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Page 6, Viewpointe                                                    July 2018

      The Photo Corner: On Assignment – It’s Summer Time

      By George Steinman

         Su m m e r
      has finally
      arrived in
      Boca with a
      lot of heat and
      some pretty
      torrential rain
      storms to start
      off the season.
      And we also
      know  it’ s
      with all the advisories we see for preparation
      to possible hurricanes. Up north in The Big
      Apple, summer preparations take a totally
      different venue. It’s all about the July fourth
      holiday in Coney Island in Brooklyn. On
      this day, thousands of people converge on
      Nathan’s Famous on the corner of Surf and
      Stillwell Avenues to watch the annual hot dog
      eating contest. Envision if you will all these
      fans bedecked in plastic hot dog roll/hot dog/
      mustard swirl hats watching and cheering on
      the ten time hot dog eating champion, Joey
      Chestnut with ten Mustard Championship
      belts, to beat his 2017 record of consuming
      seventy two hot dogs in about ten minutes.  Crown of Thorns
      An amazing panoramic photographic scene
      to behold.                                         the beauty and complexity of the central leaves to
      Summer Time In Boca                                again show an interesting three dimensional. I took
         The summer season as we all know is that wonderful   about twenty shots, each from very slightly different  Southern Magnolia
      time of the year when all the flora around us is growing   angles, to get the affect shown here. And last, we
      and showing us nature’s beautiful creations. For this   have a photograph of a Southern Magnolia. Before
      month’s article I selected photographs of three flowers,   it starts to open, the flower is usually about three to
      all in bloom. All the flowers were located at our home. In   four inches long, conic and rounded at the bottom.
      photographing these flowers, I learned to be patient and   It then opens to form a rather spectacular looking
      wait for opportune times to do the actual photography. I   inner structure. You see it here. And as I realized
      would certainly rather do this and get a “best” or a really   afterward, it really helps to photograph flowers
      good picture than take some mediocre photographs and   close up that are at the outside of the tree and not
      spend a lot of time editing them to bring them up to a   in the center. So much for the obvious.
      better level. Another aspect was really deciding the best      That’s it for this month. Always remember to
      way or position to have the photographs be exciting or   have your camera with you all the time as you may
      interesting rather than being another snapshot being as   see something that you have never seen before and
      exciting as watching sand move.                    might never see again. Also don’t forget the Peter
         The first photograph selected was the Crown of   Lik philosophy “It’s not what you see. It’s how you
      Thorns. Typically I found the flowers to be basically sort   see it.” Follow the light and photograph everything
      of flat or two dimensional. These flowers are on the east   that light makes beautiful. May the light be with you
      side of our home about 4 p.m. after a watering. What a   and, most important, always make photography fun.
      difference the timing made as the leaves appeared three
      dimensional when photographing them from a slight      George Steinman is a resident of The Palms and
      downward angle. The second photograph is of a gardenia   can be contacted at   Gardenia
      just about at its blooming peak. Here I attempted to show


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