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      The Singles Scene                             ©

      Internal Affairs: Our Secret                       “Phase One--The Enrollment Phase” which occurs in person.   by the staff. Revolution Dating is not online dating or blind
                                                         People cannot join this club over the phone or online. Amen!
                                                                                                           dating. In addition to providing matchmaking services that
      Dating Guide                                          Step 5: Return for your photo shoot and biography writing   make singles “UN-single” through their exclusive club
                                                         session, also referred to as “Phase Two--Ready. Set. Go.” Then,   membership, Kelly also holds private singles events. To speak to
      By Kelly Leary, M.S.,                              let the fun and the matchmaking begin! Report back to us after   a LIVE Florida Matchmaker today, please call 561-630-XOXO
      Founder of Revolution                              each date or event and let us know who you liked! We play “wing   (9696) in the Palm Beaches, 772-932-HERE (4373) on the
      Dating                                             girl” for you in essence. Everything can be done over the phone,   Treasure Coast, or (954) 420-XOXO (9696) in the Lauderdale
         Happy August to all of our                      in person, or through email/mail after your RD bio is complete.   area or meet us at All inquiries are
      many couples, clients, and                         It’s your preference. How ideal! I just love this process.   confidential.
      friends. The end of summer                            Step 6: Trust your matchmakers. We are THE experts. Let
      resurrects what we “didn’t                         us take the lead and shed light on things that may be holding   Around Town Photos. August
      do” over the summer that we                        you back romantically. Other times, we are just working to get
      wanted to do… almost like                          closer to the right match by building a good rapport with you.   2018.
      New Year’s Resolutions. Did                        Engage us and we will get you engaged.
      you find summer love? Did                             Step 7: Collaborate with us! Call/text/email and share your      The summer
      you make the positive changes                      feedback with the team. Some have success on the first date   is  sizzling  as  you
      you desired? Halloween,                            and some on the tenth date--but no date will be a debacle (like   can see in the
      Thanksgiving, and the BIG                          online dating) because we know everyone and have validated   following photos
      holidays are coming filled with dinner parties and events through   them! Your risk is low and your time will be well spent (not to   taken around town
      the end of 2018! Hope and help are right in front of you, so   mention your money). We will be tracking your success and be   this past month.
      allow me to simplify our process “from single to taken” today.   by your side every step of the a trusted friend.   A picture is worth
      Time to get inspired and become part of a pair (again). Follow      Step 8: Know thyself and be accountable. If you are only   a thousand words
      these simple steps and stay ahead of it! People that join in the   after “10s” in the club and you are a “6” be prepared for some   a n d  t h i s c l u b
      Summer are twice as likely to find their match by the holidays   letdowns. Ask us what you can do to get that guy or girl. We will   is here to show
      (fact).                                            tell you honestly and advise you. Remember we are “cupids” and   you what is up at
         Last month, my team and I literally witnessed “Christmas   not “unicorns”...we have magic and love in us, but we can’t do   Revolution Dating!
      in July” with a huge increase in new members compared to any   the job alone. We love working with our clients and as a result,   Revolution Dating
      other summer in history. This proves that summers in Florida are   they love us back!                is an award-
      just as busy as ever! There are just as many people here in the      Step 9: You found love! Welcome to “Phase Three--You are   winning dating and  Introducing one of Revolution Dating’s
      summer then five years ago during high season. Our “summer   an #RDCouple!” is time to put your membership on HOLD.   events club that  recently engaged couples, Bruce and
      program for single adults” has been a huge success and is still   Why? Because you followed these steps. It’s science. We knew   has been growing  Ivana, est. April 2018.
      in full bloom. With that, one of the common questions asked is:   you would too! That’s why we signed you up. We try to avoid   extensively this
      “How does your club work?” Answer: It is easier than you   enrolling non-compliant/difficult people as a rule. We are saving   summer. With  a
      think. Do read on...                               you--and ourselves--a problem by being selective for the greater   huge increase in
         Step 1: Admit you are READY to find love and/or   good. Lucky you!                                n e w m e m b e rs
      companionship. Love is ageless. Our club helps men and women      Step 10: Share and tell all of your friends about the love you   compared to any
      from their twenties well into their happy eighties.   have found and how you found it. This will bring more love into   other s ummer
         Step 2: Identify WHY you want to fall in love and/or find   your life. Pass it on, in other words. Whether you are single,   in history ,
      companionship. Some people just want to have someone to go   divorced or widowed, we can help. Thank you to our many   Revolution Dating
      out to dinner with, while others want to get married and have   clients who have been talking about us out there and spreading   experienced its
      children. Others realize life is passing them by and they know   the word! The more the merrier. Love will always win.   own version of
      they need to do something before it’s too late. Whatever your      Congratulations on completing the process. I can’t wait to   “Christmas in
      “why” is--recognize it, own it, and act on it. He who hesitates is   hear your love story too--it is that easy! The love in us honors the   July”. This proves
      lost.                                              love in you today and every day. Hope to see you at our End of   that summers
         Step 3: Make the Call! What’s holding you back? Nerves?   Summer Event later this month! There is time to nail that summer   in Florida are
      Fear? Are you a skeptic? Whatever your issue is--let it go--we’ve   love goal you desire! In one second your life could change.   just  as  busy  as
      got you covered. No one ever progressed in life being fearful.                          XOXO, Kelly  ever! Revolution  Connections are always made when
      Stick to the plan. Don’t deviate from these steps. (Oh yes, and   P.S. Looking for more reasons to call us...please see our newest   Dating’s “summer  you are meeting like-minded singles!
      of course, all inquiries are confidential. Your photos don’t have   engaged couple in the Around Town Photos and check out our   program for single  #SayNOtoOnlineDating
      to be in the newspaper--excuse--like the ones you see weekly in   hot event pics. Get excited about your (love) life again!
      our column and parties are optional).                 Kelly Leary  has 27 years in the dating industry and a
         Step 4: Meet THE Florida Matchmakers with your   Master’s Degree in Psychology. She’s been profiled by ABC
      scheduled appointment. Go through the enlightening screening   News, The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine, Stuart
      process that I developed over my 27 years in the business, and if   News, etc. Revolution Dating members are pre-screened
      we like you and you like us--simply join the club! We call this   including background checks. Professional photos are taken
        Meet Rubin Anderson,

        Your Next Senator

           You may be asking                            working across cultures through my involvement     Amateur painters and talented clients showed off their
        who this new political                          with the National Baptist Association of Churches   creativity at this interactive class.
        newcomer in the race                            and the Zion Baptist Association. Currently, I am the
        for Florida State Senate,                       pastor of First Corinthians Missionary Baptist Church   The Singles Sceneon page 8

        District  30? Hello, my                         and a substitute teacher in Palm Beach County. I am
        name is Rubin Anderson,                         involved with several charitable organization, such      Best Bin Caddy#
        a resident of  West Palm                        as the Pediatric Oncology Support Team (POST),
        Beach for 40 years. I have                      the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Purple
        been married to my wife                         Chicks Father’s Day 5K & Family Run.                 NEW!
        Sharon for 27 years and                             This race comes from my heart not my head and
        we have raised a blended                        the citizens of District 30 are important to me. My
        family of five children.                        wife and I have walked District 30 to get to know
           I consider myself as                         the voters, to hear their concerns, we saw their
        the  “new  model”  on  the  political  showroom  floor  frustrations and shared their joys. In doing so, I am
        and I believe that District 30 needs a new and fresh  more determined  than ever to serve District 30. I                           On sale
        perspective on the Senate Floor. I am the new model  will be the senator who will fight for issues facing
        because I am not a politician, I am a humanitarian  District 30 such as insufficient funds for education,                          $ 69    95
        who will offer District 30 new innovations with  bridging  communities together and  institutional                                    Tax Inc.
        experience. My  experience comes from being a  disparities.
        business owner of a successful landscaping service     I am ready for this new challenge and with your       Recycling Bin Caddy
        where I worked hard to build  its success while  help on August 28, 2018 – together we will make a             Made in the USA
        employing others  and  teaching them the  vocation  difference.
        of horticulture  management.  I bring budgetary     (For more about Rubin  Anderson visit: www.       Using Heavy Duty PVC and All Terrain Wheels.
        experience obtained while working as a golf course                                  Easy To Use Design. Arrives Fully Assembled With
        superintendent for 10 years. I have gained experience                                                      Free Local Delivery. (Bins not included.)
                                                                                                                         Call 561.354.8169
                                            Paid Political Advertisement                                                    To Order Today
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