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Page 2, The Talk Of Tequesta                                                       	 Sponsors for Swing                                           	 To learn more visit or call
                                                                                   Fore a Cure included:                                          Jennifer McGrath, director of BWB at (561) 406-2509.
B Bluewater abes from page 1                                                       Dailey Janssen                                                 About Bluewater Babes Charitable Trust
                                                                                   Architects, Jupiter                                            	 Bluewater Babes Charitable Trust is a 501(c)(3) public
	 “We didn’t just want to do another charity golf tournament                       Magazine, SunCool                                              charity committed to providing financial assistance to local
– we wanted to create something unique – something our                             Energy Company,                                                breast and ovarian cancer patients in need.
followers expected – decorated golf carts and caddie babes                         Dick’s Sporting Goods,                                         	 Bluewater Babes Charitable Trust proudly supports
of course,” said Jennifer McGrath, director of BWB. “And                           BURGERBAR,                                                     and has donated more than $465,000 to longstanding local
Team Babe did it again! It was a huge success! I’m just in                         Nicklaus Companies,                                            charities: Cancer Alliance for Help and Hope, H.O.W. –
awe of my committee and their dedication in making these                           Total Image Salon,                                             Hearing the Ovarian Cancer Whisper, and the Kristin Hoke
events happen!”                                                                    James O’Connell, The                                           Breast Health Program at Jupiter Medical Center; and
                                                                                   Robinson family &                                              additionally, provides direct support to those in need through
                                                                                   Keystone Industries,                                           its “Out of the Blue” financial assistance fund.
                                                                                   Drew Ann and Steve                                             	 Proceeds from the annual Fish for a Cure events, the
                                                                                   Cook, Thomas D. Rielly,                                        new Swing Fore a Cure golf tournament, and other ongoing
                                                                                   P.A., Jupiter Medical                                          fundraising efforts continue to increase and extend Bluewater
                                                                                   Center, DEX Imaging, Joe Cavallo and Boomer Rinker             Babes’ reach and provide much needed help for those in
                                                                                   Tito’s Handmade Vodka,                                         need in our own community. To learn more visit www.
                                                                                   Rendina Healthcare Real Estate, TBC/Twisted Trunk, and or
                                                                                   Waterfront Yacht Brokerage.
                                                                                   	 Big preparations are in store for their 10th anniversary of                             Photos provided by Bluewater Babes
                                                                                   Fish for a Cure on Oct. 5 and 6.

Best decorated cart winner

Chris Russell and Tom Rielly

Time for a cure                                                                           Supplements and
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