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      Jerome Golden Center from page 4                   Zacapa,  and  food  by The  Crepe  Maker. Artwork  was   mental health and substance use disorder challenges.
                                                         for purchase and proceeds went to the Jerome Golden   Comprehensive  services  include  a  44-bed  psychiatric
                                                         Center  for  Behavioral  Health,  Palm  Beach  County’s   hospital, outpatient programs, 24/7 on-call mobile crisis
                                                         largest  safety-net  organization  for  the  underserved.   team, substance abuse treatment program for women and
                                                         Over  80  percent  of  clients  have  incomes  of  $11,000   their small  children, housing,  employment  assistance,
                                                         or less, and no one is ever turned away for care. As a   and  other  wrap-around  services  to  help  clients  build
                                                         nonprofit organization, the center counts on support from   resiliency, facilitate recovery and achieve reintegration
                                                         the community to serve over 9,500 clients a year with   into the community.


                Kustom Wellness

                                Compounding Pharmacy

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                                                      limited time
                                                   buy one vitamin                                          F        airway
                                                    or supplement                                                    Physical TheraPy
                                                      and get the

                                                    second of equal                                                  Brett Richman, PT Owner
                                                            or                                                Put LiFe BAck iN Your YeArs
                                                    lesser value for                                              orthopedic and Neurological rehab
                                                       FREE!                                                           Gait and Balance training

                                                                                                                       extended Hours for more
                    BE YOUR BEST                                                                                   Personalized treatment Programs

                                                                                                                  Also providing laser therapy, massage therapy,
             4550 Donald Ross Rd Suite 113, Palm Beach Gardens                                                 acupressure/electrical stim, wellness & post rehabilitation
                                                                                                                         programs, personal training.
                                                                                  Serving the PGA National Area for 15 Years

                                                                                                                         Conveniently located at
                          561-469-1558                                                                            LA Fitness Plaza - PGA National

                                                                                  See answer in this paper.        561 775-7775
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