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      Australia’s Great Ocean Road from page 10          the shoreline that were
                                                         commissioned  to  be
      at Easter time, is the longest-running surfing contest in   carved. These wooden
      the world and began in 1961.                       poles were shaped and
        One of the jewels along the road is the town of Lorne.   painted to resemble
      It’s  a  popular  holiday  spot  because  it  not  only  allows   individuals in  all
      beach access, but also provides opportunities to stroll   walks of life, from
      inland to enjoy the forests and waterfalls that flow from   seamen to military
      the mainland. Most unique is a series of bollards along   brass bands.
                                                           The Great Otway
                                                         National Park is filled
                                                         with marvelous walks
                                                         through  the  cold-
                                                         climate rain forest with
                                                         its roaring streams and
                                                         tall  trees. A  unique
                                                         galvanized steel
                                                         walkway was built so
                                                         that pedestrians could
                                                         experience the upper  The Twelve Apostles
                                                         canopy of the rain
                                                         forest; it is one of only three such structures in the world.   time the lighthouse keepers were isolated and received
                                                         Located on the point is the Cape Otway Lightstation, the   their provisions by sea. A little over 10 years ago, the
                                                         second oldest lighthouse in Australia. The point was the   lighthouse keeper was replaced with an automated solar-
                                                         first Australian landfall for sailing ships from England.   powered light to provide naval guidance.
                                                         The road connecting the lighthouse to the Great Ocean     Twenty million years ago, the cliffs of Port Campbell
      Erskine Falls in Great Otway National Park         Road was just constructed a few years ago; before that   National Park, located on the Great Ocean Road, were
                                                                                                           formed below the water from the skeleton of tiny marine
                                                 i                                                         animals. When the sea level of the world lowered about
                                                                                                           6,000 years ago, erosion stated etching away these cliffs,
            Local Networking Group Seeks New Members                                                       creating holes and tunnels that collapsed and left pedestals
                                                                                                           that make for marvelous rock formations. Today, these
          The local Palm Beach Business Associates (PBBA), a 50-member strong business                     25-story pedestals have become known as “the Twelve
                                                                                                           Apostles.”  They stand brilliant in the sunlight and
        networking  group that  meets weekly  in  the  Abacoa Golf Club,  is seeking new                   menacing in stormy weather.
        additions to their group such as a pool company, physician, dry cleaner, party                       Other formations and inlets along the road have been
        planner, veterinarian, plumber, pest control service, virtual assistant and others. Each           titled as well, such as the “London Bridge” and Loch Ard
                                                                                                           Gorge. The London Bridge was a strip of land connected
        Wednesday from 7:30 to 8:45 a.m., members meet for a full breakfast and refer each                 to the mainland with two holes blown through it at water
        other business leads. There are several categories open and you can visit the group for            level, creating two arches. In 1990, a couple had hiked
                                                                                                           out to the point of the bridge when the arch over the first
        a complimentary breakfast by calling Club President Melissa DeStio, (772) 285-2770.                span collapsed from the mainland, leaving them stranded
        The PBBA web site is                                                       on top. A helicopter had to be called in to take them up
                                                                                                           from the freestanding portion of the bridge, which is
                                                 i                                                         today called the London Arch. TV cameras captured the
                                                                                                           incident, much to the dismay of the gentleman, whose
                                                                                                           wife was watching the report. It seems as though he had
                                                                                                           told his wife he was at an out-of-town conference!
                                                                                                             In 1878, the three-masted clipper ship the Loch Ard
                                                                                                           went down just offshore with the loss of 52 lives. Only
                                                                                                           two survived, Eve Carmichael and Tom Pierce, who were
                                                                                                           washed into a cove where they took refuge in a cave that
                                                                                                           had been cut from the rock. A case of brandy also washed
                                                                                                           ashore with them, which took the chill out of the icy
                                                                                                           waters. Tom was able to climb up the walls to get help.
                                                                                                           One might expect a romantic ending to this encounter;
                                                                                                           however, when they were pulled up the face of the cliff,
                                                                                                           Tom and Eve each went a different way, never to meet
                                                                                                             Don Kiselewski writes from his personal experiences,
                                                                                                           having traveled in 122 countries and cruised the oceans,
                                                                                                           seas and rivers of the world. Palm Beach Gardens Travel
                                                                                                           Leaders,  his  family  owned  and  operated  agency,  is
                                                                                                           located at Mirasol Town Square, 11360 North Jog Road,
                                                                                                           Building A, Suite 102-6, Palm Beach Gardens. The agency
                       Kelly Leary, M.S.
                       THE Florida Matchmaker                                                              has been serving the travel needs of the South Florida
                                                                                                           area for over a quarter of a century. Contact him at (561)
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            R.S.V.P. to our
            Summer Camp for Singles                                                  date at a time.        Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing

            THIS YEAR FEATURING:                                                                            Palm Beach County and is a privately
                                                                                                            owned and managed company.
                                                            Palm Beach   Treasure Coast  Broward            Captain’s is committed to providing
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            Kayaking/Paddle Boarding                     561630XOXO 772932HERE       954420XOXO             dependable, reliable and professional
            Painting Parties and much more                                                                  ground transportation to and from all
                                                                                                            South Florida Airports and Seaports.
            Back by Popular Demand & Selling Out Now!                                   To reserve your vehicle:    PBCVH212
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