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       Women In Business Council Luncheon from page 1    and  personal  performance  to  help  individuals  and   UGA Football.
                                                         organizations live with more purpose and authenticity.     This past year Travis created The Weekly Yes, And
      purpose, authenticity, and                           Travis recently served as a leadership specialist at   Podcast as well as publishing his first book, 3 Words For
      collaboration to audiences                         IMG Academy in Florida working with elite athletes   Getting Unstuck: Live Yes, And!
      and  companies  across  the                        from around the world, such as the United States U17     Travis lives in Jupiter, Fla. with his wife and three
      United States.                                     National Soccer Team and the NFL and NBA Combine   children and continues to perform onstage and train athletes.
        For  nearly 20  years,                           prospects. Travis’ corporate resume includes PepsiCo,
      Travis has performed as an                         Under Armour, Gatorade, Cintas, the New York Yankees,
      improvisational comedian                           Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, and
      and corporate training
      specialist. His coaching
      practice combines the  Greg Leach, president
      principles of improvisation  Hospice of Palm Beach

                                                                                                           Women In Business Council Luncheon on page 5

      Palm Beach Gardens       Featured speaker Travis
      Medical Center’s new CEO   Thomas, (founder of Live,
      Trey Abshier             Yes And)

      The funds raised support the programs of Trustbridge
      which provides hospice, palliative and home health care
      in Palm Beach.
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