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      Are You A Seafood Lover?                             One note to remember, it is important to read the label on   a sustainable vineyard and always highly rated. It is complex
                                                         the bottle.                                       with grapefruit, lime, white flowers, acacia and
      Then Albariño Is The                                 To assure yourself that you are getting 100 percent   orange blossom; a great wine for these hot
      Right Choice For You                               Albariño, the wine labeled Rias Baixas will not contain any   August days.
                                                         blending grapes. This is not to say the regions surrounding     I paired this wine with my Shrimp Ceviche.
      By Glenn Sudnick,                                  Rias Baixas don’t have quality wine, they do. I would like     This dish calls for raw seafood, but I peel,
      Sommelier,                                         you to try a true Albariño. I am sure it will be added to your   devein and drop the seafood in very hot (just;                           list when choosing your next wine.                below boiling) water for two to three minutes
      (772) 332-4416                                       One of my favorites is Paco & Lola Albariño 2017. This is   depending on the size of the shrimp, then
        I ask my clientele to think                                                                        remove and chill in ice water to stop the
      outside of the box. Do you                                                                           cooking. The good thing about this dish
      find yourself purchasing                                                                             is there is no wrong recipe. It’s whatever
      the same white wine over                                                                             you like.
      and over? Yes, I am talking                                                                            I mix in chopped red onion, serrano
      to you Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio                                                  chilies, green tomato, avocado, cucumber
      drinkers. Now is the time to spread your wings (just a little)                                       and a little cilantro. I’ve learned to like
      to Albariño.                                                                                         cilantro, because Cyndie said I should. Mix
        This fine wine goes well with just about any South Florida                                         these ingredients with the juices of limes,
      seafood dish.                                                                                        lemons, and oranges, some extra virgin
        The Albariño white grape from Rias Baixas, Spain,                                                  olive oil, a dash of kosher salt and voila!
      has wonderful aromas and flavors like white peach, apple,                                                                  Life is good,
      almond, nectarine and even some tropical fruits.                                                                                Glenn
      Jupiter Senior Softball Players Celebrate Fourth Of July

      By Mike Richmond                                     New players are always welcome. Games are every   remainder of the year. For information call Gary Brodsky at
        Jupiter senior softball players celebrated the Fourth of   Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings beginning at   (773) 575-5417, or go to to obtain
      July by gathering before Old Glory to recite the Pledge of   8:30 a.m. at Jupiter Community Park. A Winter League runs   additional information and to register.
      Allegiance and then take the field for a spirited seven-inning   from January through March followed by pickup games the
      holiday game.
        Thirty-three players competed on three teams that rotated
      each inning, either batting, playing in the field, or sitting.
      Wet grounds at Jupiter Community Park forced a switch of
      the game to Tequesta Park but it was a warm, sunny day and
      the change didn’t dampen players’ enthusiasm. Also, Dennis
      Frankos’ donation of a cooler full of iced bottles of water was
      greatly appreciated by players needing to quench their thirst.
        The slow-pitch softball program is open to persons 55
      and over, and is sponsored by the Jupiter Senior Softball
      Association in cooperation with the Town of Jupiter Parks and
      Recreation Department. Shores residents George Farnworth,
      Ted Battistone and Larry Wickerham are among the players.

        Pet Matters

        For The Love Of Animals

        by Pat Deshong, President of
        Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic                     While Rosco had                                of her owners have passed away. Now Mimi finds herself as a full-
        & Ranch                                          lost the first child in                          time Furry Friends resident for the second time in her life. Please
                                                         his life, he now has                             help make her stay with us much shorter than the first. Please come
           "For  the  Love  of                           an inseparable best                              meet  this  loving  nine-year-old  dog  who  needs  a  happy,  secure
        Animals" features real stories                   friend in his new                                future.  Mimi would thrive best in an “only dog” family.
        happening at Furry Friends in                    happily  ever  home
        Jupiter. We are The Humane                       sharing  a  trundle-                             Peep and Frodo
        Society of Greater Jupiter/                      bed, naps, cartoon-                                Meet  Peep  and  Frodo...two
        Tequesta, Inc and the only                       watching and lots of                             of the many cute Furry Friends’
        no-kill shelter open to the                      hugs! Said Mom, “Where one is, you’ll find the other.”   kittens needing a furever home…
        public  in  northern  Palm                         We give a big `high-five’ to the Micklos Family for seeing   Your  home!  We  have  lots  of
        Beach County.  We’ve been                        the treasure in Rosco and replacing his tears with belly rubs   beauties  to  choose  from.    Visit
        rescuing, rehabilitating, re-homing and providing a safe  and smiles.                             us with a copy of this article and
        harbor for the homeless animals in our community for more    Furry Friends is all about giving homeless companion   receive 50% off the adoption fee for a cat or kitten! Our adoption
        than 30 years.  Our not for profit 501c3 organization consists  animals their best future… no matter how long it takes to   fee  includes  micro-chipped,  up-to-date  with  vaccinations,  and
        of our Jupiter based adoption center, veterinary clinic (open  find it.  We have many fabulous dogs and cats in our shelter   spayed/neutered. You won’t be able to resist Furry Friends felines!
        to the public), Thrift Boutique, and 27 Acre Palm City Ranch.  and invite you to come visit us six days a week.  Our hours
          For those of us watching Rosco being surrendered by his  are Monday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm.
        family in the parking lot of Furry Friends, we’re sure we saw    Furry Friends depends on the generous support from
        a trail of tears as he was led inside our shelter. How could this  donors like you.  Without Furry Friends, the future of the
        sweet six-year-old Great Dane mix not cry given that he was  many animals we save would be uncertain.  Thank you for
        losing the only life he had ever known? Adopted as a puppy,  donating and helping us continue our animal saving mission.
        the family with the toddler child had decided that Rosco was
        “odd dog out” and no longer welcomed in their family.    Ways to donate (tax ID #59-2111273):
          Furry Friends’ staff and volunteers quickly fell in love   1.  Mail a check made payable to Furry Friends to 401
                                                              Maplewood Drive, Ste. 8, Jupiter, FL 33458.
        with this gentle giant. During his time with us, he has resided   2.  Visit
        at both our Jupiter Adoption Center and Palm City Ranch.   3.  Call  us  with  your  credit  card  information  at   For more information,
        He was a model resident and staff favorite…never a barker,   561.747.5311 ext. 1                          please call: 561.529.4075
        good on a leash and friendly with other dogs. Even so, we     “Your donation creates the possibilities to make
        knew his stay with us might be a long one, given his size and   miracles happen for our Furry Friends”
        older age. But we held steadfast with hope.
          In late June, a family of three visited our shelter, looking   Animals Waiting For Furever Homes     Shop exceptional goods at affordable prices and you’ll be
        for a new furry addition to care for and love. Their choices                                             helping us in support of our mission to save animals.
        came down to Rosco and a younger dog, one that was easily  Mimi
        adoptable. They left our shelter and headed to lunch, a time for     Mimi was brought to Furry Friends in                 50% Off One Item
        making their final decision. The staff at Furry Friends crossed   2010 and adopted in 2013 to a nice older            (Excludes  Furniture and Artwork)
        fingers and said prayers while rooting for Rosco, given their   couple who became clinic clients of Furry
        strong attachment to him and his tenuous opportunities.  Friends. When she recently showed up as a                     Furry Friends Thrift Boutique
 Did you know we are building a new adoption center & veterinary hospital in Jupiter? We’re asking for your financial     Then our prayers were answered. The Micklos Family   stray at our shelter, we thought for sure that   615 Indiantown Road, Jupiter, Fla.
 support as we make plans to better serve the community and the many homeless animals needing loving forever homes.   soon called letting us know that Rosco had firmly planted   her mom and dad would come for her soon.
 Visit our website at for more details.
        himself in their hamburgers and hearts! They’d pick him up   Sadly, that did not happen. Apparently, both                Expires August 31, 2018
        from Furry Friends that day!
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