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From The Desk Of Jimmy Patronis

Floridians,                                                            Disaster Supply Kit                                                  	 • document all valuables with videotape if possible
	 The 2017 Hurricane                                                                                                                        Tools – keep a set with you during the storm.
Season impacted virtually                                              Water - at least 1 gallon daily per person for 3 to 7 days           Vehicle Fuel Tanks Filled
every county in Florida, with                                          Food - at least enough for 3 to 7 days                               Pet Care Items
Hurricane Irma resulting in                                            •	 nonperishable packaged or canned food/juices                      	 • proper identification / immunization records
more than $8.6 billion in                                              •	 foods for infants or the elderly                                  	 • ample supply of food and water
insured losses. The 2018                                               •	 snack foods                                                       	 • a carrier or cage
Atlantic Hurricane Season                                              •	 nonelectric can opener                                            	 • medications
is right around the corner.                                            •	 cooking tools/fuel                                                	 • muzzle and leash
Just a little preparation now                                          •	 paper plates/plastic utensils
can save you a lot of trouble                                          Blankets/Pillows, etc.                                               Florida Economic Briefs
if a hurricane were to make                                            Clothing – seasonal/rain gear/sturdy shoes
landfall in your area.                                                 First Aid Kit/Medicines Prescription Drugs                           Consumer Credit Increases For First
	 There are several things you can do such as come up                  Special Items – for babies and the elderly                           Quarter
with a family communication action plan, where you set                 Toiletries – hygiene items
up ways to connect with your loved ones in the event of                Moisture Wipes                                                       	 Consumer credit increased at a seasonally adjusted
an emergency. One of the easiest things you can do is put              Flashlight/Batteries                                                 annual rate of 4.25 percent during the first quarter.
together a simple disaster supply kit. (see right) Our office          Radio – Battery operated                                             Revolving credit decreased at an annual rate of 1 percent,
has great resources on how to build a hurricane toolkit.               and NOAA weather radio                                               while nonrevolving credit increased at an annual rate of 6
Visit the Department of Financial Services Disaster                    Cash – Banks and ATMs                                                percent. In March, consumer credit increased at an annual
Preparedness website at:                  may not be open or                                                   rate of 3.5 percent.
Division/Consumers/Storm/Secure.htm.                                   available for extended                                               Source: Federal Reserve
	 Since last year, my office has heard from consumers on               periods.
their top insurance concerns related to hurricane season.              Keys                                                                 Record-Highs For Small Business
Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths around about                   Toys, Books and Games                                                Optimism Index
preparing for and recovering from a storm. It’s critical that          Important Documents –
you have the right information before the season begins.               in a waterproof container                                            	 The Small Business Optimism Index sustained record-
	 It’s never too early to be prepared.                                 	 • insurance, medical                                               high levels increasing to 104.8 in April, the highest in the
                                                                       records, bank account                                                NFIB Small Business Economic Trends Survey’s 45-year
                                                           Sincerely,  numbers, Social Security                                             history. April is the 17th consecutive month of historically
                                                   Jimmy Patronis,     card, etc.                                                           high readings.
                             Florida’s Chief Financial Officer                                                                              Source: National Federation of Independent Business

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