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      Rosé, Rosé, Rosé                                      These wines are made with at minimum              But the choices of rosé do not stop there.

                                                         two different grape varieties such as Cinsault,   I  recently  enjoyed  a  wine  from  Sancerre,
      By Glenn Sudnick,                                  Grenache, Mouvrèdre, Syrah and even a little      France.  The producer Joseph Mellot truly
      Sommelier,                                         Tibouren. The wines are never blended between     delivers with this 2016 “Le Rabault” Rosé.,                           white and red, but are made using the saignée or   This wine is refreshing made from Pinot Noir.
      (772) 332-4416                                     bleeding method. The vintner starts by making     It carries flavors of red cherry, orange zest
         Now that summer is upon                         a red wine as usual. As the wine begins to        and a crispness that engulfs the palate.
      us, this is a great time to                        take on some color from the skins the juice          To show you the complex world of
      enjoy rosé wines produced                          is drawn off to create a light rosé.              rosé,  I  recommend  a  vibrant  wine  from
      from all areas of the world.                          The vintner is always challenged as to         Bekka Valley, Lebanon. The Musar Jeune
         Maybe  you  will  enjoy                         how long the skins should stay in contact         2015 made with 85 percent Cinsault
      a nice pale-hued, dry rosé                         with the juice to create the color. So there      and 15 percent Mourvèdre fills the
      from Provence, France; the                         goes the myth that the darker the rosé the        glass with pomegranate, rose petals and
      birthplace of French wine.                         sweeter the wine; definitely not true.            honeysuckle.  On  the  palate  there  are
      Even though white and red wines are made here, 75 percent      However, we might get an idea about   flavors of mandarin orange, green apples
      of all wine produced is rosé.                      the body of a wine based on the depth of          and rosewater. It is impressive; a wine
                                                         the color. In general lighter color wines are     you can enjoy as an apéritif with grilled
                                                         bright and crisp while darker wines tend to       shrimp  marinated with  oregano,  sweet
                                                         have more fruit and body. You can expect          paprika, fresh garlic, olive oil and served
                                                         these wines to have a wide range of bouquets and flavors such   with a fresh wedge of lime … and yet, I have enjoyed rosé
                                                         as delicate white flowers and passionfruit on the nose with   from Italy, South Africa and Australia, Spain, California
                                                         exotic fruits, orange peel and peach on the palate. These are   and New York.
                                                         great selections at the dining table when paired with seafood,      Experience the wonderful rosés from around the world
                                                         sushi and Thai dishes.                            this summer.
                                                            Not to be outshined, the rosés from Willamette Valley      It’s the thing to do!
                                                         made from the Pinot Noir grape always leave me wanting                                      Glenn
                                                         more. These wines can be described as electric with aromas
                                                         of crenshaw melon, orange peel and cranberries. We can
                                                         even find bing cherry, tangerine and bubblegum in the better
                                                         quality wines.
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                                                                        Wealth ManageMent

                                                          Protecting Against Identity Theft

                                                          In today’s world of                             damage caused by identity thieves. If you already have
                                                          connected technologies and                      an estate plan that includes a revocable living trust, it is
                                                          cloud-based data storage,                       recommended that you title the bulk of your assets in the
                                                          where virtually every                           name of your trust. This provides a certain inherent level
                                                          financial or governmental                       of protection by taking assets out of your name, so that
                                                          task is conducted online,                       someone who pretends to be you cannot easily gain access
                                                          the security of our private                     to your assets.
                                                          information  is  more
                                                          important than ever. Each                       However, you can add a second level of security by doing
                                                          week brings new stories                         something that most individuals do not consider when
                                                          involving security breaches,                    creating a revocable living trust: obtain a separate taxpayer
                                                          where credit card and                           identification number for your trust. Most people simply
                                                          social  security  numbers                       use their own Social Security number when establishing
                                                          are collected by criminals,                     revocable living trust accounts, but doing so can put those
                                                          sometimes  affecting                            accounts at risk. Obtaining a unique taxpayer identification
                                                          millions of Americans at a time. Those same criminals  number for your trust allows you to set up accounts that
                                                          often turn around and use the data they have stolen to  will remain unaffected should your personal information
                                                          engage in the severely damaging enterprise of identity theft.  become compromised.

                                                          According to reports, as many as 15 million Americans  Obtaining a taxpayer identification number is simple
                                                          are affected by identity theft annually, with financial losses  and free of charge. Once you’ve obtained a taxpayer
                                                          exceeding $50 billion per year. Identity theft can damage  identification number, your trust will file an informational
                                                          a victim’s credit rating and even get them into difficult  return with the IRS each year. Then, all income or losses
                                                          situations with governmental institutions, such as the  generated by assets in your trust will continue to flow to
                                                          Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Social Security  you, and you will report them on your personal tax return,
                                                          Administration (SSA).                           as if the trust does not exist. Consult with your estate
                                                                                                          planning attorney and tax professional to see if this strategy
                                                          There are proactive steps you can take to avoid the damage  makes sense for you.
                                                          caused by identity theft. One common strategy is to form
                                                          a single-member limited liability company (LLC). Placing  Stifel does not provide legal or tax advice. You should
                                                          your assets in an LLC can provide protection from creditors  consult with your legal and tax advisors regarding your
                                                          and make it difficult for identity thieves to access your  particular situation.
                                                          assets. However, setting up an LLC can be expensive,
                                                          requiring filing fees, drafting fees, and in some states  Article provided by Bob Sander, Senior Vice President/
                                                          additional taxes!                               Investments, with the Stuart branch of Stifel, who has
                                                                                                          attained  the  Certified  Financial  Planner™  (CFP®)
                                                          A more effective strategy may be to use your existing estate  designation and the Accredited Investment Fiduciary®
                                                          planning documents to protect your assets from would-be  (AIF®) certification. He can be reached at (772) 403-8305
                                                          identity thieves. Rather than deal with the expense and  or Stifel, Nicolaus & Company,
                                                          filing requirements of forming an LLC, you can use your  Incorporated Member SIPC & NYSE.
                                                          revocable living trust to shield your assets from possible
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