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      Community Safety

      By Keith Echols, Director of Security, Allied Universal  them  into  PGA  National. Unfortunately,  Florida  has  a   stick to frighten them away.
         In the past few weeks, security has received several   diverse wildlife and the coyote is here to stay.     Remember, coyotes are timid animals and you should
      phone calls regarding coyote sightings. Coyote sightings      However, I’d like to take a moment to share some   not be intimidated by them. By cleaning up any pet food
      aren’t rare in PGA National, but the number of calls we’ve   information that may ease your mind. In Florida, coyotes   outside, fallen fruit and securing your garbage cans you
      received suggest either that the population has grown or   are not large animals, typically weighing between 15 to   can reduce the chances of a coyote snooping around
      due to surrounding development, it has pushed more of   30 pounds. Males tend to be larger than females. A timid   your home. You can contact FWC  Wildlife at (561)
                                                        animal that rarely approaches a person. A coyote’s fur is   625-5122 if you feel that the coyotes are becoming a
                                                        occasionally black but is usually grayish-brown. They   problem. You may also visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife
                                                        have pointed ears, a narrow mouth, and a bushy tail.   Conservation Commission website:
                                                                                                           for a list of licensed nuisance wildlife trappers. I hope
                                                           Coyote attacks on people are extremely rare across
         Editorial Board                                  the United States, but some have occurred. Coyotes eat   this information was helpful.
                                                        whatever is available, including garbage, dead animals,      As a community, we all share in the responsibility of
                                                        and pet food. Given the opportunity coyotes will prey   safeguarding PGA National. Never hesitate to call security
         Editor:       James A. Cioffi                  on small dogs and cats with most attacks occurring   to report any suspicious persons or activity at 627-1600.
                              in early morning hours, late evening and at night. It’s   Whenever you leave your home – no matter for how long
         Feature Writers:  Dawn Levinstein, POA         advised to not walk your dogs in areas where vegetation   – always lock your doors and set your alarm. For security
                       Commissioner Hal R. Valeche                                                         reasons, close your garage door when not in ingress and
                       O’Neal Bardin Jr.                presents cover for a coyote and keep your dog close to
                       Tom Murphy                       you. If you’ve seen or suspect that there are coyotes in   egress from the garage. Sharing information is vital; the
         Contributing                                   your community, carry a stick or club while out walking   smallest piece of information may be the biggest part of
         Reporter:     Don Kiselewski                   your dog. If you encounter a coyote make loud noises,   the solution.
                                                        aggressively wave your arms up and down, or use the
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         Therefore, we invite PGA residents to contribute   How Are Insureds Saving Money On
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            Articles/letters are subject to editing and editors’   Medical Insurance?
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