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      Rosé, Rosé, Rosé                                                                                     refreshing made from Pinot Noir. It carries flavors of red
                                                                                                           cherry, orange zest and a crispness that engulfs the palate.
      By Glenn Sudnick,                                                                                      To show you the complex world of rosé, I recommend
      Sommelier,                                                                                           a vibrant wine from Bekka Valley, Lebanon. The Musar,                                                                             Jeune 2015 made with 85 percent Cinsault and 15
      (772) 332-4416                                                                                       percent Mourvèdre fills the glass with pomegranate, rose
        Now that summer is                                                                                 petals and honeysuckle. On the palate there are flavors
      upon us, this is a great                                                                             of mandarin orange, green apples and rosewater. It is
      time  to  enjoy rosé  wines                                                                          impressive; a wine you can enjoy as an apéritif with grilled
      produced from all areas of                                                                           shrimp marinated with oregano, sweet paprika, fresh
      the world.                                                                                           garlic, olive oil and served with a fresh wedge of lime …
        Maybe  you  will  enjoy                                                                            and yet, I have enjoyed rosé from Italy, South Africa and
      a nice pale-hued, dry rosé                                                                           Australia, Spain, California and New York.
      from Provence, France; the                                                                                  Experience the wonderful rosés from around the
      birthplace of French wine. Even though white and red   rosé do not stop there. I recently enjoyed a wine from                       world this summer.
      wines are made here, 75 percent of all wine produced   Sancerre, France.  The producer Joseph Mellot truly                          It’s the thing to do!
      is rosé.                                           delivers with this 2016 “Le Rabault” Rosé. This wine is                                     Glenn
        These wines are made with at minimum two different
      grape varieties such as Cinsault, Grenache, Mouvrèdre,
      Syrah and even a little Tibouren. The wines are never blended   It’s The Law!
      between white and red, but are made using the saignée or
      bleeding method. The vintner starts by making a red wine
      as usual. As the wine begins to take on some color from the   Did You Know That, In                    Divorces are no-fault, meaning that the reasons for the
      skins the juice is drawn off to create a light rosé.                                                 divorce are irrelevant unless marital assets were expended/
        The vintner is always challenged as to how long the   Florida…                                     dissipated in furtherance of activities that were not related to
      skins should stay in contact with the juice to create the                                            the marriage.
      color. So there goes the myth that the darker the rosé the   By Adam S. Gumson, Esq.                   The purpose of estate administration is to collect the
      sweeter the wine; definitely not true.                 A will lists the specific                     decedent’s assets, pay claims against the estate, and distribute
        However, we might get an idea about the body of a   beneficiaries who you                          whatever remains.
      wine based on the depth of the color. In general lighter   want to inherit your assets                 Jupiter Law Center is a private neighborhood law firm
      color wines are bright and crisp while darker wines tend   upon your death. It also                  located in the Jupiter Creek Professional Center, 1102 W.
      to have more fruit and body. You can expect these wines   designates the person(s)                   Indiantown Road, Suite 7, Jupiter, FL. (561) 744-4600, www.
      to have a wide range of bouquets and flavors such as   you want to serve as the             The firm provides peace of mind by
      delicate white flowers and passionfruit on the nose with   personal representative to                solving problems with integrity and compassion in the areas
      exotic fruits, orange peel                           handle your estate and the                      of estate planning (wills and trusts, powers of attorney, health
      and peach on the palate.                             guardian to be in charge                        care surrogates, living wills, probate estates, succession
      These are great selections                           of the care and property of                     planning, contracts and purchase/sale agreements), family
      at the dining table when                             your children. A will is a                      law (divorce, paternity, child support and time-sharing,
      paired with seafood, sushi                           particularly important document for someone whose preferred   alimony, property distribution, modifications, collaborative
      and Thai dishes.                                     beneficiaries are not close relatives who otherwise would be left   law, pre/post nuptial agreements) and real estate (community
        Not to be outshined, the                           out as a beneficiary of an estate because they are not part of the   association law, residential and commercial transactions,
      rosés from Willamette                                statutory list when someone dies intestate (without a will).   deeds, closings).
      Valley made from
      the Pinot Noir grape
      always leave me
      wanting more. These
      wines can be described
      as electric with
      aromas of crenshaw
      melon, orange peel
      and  cranberries. We
      can even find bing
      cherry, tangerine and
      bubblegum  in  the
      better quality wines.
        But the choices of

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