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                                                                         “I humbly ask you for your support and your vote on August 28th”

                                                            Through his hard work and vision, Allen has built a successful private law practice.
                                                            It was his 10 years of serving in the Public Defender’s office that has equipped Allen
                                                            with his knowledge. Unwavering dedication to our legal process is his drive.

                                                            A�VOLUNTEER  •  AN�EXPERIENCED�ATTORNEY  •  OUR�CANDIDATE�FOR�JUDGE

                                                           EDUCATION                   PROFESSIONAL�EXPERIENCE                MORE ABOUT ALLEN
                                                           · Tulane Law School · Juris Doctor  · Ambrosino Law Firm, LLC · West Palm Beach, FL   · First and foremost, he is a husband,
                                                           · Harvard Law School          Criminal Trial Attorney                father and son
                                                             Invited Visiting Student  · Public Defender’s Office · West Palm Beach, FL  · Volunteer at Mother Theresa’s
                                                           · Long Island University      Worked with over 5,000 clients         Home for the Dying in Calcutta
                                                             Masters in Education         Conducted over 80 jury trials       · Published Author
                                                                                       · Misdemeanor, Felony & Appellate Cases
                       Buying or Selling?                  · Villanova University      · St. Mary’s Elementary School · Silver Spring, MD  · Take Stock in Children Mentor
                                                             B.A. Communications
                                                                                         K-2nd Grade Teacher
                           Jack knows                      · University of London      · 7th & 8th Grade Girl’s Head Basketball Coach
                                                             Abroad Studies
            Jack           the market
          ABR-RLS     25 years in PGA National
        Multi-Million Producer  46 years in North County
         E-mail: Jhughes9@

              Cell Phone: 561-373-2493                                          
                    Fax: 561-622-6996                                                           Paid For By Allen Ambrosino For County Court Judge, Group 4
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