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       How Are Insureds Saving Money On Medical Insurance?

      By Anne Gambino                                    medical plan, nor are they intended to replace a major medical   out extremely well for anyone who is in well health and would
        There has been a lot of                          plan. The plan is intended to provide you, and your covered   not need unlimited amounts of coverage. Most people that choose
      discussion lately on the                           dependents, with basic insurance coverage that is capped at   this plan cannot afford traditional medical coverage but still
      unaffordability of medical                         specific amounts for specific services. On most occasions these   want protection and availability to their doctors. They also do
      plans that are offered through                     plans also have no deductibles and very small copays out-of-  not want to pay their high deductibles before receiving care for
      the exchange for those who                         pocket for doctor visits. A traditional Limited Benefit Plan   such things as outpatient surgeries, etc. They are worth looking
      do not qualify for a subsidy.                      would give the insured a certain amount of money towards each   into for some as long as the insured chooses the proper plan.
      The out-of-pocket expense                          doctor visit, wellness visits, diagnostic testing, a daily hospital     If you would like any further information on how these plans
      for premiums and high                              and surgical benefit, both in and outpatient, emergency room   can help you, or a free quote, please call the offices of Strategic
      deductibles have made some                         benefit and even accidental benefits. These plans seem to work   Insurance at (800) 293-8963, Ext. 2.
      insureds throw up their hands
      and walk away from coverage
      altogether. This prompted an                         Jupiter Senior Softball Players
      immediate response from the
      insurance industry which in
      turn started issuing Limited Benefit Medical Plans. What exactly   Celebrate Fourth Of July
      are these plans, though, and what do they cover?
        Limited Benefit Medical Plans are not a comprehensive major
                                                           By Mike Richmond                                  The slow-pitch softball program is open to persons 55
                                                             Jupiter senior softball players celebrated the Fourth of   and over, and is sponsored by the Jupiter Senior Softball
        Nominations For Loggerhead Marinelife from page 1  July by gathering before Old Glory to recite the Pledge of   Association in cooperation with the Town of Jupiter Parks and
                                                           Allegiance and then take the field for a spirited seven-inning   Recreation Department. Shores residents George Farnworth,
          With a focus on awareness and education, Jeff draws   holiday game.                              Ted Battistone and Larry Wickerham are among the players.
        on his world travels to enlighten with insights on the     Thirty-three players competed on three teams that rotated     New players are always welcome. Games are every
        current state of environmental conservation efforts,   each inning, either batting, playing in the field, or sitting. Wet   Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings beginning at
        emphasizing that the key to our own survival is the   grounds at Jupiter Community Park forced a switch of the   8:30 a.m. at Jupiter Community Park. A Winter League runs
        survival of the world’s creatures and ecosystems. He   game to Tequesta Park but it was a warm, sunny day and   from January through March followed by pickup games the
        takes audiences on a global tour to witness firsthand   the change didn’t dampen players’ enthusiasm. Also, Dennis   remainder of the year. For information call Gary Brodsky at
        the condition of the natural world, sharing a message of   Frankos’ donation of a cooler full of iced bottles of water was   (773) 575-5417, or go to to obtain
        hope and humanity, and encouraging us all to play an   greatly appreciated by players needing to quench their thirst.  additional information and to register.
        active and positive role in helping save the Earth’s most
        threatened animals and natural resources.
          Nominations are based on several criteria. The
        Eleanor  Fletcher  Lifetime Achievement Award
        recognizes a person who exemplifies a lifelong,
        extraordinary commitment to marine conservation
        through their work or volunteer activities similar to
        LMC Founder Eleanor Fletcher. The Blue Ambassador
        of the Year Award will recognize a person who has made
        significant contributions in ocean conservation through
        volunteer-related activities. The Blue Friend of the Year
        Award recognizes a person who has made significant
        contributions in ocean conservation through work-related
        activities. The Blue Hatchling Youth Award recognizes a
        youth, K-12, who has made significant contributions in
        marine conservation through volunteer-related activities.
        The Blue Business of the Year Award will recognize
        a business that has made outstanding contributions
        toward promoting conservation or restoration of marine
        life or ecosystems through their practices, products or
          This year’s panel of judges includes: Gary Adkison,
        U.S. Shark Foundation director; Fabien Cousteau,
        aquanaut,  oceanographic  explorer,  conservationist
        and documentary filmmaker; Greg Marshall, inventor   561-743-0070                                         “Service is our number
        and scientist, National Geographic Society; Cristina
        Mittermeier, award-winning photographer and marine                                                                one priority”
        biologist; Sally Murray, daughter of LMC Founder
        Eleanor Fletcher; Susan Murray, Oceana U.S. Pacific
        deputy vice president, granddaughter of LMC Founder
        Eleanor  Fletcher; Paul  Nicklen; photographer and
        marine biologist, National Geographic; Joel Sartore,
        photographer, speaker, author, teacher and 20-year
        National Geographic Magazine contributor; Brian Skerry,
        National Geographic award-winning photojournalist;
        and  Jim Toomey,  Mission  Blue  executive  director,
        Sherman’s Lagoon Comic Strip creator. WPTV News
        Channel 5 Meteorologist Glenn Glazer will once again
        serve as the introductory host for this year’s luncheon.
          For more information about the Go Blue Awards
        Luncheon, to purchase tickets or to learn about
        sponsorship opportunities, visit
        About Loggerhead Marinelife Center
          Loggerhead Marinelife Center is a nonprofit sea
        turtle hospital that promotes conservation of ocean
        ecosystems with a focus on threatened and endangered
        sea  turtles.  The  Center  features  an  onsite  campus
        hospital, research laboratory, educational exhibits
        and aquariums, and also operates the Juno Beach
        Pier, which hosts world-class angling and sightseeing.   Weekly Maintenance
        Situated on one of the world’s most important sea   All Equipment Repairs
        turtle nesting beaches, Loggerhead Marinelife Center
        is open daily and hosts over 350,000 guests free-of-  Complete Renovations
        charge each year. In late 2017, the Center launched   Pool Heater Repairs
        their Waves of Progress capital expansion campaign,
        designed to accelerate and amplify LMC’s conservation   Custom New Construction
        and education impact. When complete, the facility will
        offer one of the world’s most advanced and unique   Serving Palm Beach County                                               Expires 8/31/18.
        experiences for guests and scientific partners. For more    State Licensed & Insured
        information, visit or call (561) 627-8280.  CPC # 1457468 • LPG#30099
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