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T Sequesta potlight from page 1                            developmental disabilities through services, education,                                       The Talk Of Tequesta, Page 3

	 All proceeds from the tournament support the             and advocacy. The Arc Invitational was made possible       Matthew Enochs, Dave Juckett, Dave Collins, Daniel
mission of The Arc of Palm Beach County, which                                                                        Usiadek from Pratt & Whitney
strives to improve the lives of children and adults with   thanks to presenting sponsor, The GEO Group, and

Don Davidson, Warren Carr, Jim Agostinelli, Ralph Lipford  the generosity of Genuine Parts Company and Pratt &
from Genuine Parts Company

                                                           About The Arc Of Palm

                                                           Beach County

                                                           	 The Arc of Palm Beach

                                                           County has been improving

                                                           the lives of children and

                                                           adults with developmental

                                                           disabilities, and their families,

                                                           through services, education,

                                                           and advocacy since 1958.

                                                           The Arc supports programs

                                                           throughout Palm Beach

                                                           County that reach more than K i m b e r l y a n d J i m

                                                           2,800 families each year.          McCarten

                                                                                                                      Jim Brown, Robert Forchin, David Dunn, Horace Joseph
                                                                                                                      from Brown Brothers Consulting

Bob Salmore (board member), John Ruffa, Matt Pearce, Juan

Cocuy from RSM US LLP                                      Jeff and Sabra Ingemen, Camille and Scott Goodby

                                                                                                                      Brian Evans, David Venturella, Kyle Fitzpatrick, Duane
                                                                                                                      Helkowski from The GEO Group and BNP Paribas

Matt White, Mark Mantegna, Tim Collins, Danielle Skorski Tom Cairnes, Bert Premuroso, Scott Danielski, Ray Ball from

from The Breakers                                          The Gardens Mall

                                                                                                                      Jeff Moyer, Garrett Kimple, Mike Dugan, Cole Hubka from
                                                                                                                      FCBI FUND

                                                                                                                      Joe Curley, Ed Tancer, Brian MacPherson, Chris Benvenuto
                                                                                                                      from Gunster

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