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                                             HealtH & wellneSS

      Ease The Pain Of Arthritis                         muscles and bones will gain strength and may actually      There are more than 100 types of rheumatological

                                                         reduce your pain. The most important thing is to choose   diseases. As a rheumatologist, I most commonly treat
      By Avneet Vig, M.D.,                               activities that are safe for you. Walking or swimming can   osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic back pain,
      Martin Health Physician                            be excellent choices, but seek the advice of your doctor.   gout, tendinitis and lupus.
      Group Rheumatologist                               Shed Excess Pounds.                                  You might also see a rheumatologist for diseases such
         You may think that the                             Extra weight places pressure on your joints. By   as: osteoporosis; psoriatic arthritis; spondyloarthopathy;
      aches and pains of arthritis                       combining diet and exercise, you can achieve a healthy   scleroderma; ankylosis spondylitis; pseudogout; myositis;
      are just a part of growing                         weight and reduce your pain.                      vasculitis; polymyalgia reheumatica; bursitis; trigger
      older and must be endured.                         See A Rheumatologist.                             finger; carpal tunnel syndrome; shoulder pain; hip pain;
      Fortunately, this isn’t true.                         If you have painful joints but haven’t been diagnosed   tennis elbow; and golfer’s elbow.
      There are things you can                           with arthritis, getting a timely diagnosis and starting      If you experience persistent and severe achiness and
      do to help ease the pain and                       treatment as soon as possible may relieve pain and help   pain, as well as swelling around one or more joints, you
      feel better.                                       protect your joints from further damage.          should see your primary care physician for a referral to a
      Know Your Options.                                    A rheumatologist is a physician who received further   rheumatologist. Don’t wait until these problems interfere
         If your current medicine isn’t working well, ask your   training in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal   with your daily living.
      doctor if a new or different medicine or dosage might   disease and systemic autoimmune conditions commonly      Dr. Vig practices at HealthPark Two on the campus of
      help. Make sure you don’t change your dosage without   referred to  as  rheumatic diseases. These diseases can   Tradition Medical Center in Port St. Lucie. To schedule
      consulting your physician first.                   affect the joints, muscles, and bones causing pain,   an appointment, call (772) 344-3811.
      Find A Daily Activity That Works For You.          swelling, stiffness, and deformity. Rheumatologists treat
         Exercise is essential for all of us, and having arthritis   joint disease similar to orthopedists but do not perform
      is no exception. By getting fit – and staying active – your   surgeries.

                                         Humane Society newS

      New Pet Therapy Programs                                                                             Humane Society of the Treasure Coast. “Sometimes all
      Bring Comfort And Joy                                                                                it takes is an opportunity to feel the unconditional love
                                                                                                           of a pet.”
                                                                                                              A pet therapy dog provides psychological or
         Misty’s Pals — the pet therapy arm of the Humane Society                                          physiological therapy to individuals other than their
      of the Treasure Coast (HSTC) in Palm City — is bringing                                              handlers.  These dogs have stable temperaments and
      more joy and comfort to even more Martin and St. Lucie                                               friendly, easy-going personalities. Typically, they visit
      county residents with the addition of two new programs.                                              hospitals, schools, hospices, nursing homes and more. For
         Misty’s Pals pet therapy volunteers, along with their                                             more information, call Jessie Clifford at (772) 486-4168
      trained therapy animals, are now making monthly visits                                               or visit the website
      to Tradition Medical Center in Port St. Lucie and the                                                About The Humane Society Of The Treasure Coast
      Martin County Court System in Stuart.                                                                   Since 1955, the Humane Society of  the Treasure
         At  Tradition Medical Center, the volunteers are                                                  Coast, 4100 S.W. Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City, has
      making regular visits to the third floor, where they’ll   Members of Misty’s Pals: Dianne Robinson, Jessie Clifford,   been the leading advocate for homeless, abused  and
      greet parents, caregivers and children in the pediatrics   Bill Strachan and Spencer, and Joan Dutton. Photo credit:   abandoned animals in Martin County. The HSTC provides
      unit, and the surgical and medical rooms on the fourth   Carol Lawson                                the Treasure Coast’s most progressive spay-neuter and
                                                                                                           adoption programs and  dynamic  humane education
                                                         and eighth floors. The visits are from 10 to 11:30 a.m.   services. The HSTC has long had partnerships with like-
                                                         every Wednesday.                                  minded organizations. The HSTC does not euthanize to
                                                            At the Court House, Misty’s Pals’ Paws to Empower   make space at its shelter, there are no time limits on how
                                                         program is aimed to comfort parents, guardians and   long animals stay in its care, and no companion animal is
                                                         children who are involved in dependency court cases. Pet   turned away for any reason. For more information visit
                                                         therapy teams visit on the first and third Thursday and a or call (772) 223-8822.
                                                         set Monday of the month. Those visits are from 8:45 to
                                                         10 a.m.
                                                            “A trained pet therapy animal can help relax both
                                                         children and adults who are experiencing stress,” said
                                                         Jessie Clifford, director of humane education of the

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