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      Australia’s Great Ocean Road

      By Don Kiselewski, MCC,                              Why have there been so many disasters to merit this   most  of  it  being  done  by  hand  with  teams  of  horse-
      D.S., Palm Beach Gardens                           ominous title, and what was the big attraction for all of   drawn equipment. The road cut was started in 1919 and
      Travel Leaders                                     these ships to be in this part of the world during the last   completed  in  1932.  It  received  its  asphalt  surface  in
        “You can’t make a silk                           half of the 19  century? It started with the root of all   sections over the next 60 years, with the last 10 kilometers
      purse out of a sow’s ear.”                         evil: gold. Just two years after gold was discovered in   of the gravel road being covered with a hard surface only
      How many of us remember                            California, it was also discovered in Ballarat, Victoria –   a decade ago. The most difficult portion of construction
      that  old  expression? You                         and with that the rush began. The prospectors’ voyage   was through the rugged hills that today are contained in
      might also remember a                              took them around the Cape of Good Hope on the southern   the Great Otway National Park.
      researcher who, late in the                        tip of Africa and across the Southern Ocean between     Southwest from Melbourne you’ll find Geelong, the
      20  century, proceeded                             Antarctica and Australia. Cape Otway in Victoria is the   second largest city in Victoria, and a bit farther is where
      to complete this task.                             most southerly projection in the path of travel and the   the Great Ocean Road begins. Southwest of the buffs at
      The purpose of this                                culprit for the majority of the disasters.        Torquay lies a graveyard of around 25 vessels deposited
      accomplishment still escapes me, other than perhaps the     So how did the Aussies capitalize on this ruggedly   some 35 fathoms below the surface, which were scuttled
      desire for recognition.                            beautiful  asset  that  Mother  Nature  gave  them? They   from  1925  to  1971.  Bells  Beach,  around  five  minutes
        There was, however, an even more significant effort   borrowed  a  chapter  from  the American  playbook  –   away from the town, is the surfing capital of Victoria.
      that took place earlier in the 20  century and deserves   specifically, the page depicting California’s picturesque   Surfing is the main business in the area, and it’s home to
      recognition for accomplishing this task. It occurred just   Pacific Coast Highway.                   surf manufacturers like Rip Curl and Quiksilver. When
      after WWI along the southern coast of Victoria, Australia.    After WWI, there was an abundance of men returning   the surf is up, these plants close and everyone heads to
        The rugged coastline that juts farther south from the   from battle who needed jobs, and so the Aussies put them   the beach. The Bells Beach Surf Classic, held annually
      mainland of continental Australia – with 40-stories-high   to work on the 400-kilometer road along the shoreline
      rugged  cliffs  and  freestanding  pedestals  of  rock  –  is   of their beautiful Shipwreck Coast. The work was hard,   Australia’s Great Ocean Road on page 11

      Bells Beach                                                                 The London Arch

      arguably one of the most scenic places in the world.
      However, this area’s past classifies it, in my mind, as
      a real “porker.” The history of naval tragedies along its
      shoreline gives this area the dubious title of “Shipwreck
      Coast.” About 1,200 ships have met their demise along the
      1,200-kilometer shoreline – that’s one ship per kilometer,
      as measured from Robe in South Australia to Eden in New
      South Wales.

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      The Great Ocean Road

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