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      Good works from page 1

        Place of Hope
      is  a  unique,  faith-
      based,  state-licensed
      children’s organization
      providing  family-
      style  foster care
      (emergency and long-
      term); family outreach
      and  intervention;
      maternity  care;  safety
      for victims of domestic
      minor sex trafficking;
      transitional housing
      and support services
      for youth aging out of
      foster  care;  housing
      and support services
      for homeless families;
      foster care recruitment
      and support; hope and
      healing opportunities
      for c hi l dre n a nd
      families who have been traumatized by abuse and neglect
      throughout our region.

                                                        Winning fish is bigger than the winner’s son.

                                                                                                           Good Works on page 5


                                                                                       Eric Medina, m.d.

                                                                                         Eye Physician & Surgeon
                                                                                               Se Habla Espanol


                                                                            601 University Blvd., Suite 101 | Jupiter, FL 33458
                                                                       2000 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., Suite 400 | WPB, FL 33409
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