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Page 10, PGA C.A.N.!                                                 August 2018                                                                                                                                                   August 2018

      PGA National Resort Barbecue Buffet,

      Fun And Fireworks For Members

      Report and Photos by Penny and Wally Sheltz
         A family barbecue buffet and fireworks was held at
      the PGA Resort Honda Pavilion celebrating our freedom
      with the red, white and blue!
         Fun activities were available for the entire family
      including: disc jockey music, balloon sculpting, airbrush
      tattoos, fireworks after dark and more for resort guests
      and members only.
         Over 600 PGA members and resort guests celebrated
      Independence Day at PGA National Resort and Spa for
      the Fourth Of July Extravaganza!
         Menu included: barbecue ribs, grilled fish, grilled

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