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      Financial Focus

      What Should You Do With An                         your regular income tax rate. If you’ve inherited a Roth   align with your goals and risk tolerance, both of which may

      Inherited IRA?                                     IRA, you also must take these minimum payouts, but the   change over time.
                                                         amounts won’t count as taxable income, because your
                                                                                                             • How does the inherited IRA fit in with my overall
                                                         parents, or whoever left you the IRA, already paid taxes on   financial strategy? You’ll need to consider how your newly
      By Sally Sima Stahl                                the contributions that went into it. (To make sure you fully   inherited IRA fits in to the “big picture” of your financial
        Individual Retirement                            understand all the guidelines on distributions and taxation   strategy. Are you adding redundancies? If you keep the
      Accounts (IRAs) are quite                          of inherited IRAs, consult with your tax advisor.)   inherited IRA largely intact, how will it affect your current
      popular. At the end of 2017,                         It’s also important to understand how your inherited IRA   investment mix? Could the added income from required
      investors owned nearly                             will fit in to your overall financial strategy. Consequently,   distributions change your retirement calculations or even
      $9 trillion in IRA assets,                         you’ll need to address these questions:           enable you to retire earlier? You may want to consult with
      according to the Investment                          • How much should I take out each year? As mentioned   a financial professional about these and other questions
      Company Institute, a trade                         above, you must take a distribution of at least a minimum   related to your inherited IRA.
      association of United States                       amount from your inherited IRA each year – if you don’t,     The person who left you an IRA worked hard for
      investment companies.                              you may be subject to a 50 percent penalty on the amount   that money and thought enough of you to pass it on.
      Given these numbers,                               you should have taken. But you can take out more than   Consequently, you’ll want to respect this inheritance – and
      it  probably  wouldn’t  be                         the minimum. In deciding how much to take, you’ll need   get the most out of it for as long as you can.
      surprising if you inherited an IRA someday. But what should   to evaluate a few factors. First, of course, is whether you     This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your
      you do with it?                                    need the extra money to help support your regular cash flow.   local Edward Jones financial advisor.
        First of all, you’ll need to be aware of some basic rules.   It’s possible you have other pools of income from which to     Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors
      If your parent, or anyone other than your spouse, leaves you   draw, and, in some cases, it may be advantageous for you   are not estate planners and cannot provide tax or legal
      a traditional IRA – one in which contributions are typically   to tap these sources first. Another consideration is taxes – if   advice. You should consult your estate-planning attorney
      tax-deductible and earnings can grow tax-deferred – you   you’ve inherited a traditional IRA, the more you take out   or qualified tax advisor regarding your situation.
      can transfer the money into an “inherited IRA,” from which   each year, the bigger your tax bill may be.     Call me for a free portfolio review at (561) 748-7600,
      you’ll need to take at least a minimum amount of money     • Should I keep the same investments? Inheriting an IRA   Sally Sima Stahl, AAMS, 1851 W. Indiantown Road, Ste.
      – technically called a “distribution” – each year, based on   doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the original account owner’s   106, Jupiter, FL 33458.
      your life expectancy. These distributions are taxable at   investment choices. You can change the investments to

      Rosé, Rosé, Rosé                                   Valley made from the Pinot Noir grape always leave me   Jeune 2015 made with 85 percent Cinsault and 15 percent
                                                         wanting more. These wines can be described as electric with   Mourvèdre fills the glass with pomegranate, rose petals and
      By Glenn Sudnick,                                  aromas of crenshaw melon, orange peel and cranberries. We   honeysuckle. On the palate there are flavors of mandarin
      Sommelier,                                         can even find bing cherry, tangerine and bubblegum in the   orange, green apples and rosewater. It is impressive; a,                           better quality wines.                             wine you can enjoy as an apéritif with grilled shrimp
      (772) 332-4416                                       But the choices of rosé do not stop there. I recently   marinated with oregano, sweet paprika, fresh garlic, olive
        Now that summer is upon                          enjoyed a wine from Sancerre, France. The producer   oil and served with a fresh wedge of lime … and yet, I have
      us, this is a great time to                        Joseph Mellot truly delivers with this 2016 “Le Rabault”   enjoyed rosé from Italy, South Africa and Australia, Spain,
      enjoy rosé wines produced                          Rosé. This wine is refreshing made from Pinot Noir. It   California and New York.
      from all areas of the world.                       carries flavors of red cherry, orange zest and a crispness     Experience the wonderful rosés from around the world
        Maybe  you  will  enjoy                          that engulfs the palate.                          this summer.
      a nice pale-hued, dry rosé                           To show you the complex world of rosé, I recommend     It’s the thing to do!
      from Provence, France; the                         a vibrant wine from Bekka Valley, Lebanon. The Musar                                        Glenn
      birthplace of French wine.

      Even though white and red wines are made here, 75 percent
      of all wine produced is rosé.
        These wines are made with at minimum two different
      grape varieties such as Cinsault, Grenache, Mouvrèdre,
      Syrah and even a little Tibouren. The wines are never blended
      between white and red, but are made using the saignée or
      bleeding method. The vintner starts by making a red wine
      as usual. As the wine begins to take on some color from the
      skins the juice is drawn off to create a light rosé.
        The vintner is always challenged as to how long the skins
      should stay in contact with the juice to create the color. So
      there goes the myth that the darker the rosé the sweeter the
      wine; definitely not true.
        However, we might get an idea about the body of a
      wine based on the depth of
      the color. In general lighter
      color wines are bright and
      crisp  while  darker  wines
      tend to have more fruit
      and body. You can expect                                Looking For A Way To Reshape Your Life?
      these wines to have a
      wide range of bouquets                                                           Men and Women of All Ages
      and flavors such as                                             Come Try - Your First Visit Is       FREE!FREE!
      delicate white  flowers
      and passionfruit on the
      nose with exotic fruits,
      orange peel and peach                                                        SPECIALS
      on the palate. These are                                              $200 for 20 Sessions
      great selections at the
      dining table when paired                                Call Phil Now For Details 561-541-5074
      with seafood, sushi and
      Thai dishes.                                           Remember, You’re Not Fit, Unless You’re Phil Fit
        Not to be outshined,
      the rosés from Willamette
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