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       Epicuriosity                                        Chief’s Corner

       Are You A Seafood Lover?
                                                           Dear Resident,                                  up our Town is a strategic priority for the Jupiter Police
       Then Albariño Is The Right Choice For You             As your new Chief                             Department. These strong partnerships not only build trust,
                                                           of Police, I look forward                       but contribute to the prevention and reduction of crime.
       By Glenn Sudnick,                                   to serving  the Jupiter                           Organizational excellence is our goal and we will
       Sommelier,                                          Police  Department  and                         continue to provide the highest level of customer service;                            the residents of the Town                       while protecting the neighborhoods and businesses that
       (772) 332-4416                                      of Jupiter.                                     make up our community.
         I ask my clientele to think                         I  am  excited  about                           I hope you are having a safe and enjoyable summer.
       outside of the box. Do you                          the future of our police                        Please continue to visit us on our website, Facebook,
       find yourself purchasing the                        department and the new                          Instagram, and Twitter to learn about new and happening
       same white wine over and                            programs and services                           events within the Town of Jupiter.
       over? Yes, I am talking to                          we will offer to our                                                                 Sincerely,
       you Chardonnay, Sauvignon                           community. Establishing and maintaining close relationships                      Daniel J. Kerr,
       Blanc and Pinot Grigio                              with the residents, visitors, and stakeholders that make                         Chief of Police
       drinkers. Now is the time to
       spread your wings (just a little) to Albariño.
         This fine wine goes well with just about
       any South Florida seafood dish.
         The Albariño  white  grape  from  Rias
       Baixas, Spain, has wonderful aromas and
       flavors  like  white  peach,  apple,  almond,
       nectarine and even some tropical fruits.
         One note to remember, it is important to
       read the label on the bottle.
         To assure yourself that you are getting
       100 percent Albariño, the wine labeled
       Rias Baixas will not contain any blending
       grapes. This is not to say the regions
       surrounding  Rias  Baixas  don’t  have
       quality wine, they do. I would like you
       to try a true Albariño. I am sure it will
       be added to your list when choosing
       your next wine.
         One of my favorites is Paco & Lola
       Albariño 2017. This is a sustainable
       vineyard and always highly rated. It is
       complex with grapefruit, lime, white
       flowers, acacia and orange blossom; a
       great wine for these hot August days.
         I paired this wine with my Shrimp Ceviche.
         This dish calls for raw seafood, but I peel, devein and
       drop the seafood
       in very hot (just
       below  boiling)
       water for two
       to three minutes
       depending on
       the size of the
       shrimp, then
       remove and chill
       in ice water to
       stop the cooking.
       The good thing about this dish is there is no wrong recipe.
       It’s whatever you like.
         I  mix  in  chopped  red  onion,  serrano  chilies,  green
       tomato,  avocado,  cucumber  and  a  little  cilantro.  I’ve
       learned to like cilantro, because Cyndie said I should.
       Mix these ingredients with the juices of limes, lemons,
       and oranges, some extra virgin olive oil, a dash of kosher
       salt and voila!
                                           Life is good,

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