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       Northern Notes

      Get To Know Your Board Of                            Adrian Salee was reelected                      in  on  March 22, 2017  to
                                                         on  Nov.  19,  2014  in  the
                                                                                                           replace Garo Artinian who
      Supervisors – Part One                             Landowners  Election  to                          served on Northern’s Board
                                                         Seat No. 1, and is a resident                     since October 2011. Artinian
      By O’Neal Bardin Jr.,                              of West  Palm  Beach,  Fla.                       resigned after moving from
      Executive Director,                                Bringing general management                       his residence and no longer
      Northern Palm Beach                                consulting expertise to the                       qualifying for the seat. Block
      County Improvement                                 Board from a wide range of                        is an information systems
      District                                           industries and organization                       specialist with many years
        Over the next two                                types, Adrian  specializes                        of experience in the field. He
      months, I’d like to introduce,                     in planning, writing                              is currently a member of the
      or re-introduce, you to the                        and  implementing  computer  software  to  formalize  his   faculty at the Keiser University flagship campus in West Palm
      members of the Board of                            recommendations into working management “tools.” With   Beach, with previous experience as a data science engineer
      Supervisors  of  Northern                          a bachelor of mechanical engineering degree and master   and data architect at various organizations. Greg holds a Ph.D.
      Palm Beach County                                  of business administration degree, Adrian has worked with   in computer information systems from Nova Southeastern
      Improvement District. Each                         numerous national and international companies and government   University and a master’s degree in business administration from
      of them bring a wealth of                          agencies, including the Port of New York Authority, DuPont,   California State University. He serves as an adjunct professor at
      knowledge and experience to the organization with their   the Alyeska Pipeline Co., Union Pacific Railroad Company,   Palm Beach State College and Brandeis University. He is also
      extensive backgrounds and expertise in various business   CONOCO, ALCOA, and the South Florida Water Management   involved with the Doctoral Dissertation Committee at Nova
      facets. The Board of Supervisors is comprised of five   District. He is a member of the Palm Beach County Water   Southeastern University. Block is a longtime resident of Jupiter,
      members, four of which are elected through popular election   Resources Task Force and is committed to preserving and   Fla., and an avid runner. He is attentive in the ways that Northern
      and one through a landowner election. This month we’ll   planning for continuous water supply in our area for future   manages the preserves and wetlands within its jurisdiction and
      highlight Seats No. 1 and 2. Next month, we’ll highlight the   generations.                          is committed to maintaining them for the safety and enjoyment
      remaining seats.                                     Gregory Block was appointed to Seat No. 2 and sworn   of the community and for future generations.

        Can Getting Outside Really Improve Your Mental   18528 Lake Bend Drive:                    Just Listed
        Wellness? from page 3                            Lovely 3 bedroom plus den overlooking
                                                         sparkling pool.  New neutral paint. Tile
                                                         floors.  $470,000
        on Two Wheels, and The Bike Karma Bicycle Podcast.
          Of course, a bicycle isn’t a prerequisite for mental
        well-being. According to this study, any type of exercise   6685 Winding Lake: 4 bedroom
        in nature has the power to boost one’s mood. After its   plus den and pool.  CBS, new metal roof,   Under Contract
        researchers had a group of men and women participate   new kitchen, porcelain floors.  $585,000  In 4 Days
        in a range of fitness regimens in various natural settings,   6881 Big Cypress Drive:
        participants unilaterally reported improvements in mood   Remodeled 3/2/2 pool home with lake
        and self-esteem. It’s worth mentioning that those who   views.  Chef’s kitchen w/ gas stove,
        came into the experiment with diagnosed mental illnesses   granite, stainless appliances.  $450,000
        experienced the most marked increases in self-esteem.                                       PENDING
        If You’re Planning A Move:
          It can be helpful to consider properties in a greener
        neighborhood. For this European study, researchers
        spent three years tracking the mental health of people
        who’d recently relocated to areas with plenty of green
        space, as compared to those who moved to less foliaged
        urban areas. Results showed that the former group “had
        significantly better mental health in all three post-move
        years,” and that those who moved to less green areas
        experienced significantly worse mental health in the
        years following their relocation.
          This American study also shows living in close
        proximity  to green  spaces  to  be  associated  with
        significantly lower levels of  symptomatology for
        depression, anxiety, and stress. In short, you very well
        might be happier living in a place where green spaces
        are easily accessible.
        If You Don’t Have Enough Time To Trek To A Far-
        Flung Wild Place:
          Those green spots close to home and work also count!
        As long as they’re safe and accessible, seeking refuge
        in neighborhood parks, soccer fields, city trails, and
        even friends’ backyards can do much to boost mental
        wellness. Moreover, it’s OK if you’re not living in an
        area that’s chock-full of parks and trails. Research shows
        that quality trumps quantity – just one good park can
        have positive benefits for the surrounding community.
        Humans, after all, are social by nature and having a green
        space in which to unwind and strike up friendships can
        do wonders for one’s sense of well-being.
          Reprinted Sierra magazine, May 30, 2018

                                                            Licensed and Insured

        Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing
        Palm Beach County and is a privately
        owned and managed company.
        Captain’s is committed to providing
        dependable, reliable and professional
        ground transportation to and from all
        South Florida Airports and Seaports.  PBCVH212
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