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Fun Events At Monterey Pointe

	 The Community Relations Committee of Monterey Pointe         the spirit of giving thanks during the holiday season, event         other 42 PGA communities to model what we have done in
                                                               attendees generously brought nonperishable food items which          hosting activities and similar events in their neighborhoods,”
hosts two major events each year – one in the fall and one in  were donated to a local charity.                                     said Deb Raftery, Committee Chairperson.
                                                               	 As a result of these successful community events, many             	 Fun photos were taken by Kevin Raftery.
the spring – to welcome back and bring together both seasonal  residents are planning a variety of gatherings such as wine          	 And now, from May 18 through August 31, Monterey
and year-round residents. InApril, the Committee and the PGA   tastings, destination day trips, recreational activities, and more.  Pointe residents are invited to relax and enjoy a Sunset Happy
National subdivision of Monterey Pointe hosted an Italian      Suggestions and participation are most welcome!                      Hour at the community pool from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. All are
night-themed event that was attended by over 93 residents      	 “With such fantastic attendance, we were delighted to              encouraged to bring munchies and a beverage of choice.
who feasted on a delicious assortment of Italian food catered  bring together new and old friends in our community. We              	 Stay tuned for more information on future events.
by Joseph’s Market. A fun evening was surely had by all!       hope to continue the momentum with more social gatherings            Residents are also encouraged to visit the Community
                                                               throughout the year. We have a very active and lively                Calendar on Monterey Pointe website at: http://www.
	 Events like this encourage our neighbors to socialize and    community here in Monterey Pointe and we encourage the     
bring together a sense of community. In fact, last fall, the
Committee hosted a Fall Harvest Gathering which included
an olive oil tasting from the Olive Exchange in Jupiter. In

Bob Andrews, Ed Finklestein, Bob Tummillo and Larry Pitts                  The Community Relations Committee Team residents include: Susan Wirths, Larry Pitts,
                                                                           Deb Raftery, Bill Sadowski, Annmarie Ellison, Barbara Volpe, Maureen Tummillo and Beth
                                                                           Alpert, who all did a wonderful job planning the gathering.

David Garner, Rhonda McGovern, Kevin Raftery, Jim McGovern and Jay Alpert  John and Carol Kelly and Rhonda McGovern

The Piragics

Lucille Maresca
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