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August 2018                                                               August 2018                                                  PGA C.A.N.!, Page 15

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                   All summer long, Devonshire

                retirement resort is in full swing!

        Our Palm Beach Gardens senior living            book clubs, fitness classes, billiards, card
        community is fully staffed in summer and        tournaments, and more.
        throughout the year to bring you unparalleled   Catered services including complimentary
        luxury, convenience, and security.              local transportation, valet service, and
                                                        corporate membership privileges at nearby
        An incomparable culinary experience in five     Safe, weatherproof living in a non-evacuation  F             airway
        distinct restaurants that can be reached from   PGA National Resort and Spa.
        every apartment home via enclosed, climate-                                                                  Physical TheraPy
        controlled walkways.
                                                        zone. Thanks to our sturdy buildings and
        A stimulating lifestyle where you’ll enjoy      dedicated, well-trained staff, at Devonshire,                Brett Richman, PT Owner
        live entertainment, on-site college lectures,   you can ride out any storm with confidence.            Put LiFe BAck iN Your YeArs

                                                                                                                   orthopedic and Neurological rehab
                                 Call 1-800-260-9471 to learn more.                                                    Gait and Balance training
                              Schedule a personal community tour while                                                 extended Hours for more
                                  Devonshire homes are still available.                                             Personalized treatment Programs
                                                                                                                   Also providing laser therapy, massage therapy,
                                                                                                               acupressure/electrical stim, wellness & post rehabilitation
                                                                                                                         programs, personal training.
                                                                                                                  Serving the PGA National Area for 15 Years
                                                                                                                         Conveniently located at
                                                                                                                   LA Fitness Plaza - PGA National

                                                                                                      12980943      561 775-7775
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