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      Singers Welcome

      Join The Choral Society Of                         music accessible, inspiring, and enriching to all through   music is required. We look forward to welcoming new

      The Palm Beaches                                   high  quality  live  performances  of  a  wide  variety  of  a   singers. For more information go to our website at www.
                                                         cappella and accompanied choral music. All prospective
                                                         members will meet with the artistic
        The Choral Society of  The Palm Beaches begins   director  for  a  basic  audition/
      rehearsals  for  the  2018–2019  season  Tuesday,  Sept.   interview. No specific piece of
      4,  at  the  Gardens
      Presbyterian Church,
      4677  Hood  Road,
      Palm Beach Gardens.
      New  singers  are
      welcome  to  join
      us  Sept.  4,  11,  or
      25.  Rehearsals  run
      from 7 to 9:15 p.m.
      Please come early to
        O ur “H oliday
      Goes Pops” concert
      De c .  15  a nd
      16 will feature
      holiday favorites
      for all ages with
      chamber  orchestra,
      soloists and chorus.
      Directed  by  Mark
      Aliapoulios, The Choral Society of the Palm Beaches
      is in its 57th season. It is our mission to make choral

      The Singles Scene from page 7

      the events they have hosted for their summer programs
      which including Paint and Wine classes, Paddle Board
      and Kayak events, Toga Parties, Escape Rooms, and much
      more. There is no reason to spend the summer alone when
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      and thriving and love is in
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      smiles tell a lovely story!
      Simply  “just  say  no”  to
      online dating and make
      your appointment to meet
      with Kelly and her team of
      Cupids!  Due  to  the  huge
      rise in taken and engaged
      couples, the club is in very
      high demand this summer!
      Appointments are filling   Introducing one of Revolution
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      hotline  now  at  561-630-  couples, Bruce and Ivana,
      XOXO  (9696)! You  could   est. April 2018.
      be next! Have no fear, your
      summer LOVE is waiting
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                               Connections  are  always
                               made when you are meeting
      This intimate Paint and Wine   like-minded  singles!
      event was fun and flirty!  #SayNOtoOnlineDating

      Amateur painters and talented clients showed off their creativity
      at this interactive class.
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