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                                                            Please remember, the tax collector does not determine   or choosing a different
                                                         the amount you must pay for property taxes. We collect the   payment method.
                                                         amount due and distribute the revenue to the appropriate      One of the  very
                                                         taxing authorities. Many factors influence the amount you   best  ways  you  can
                                                         must pay in annual property taxes. This graphic illustrates   take your hour
       Dear Friend,                                      how these factors are added together to determine your   back is to  make an
          This month the property                        annual property taxes.                            appointment for
       appraiser mails a “Truth in                          Please contact the Palm Beach County Property   driver ’s license
       Millage” (TRIM) Notice of                         Appraiser’s Office for questions about taxable value.   service. You can book
       Proposed Property Taxes to                        Contact your local municipality with questions pertaining   your appointment a
       all property owners.  This                        to millage rates and non-ad valorem taxes.        full 90 days before
       notice is not a bill. If you have                    If you don’t agree with your assessed value of your   your driver’s license expires. You won’t waste an hour
       questions about the notice,                       property, you can file a petition for adjustment with the   waiting in line.
       please contact the property                       Value Adjustment Board (VAB). The VAB settles disputes
       appraiser’s office.                               between taxpayers and the property appraiser. The deadline   Tourist Development Tax Is
          Another important date to                      to file a petition is Sept. 14. For more information on filed
       remember is Aug. 28, Primary                      petitions, hearing dates, rescheduling, the appeal process   Moving Online!
       Day. The winners will be on the November ballot. Please   and/or final decisions, call the VAB at (561) 355-6289 or
       exercise your right to vote, it’s critical to our democracy!   visit     As we write this month’s issue of Property Matters,
                                           Best regards,                                                   we are also performing final acceptance testing of our new
                                        Anne M. Gannon   Update Your Address With                          online Tourist Development Tax (TDT) system. The system
                                                                                                           is scheduled to be available for property owners and their
       Check Your Mailbox For Your                       The Property Appraiser’s                          agents to file TDT returns beginning Aug. 1 for the July
       TRIM Notice In August                             Office                                            rental period. Once the system is available, paper returns
                                                                                                           will no longer be accepted.
                                                                                                              The new online system will give you the ability to
          This month, the property appraiser mails “Truth in      Now is the time to verify your address and report any   manage your TDT account 24/7. You can register your
       Millage” (TRIM) Notice of Proposed Property Taxes to   errors or updates to the Property Appraiser’s Office at (561)   property, file returns, pay the Tourist Development Tax and
       property owners. This is not a bill. These notices provide   355-2866. We use the information they have on file to mail   authorize an agent to manage your property for you.
       information on any proposed changes in the millage rate   your 2018 property tax bill in November. If you do not      For the latest information, please visit www.pbctax.
       (tax rate) of each taxing authority and lists your property’s   receive a tax bill in November, search our payment center   com/tdt.
       market and assessed value. They also list exemptions applied   for your records. It is the responsibility of each taxpayer
       to your property.                                 to ensure property taxes are paid, regardless if a tax notice   Don’t Forget, The PGA
                                                         is received or not.
                                                                                                           Service Center Is Closed
                                                         Let Us Help You Take Your
                                                                                                              In May, we closed our aging, former DMV office at
                                                         Hour Back!                                          3185 PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens to make way
                                                                                                           for a new, state-of-the-art facility to serve North County
                                                            Did you know the average wait time in our service   taxpayers. Only the road test course remains in use. Please
                                                         centers is 52 minutes? That’s nearly one hour of your life   visit us just around the corner at 3188 PGA Boulevard in the
                                                         that could be better spent enjoying your summer! Connect   Northeast County Courthouse complex where we continue
                                                         with us on Twitter and Instagram (@TAXPBC) to learn how   to provide all services. The new service center is slated to
                                                         to take that hour of your life back by simply planning ahead   open in late 2019.

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