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                                                     LocaL happenings

      Palm Beach Synagogue

      Celebrates 2nd Peres

      Leadership Graduation

         Thirty-three participants
      recently graduated from the
      Peres Leadership Program at
      an event held at the Norton
      Museum of Art. Entrepreneur
      and philanthropist
      Stephen  Levin  gave  the
      commencement address. He
      shared personal leadership
      experiences and stories and
      urged students to stay away
      from drugs and alcohol as                         Rabbi Moshe Scheiner,
      they enter college.                               Co-Chairman, addresses
         Underwritten by the                            participants and families.  The Beginners Track of the Peres Leadership Program receive their awards.
      generosity of Larry and Ellen  Participant Medals of Awards
      Sosnow, the  program was                             Peres selects a diverse body
      established to teach and instill the traits, skills, and values that   of teenagers who volunteer in
      are common to successful leaders in all fields, including but not   their local community, school,
      limited to business, education, medicine, law, and government.   church, or synagogue, or
         The program, an affiliate of the Palm Beach Synagogue, is   otherwise demonstrate future
      informed both by moral values and the significant leadership   leadership potential. Students
      experiences of the mentors. Participants join in an exchange   grow to understand  their
      of ideas that lead to increased tolerance, moral growth, and   personal value and potential as
      a developed focus on achieving personal goals while giving   leaders through Peres’s multi-
      back to the community.                            dimensional  program. The
                                                        written curriculum, successful
                                                        mentor role-models, group
                                                        exercises, and inspiring
                                                        speakers  give  participants   Top Students and Peres   Top Student and Peres   Mentor Sally Ann Nisberg
                                                        a  broad  perspective  on   Leadership Award winners:   Leadership Award winner   with her mentee, Top Student
                                                        leadership and success. This   Guiliana Blanca and Samuel   Samuel Brodigan with his   and Peres Leadership Award
                                                        enables students to envision   Brodigan            mentor, Nini Krever     winner Guiliana Blanca
                                                        themselves as future leaders,
                                                        giving them drive to pursue their goals toward success.
                                                           The program has three leadership tracks: Beginner,   Local Happenings on page 7

      Mentors Awards

      Participant awards

      Mentor Nate Gantcher, Rabbi Moshe Scheiner, and Speaker
      Stephen Levin

      Entrepreneur and philanthropist Stephen Levin addresses
      the graduates.
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