC         and contact information.
events and disasters is the                                            ( is the sign-up webpage for customized
Division of Emergency Management (DEM), which operates                 emergency alerts and notifications through phone calls, text        	 The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
under the Department of Public Safety.                                 messages and email used to notify you about imminent                updated the flood maps for Palm Beach County in 2017
	 The Division of Emergency Management continuously                    threats to health and safety affecting your locations or work       and this information available through DEM can assist you
reviews our systems and programs to improve education,                 environments. These notifications can include severe weather,       in determining if you are in a special flood hazard area,
planning, and response to the community. This includes                 flooding, gas leaks, and police activity. If you do not have        requiring flood insurance. It may surprise you to know that
extensive reviews of past emergency activations. The Board             Internet access, DEM can provide a printed form to you to           in the past five years, all 50 states have experienced floods
of County Commissioners recently engaged in a workshop                 complete and return by fax or email. The personal information       or flash floods, so whether or not you reside in a high-risk
with county staff and discussed specific lessons learned               you submit for this service is protected and will not be used       zone or outside of a flood zone, you should consider flood
following Hurricane Irma. With the county now assuming a               for any other purposes.                                             insurance for your home. Just a few inches of water from a
larger role in running and staffing emergency shelters, it has         	 You can follow the division’s Facebook page at /pbcdem,           flood can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. You
become clear where we need to beef up those systems. The               or their Twitter account @pbcdem where DEM posts two                can obtain more information at the Building Division’s Flood
county is looking for additional space to provide more pet                                                                                 Zone Request Line by calling (561) 233-5374 or emailing
                                                                                                                                           	 If your neighborhood or property owners association
                                                                                                                                           would like more information or would be interested in
                                                                                                                                           having a DEM official speak at an upcoming meeting of your
                                                                                                                                           members, please let me know. As always, if I can be of any
                                                                                                                                           assistance to you, please contact me at (561) 355-2201 or by
                                                                                                                                           email at
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