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Page 2, Lifestyles in Palm Beach Gardens

      Place Of Hope Fishing Tournament from page 1       support; hope and healing opportunities for children and
                                                         families who have been traumatized by abuse and neglect
        Grand  prizes  awarded  to                       throughout our region.
      the top fundraiser  and to the
      heaviest fish overall in the KDW
      Tournament included a Costa
      Rica fishing experience!
        Winners will enjoy a three-
      day experience in Los Suenos,
      Costa Rica, with The Black and
      Blue Fishing Club. This includes
      lodging for up to six people in a
      three-bedroom, two-bath condo
      at Los Suenos Resort and Marina, plus fishing on a world-
      class 57-foot custom Carolina sportfishing boat with captain
      and crew. The Central Pacific region of Costa Rica offers
      some of the most spectacular fishing in the world. Fish thrive
      in the calm and clear waters just outside Herradura Bay off
      Los Suenos year-round. This
      was kindly donated by Doyle
      Insurance and Jason Doyle, with
      a value of $12,000.
        Place of Hope is a unique,
      faith-based, state-licensed
      children’s  organization
      providing family-style foster
      care (emergency and long-
      term); family outreach and
      intervention; maternity care;
      safety for victims of domestic
      m i n o r  se x  t r a ff i c k i n g ;
      transitional housing and support
      services for youth aging out of
      foster care; housing and support
      services for homeless families;
      foster  care  recruitment  and
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