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        VOL. 13 NO. 7                                                                                  JULY 2018

      Honda Classic Shatters Records,

      Elevates Charity Distribution For 12th Straight Year

        The Honda Classic will award a record-shattering $4.55     “We continue to raise
      million to South Florida children’s charities in 2018, the 12th   the bar and challenge the
      consecutive year the PGA TOUR event has been able to increase   imagination on the impact we
      its impact on the lives of local children and their families.  can make on the Palm Beach
        More than 50,000 children and their families who are   County community,” Honda
      affiliated with 137 charitable organizations in the Palm Beach   Classic Executive Director
      County area will benefit in 2018 from the proceeds of the Honda   Kenneth R. Kennerly said.
      Classic Cares initiative.                          “We couldn’t be more
        Children’s Healthcare Charity Inc., the host organization of   ecstatic about this year’s
      The Honda Classic, made the distributions during a weeklong   results which are a tribute
      series of Honda Classic Cares site visits that begin recently and   to the fans who enjoy our
      also at the tournament’s annual Celebration of Philanthropy   tournament each year, our
      which was held June 14.                            sponsors led by American  Harvey Kaplan of West Palm Beach won the car.
        The $4.55 million is $920,000 or 25 percent more than the   Honda, the longest standing
      $3.63 million that was distributed in 2017.        title sponsor on the PGA TOUR, and of course the players who   Honda Classic on page 4
      Palm Beach North Chamber Women                                                                         Third Annual Place

      In Business Council Luncheon                                                                           Of Hope Fishing

      Report and Photos by Penny Sheltz                                                                      Tournament
        The Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce Women
      in Business Council presented their quarterly luncheon in
      June at the Palm Beach Gardens Marriott.                                                               Report and
        The featured speaker was Travis Thomas the Founder                                                   Photos by Penny
      of Live, Yes And (, sharing his                                                     Sheltz
      interactive and inspiring message of purpose, authenticity,                                              Pla c e of
      and collaboration to audiences and companies across the                                                Hope’s Kingfish,
      United States.                                                                                         D olphin,
                                                                                                             Wahoo (KDW)
                                                                                                             T ournam ent
                                                                                                             was  an  exciting
                                                                                                             “Fish For Hope”
                                                                                                             event benefiting
                                                         Greg Leach, president Hospice of Palm Beach         hundreds of
                                                                                                             abused  children
                                                           For nearly 20 years,  Travis has performed as an   and young adults
                                                         improvisational comedian and corporate training     in desperate need
                                                         specialist. His coaching practice combines the principles of   throughout Palm
                                                         improvisation and personal performance to help individuals   Beach, Martin,
                                                         and organizations live with more purpose and authenticity.   St. Lucie,  and
                                                           Travis recently served as a leadership specialist at IMG   Indian River
                                                         Academy in Florida working with elite athletes from around   counties.  The  Winning  fish  is  bigger  than the
       Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center’s new CEO Trey   the world, such as the United States U17 National Soccer   KDW Fishing  winner’s son.
       Abshier                                           Team and the NFL and NBA Combine prospects. Travis’   Tournament was
                                                                                 corporate resume includes   held in June with lines in the water at 6:30 a.m. and out
                                                                                 PepsiCo,  Under Armour,     by 2:30 p.m.
                                                                                 Gatorade, Cintas, the New     There was a weigh-in party at the Sailfish Marina
                                                                                 York Yankees, Chicago Cubs,   from noon to 3:30 p.m. and the awards party was 6
                                                                                 Boston Red Sox,  Toronto    to 9 p.m.
                                                                                 Blue Jays, and UGA Football.     A 38.6-pound kingfish was the biggest fish overall
                                                                                   This past year  Travis    winner caught by Frank Armentano. The biggest dolphin
                                                                                 created The Weekly Yes,     was 24 pounds, caught by Andrew Moore.

                                                                                 Women In Business Council   Place Of Hope Fishing Tournament on page 2
                                                                                 Luncheon on page 8
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