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       VOL. 28 NO. 8                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                        AUGUST 2018

      PGA POA Jottings

      By Dawn Levinstein,                               go after the snakes. It kind of sounds like that rhyming song   enjoying the parks, but the POA has received a number of
      PGA POA                                           about the lady who swallowed the fly but you get the picture,   complaints about pet owners letting their dog(s) off the leash
         This article is all about the                  right? I don’t know about you but I HATE rats and snakes and   to run and play, especially in Masters Park where the center
      animals. There is only one other                  would never invite them onto my property. The food chain keeps   is a big field. Having any animal off a leash is a violation
      topic: THE ASSESSMENT. It                         bringing bigger animals. I’m just glad we don’t have to worry   of the POA Rules and Regulations and City of Palm Beach
      is now August so reminder                         about dinosaurs anymore!                           Gardens ordinances.
      notices for the $730.00 annual                       As to the bees, we have had several recent instances where      Please understand that while you may feel you have control
      assessment to PGA POA (due                        bee hives were spotted and removed (i.e.: one in Masters Park   of your pet, all it takes is one moment of their natural curiosity
      July 1st) will be mailed soon.                    under the gazebo; one in an irrigation valve box buried in the   and they are off to say hi to other owners using the park. Not
      If you haven’t paid the POA                       ground; and one in an up-side-down 55 gallon trash container   all people enjoy dogs (amazing, huh?) and many residents are
      assessment, your account is                       with a hole in the bottom which caused it to become a 55 gallon   not steady on their feet. Your dog runs over to say hi and the
      now more than 30 days past                        bee hive). The bee removal company representative looked like   recipient of that greeting can trip and fall or be so afraid as to
      due and interest has started to accrue. If there is some reason why   something out of a horror movie when he had to take that trash   cause cardiac problems. Some dogs enjoy chasing squirrels,
      you haven’t paid, please call the POA office at (561) 627-2800.   can full of hive: he was covered head to toe with bees! The   birds and other fuzzy, furry or feathered friends and spotting
      Delinquent accounts are subject to collection action and at that   point to this little story is to let you know if you see hives in   one across the street can cause your otherwise well behaved dog
      time, legal fees and costs will also be applied so it is important   any of the POA parks or along main roads in the trees, please   to run and play. Having your dog cross in front of a car would
      that I hear from you if there is a problem.       call the POA office. If it is on POA property we will call the   break your heart and mine so please keep your pet on a leash.
      The Birds And The Bees                            company to remove them; they respond within 24 hours and   With retractable leashes and extra-long leashes, it is possible to
         Now that I have your attention, I wanted to remind you that   often on the same day they are called. If the hive is on someone   have play time in the middle of the park and still keep your pet
      feeding wildlife (including use of bird feeders) is not permitted   else’s property we will notify that association or owner. Because   leashed and under your control. Don’t forget to clean up after
      in PGA National. Feeding the critters brings other bigger critters.   honey bees are good for the environment they should be properly   your pet(s) and be sure to bring plenty of drinking water for
      Even bird feeders (which drive landscapers crazy with the   removed by licensed, qualified personnel.  BOTH of you (remember, you aren’t wearing a fur coat in this
      seeds sprouting new weeds) attract opossum, raccoon and other   Going To The Dogs (Again)            heat like your best pal is, so be considerate of your pets too).
      animals including rats. The snakes go after the rats; the hawks      The POA is happy that PGA residents (of all species) are      Have a great month!
      Commissioner’s Update

      Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse                          east of the Mississippi River and the only site managed   County’s oldest known residence. A walk along the
                                                                                                           hardened trail and boardwalk will take you through
                                                        by the Bureau of Land Management’s Eastern States. A
      Outstanding Natural Area                          celebration on May 8 honored the 10th anniversary of   native and restored Florida coastal habitats and tropical
                                                        this designation.                                  hardwood hammocks.
      By Commissioner                                      The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area      The Florida Department of Environmental Protection
      Hal Valeche                                       (JILONA) preserves over 5,000 years of Florida history,   Greenways and Trails and the Florida Parks Service report
         T he  Jupit e r Inl e t                        Native American heritage, early river pioneer settlements,   that outdoor recreation is a major economic driver in this
      Lighthouse is an iconic                           U.S. Lighthouse Service era, and World War II. The 156-  state, employing more than information technology and
      symbol of the town as well                        foot lighthouse is the oldest existing structure in Palm   aviation/aerospace industries combined. This industry
      as an identifying feature                         Beach County, dating from 1860, and continues as an   contributes $58.6 billion annually for our economy and
      in northern Palm Beach                            active U.S. Coast Guard aid to maritime navigation.   generates $3.5 billion in state and local tax revenue.
      County, and there is not                             Sitting at the convergence of the Indian and       The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area
      a  festival  around  where                        Loxahatchee Rivers, JILONA bears archaeological    is a unique and historically significant site, contributing
      an artist has not depicted                        evidence of continuous Native American habitation from   an annual local economic impact of more than $5 million.
      the majestic red brick                            3000 B.C. until 1763 A.D. The site earned a place on the   I encourage you to visit and enjoy this jewel in North
      edifice in a painting or                          National Register of Historic Places in 1973. It is home   County.
      photograph.                                       to four sensitive habitats and 26 special status species.     As always, please contact me if I can be of assistance
         This historical beacon of light and the surrounding      Through a partnership with the Loxahatchee River   at (561) 355-2201 or by email at
      126 acres of natural lands on which it sits holds the proud   Historical Society, JILONA
      designation as one of only three outstanding natural areas   offers interpretive exhibits,
      in the entire United States. Designated by Congress   tours, and programs to over
      in 2008 to protect, conserve, and enhance the unique   75,000 visitors annually,   It’s
      and nationally significant historical, natural, cultural,   enjoyed  by  students  and
      scientific, educational, scenic, and recreational values of   ecotourists from around
      the federal land surrounding the lighthouse for the benefit   the globe. Another of the
      of present and future generations of people in the United   featured structures is  the
      States. It is the only unit of the national conservation lands   Tindall house, Palm Beach

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