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Page 6, PGA C.A.N.!                                                  August 2018                                                                                                                                                   August 2018

      From The Desk Of Jimmy Patronis

      Dear Fellow Floridians:                           Florida Economic Briefs                            Florida Lands Top Five Spot Among Best
         Florida  has  more  than                       Summer Housing Market Heating Up,                  Retirement States
      16,000 registered electric
      vehicles and more than                            Florida Homeowners Really Benefit From                It looks as though Florida’s reputation as a friendly
      231,000  electric and  gas                        Home Warranty Coverage                             place to retire remains secure. A report out this month from
      hybrids. With this growing                           The Florida real estate market has steadily been ranked Florida as the fifth most attractive state
      number it’s important that                        improving since the global financial crisis. The summer   in the union in which to retire. looked at a
      we know as much as we                             housing market is heating up quickly, and this means that   variety of factors including the cost of living, crime, taxes
      can about the lithium-ion                         demand is rising, and prices are following suit.   and weather in coming up with its rankings.
      batteries these vehicles run                         Source: Space Coast Daily                         Source: WUSF News
      on and how they should be
      handled in the event of a fire.
         Although electric vehicle batteries aren’t necessarily
      more prone to fire than gasoline, these kinds of vehicle fires
      are different from gasoline fires. They often require more
      water to put out and can reignite even after first responders
      douse the flames.                                                                                            High Holy Days 5779….
         Since this type of technology is rather new, and growing in
      our state, I have directed my office to offer a training course
      for Florida fire departments to help our first responders better                                                  Where will you be?
      understand how electric vehicle battery fires should be handled.
      And how to better safeguard themselves and Floridians.
                                              Sincerely,                                                                    Rosh Hashanah
                                         Jimmy Patronis,
                                   Chief Financial Officer,                                                               September 9 and 10
                                         State of Florida                                                                     Yom Kippur

      Freezing Your Credit                                                                                               September 18 and 19

         Freezing your credit is considered by many to be the
      best way to protect yourself from identity fraud. During the
      2018 legislative session, I fought to remove the fee imposed
      by credit reporting agencies to freeze your credit, making it
      easier for you to take the best step needed to protect your
      identity. I’m thrilled to report that as of July 1, credit reporting                                                        Live in
      agencies no longer impose fees to freeze your credit. Last                                                     Northern Palm Beach County?
      year, more than 16 million consumers were impacted by                                                           First time with Temple Judea?
      identity fraud in the United States and criminals stole more                                                       We have a limited number of
      than $16 billion from accounts. Cybersecurity continues to be                                                     complimentary tickets available.
      a major concern across the state of Florida; it’s important that                                                    Call TODAY: 624-4633
      you are empowered to keep your identity protected without
      having to jump through hoops or pay fees.                                                                                  Services at
         As your chief financial officer in Florida, I work every day                                                  The Eissey Campus Theatre
      to protect you from fraud and support policies that help you
      safeguard your finances. As criminals become more creative,                                                     Experience worship that will touch
      it’s important to stay one step ahead of the game. Removing                                                     your heart, warm your soul, and
      the credit report freeze fee helps you better safeguard your                                                           energize your spirit.
      identity and finances.

      New Arson K9 Ginger                                                                                               A Reform Congregation Since 1981

      Welcomed To The Team

         In his continued efforts to
      support Florida’s fire service
      community, Chief Financial
      Officer (CFO) and State Fire
      Marshal Jimmy Patronis
      announced the addition of the
      newest member of his Bureau
      of  Fire, Arson  and  Explosives
      Investigations  K9 Accelerant
      Detection Team. Ginger, a 2-year-
      old yellow Labrador, will be based
      in the Panama City field office.
      She was obtained through a funding and training program
      in conjunction with State Farm Insurance.
         CFO and State Fire Marshal Patronis said, “I’m thrilled to
      welcome Ginger to our team. I know she will be a valuable
      asset in the detection of explosives and saving lives.”

      CFO Patronis On Florida
      Becoming A $1 Trillion


         Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis
      released the following statement on the Florida Chamber
      Foundation’s assessment that the state’s gross domestic
      product (GDP) topped $1 trillion on Friday.
         “Florida’s strong economy is a testament to the work
      done over the past seven years to create an environment that
      keeps taxes low, reduces our debt, and makes Florida an
      attractive place to live, work, and raise a family. When we
      remove unnecessary burdens and overregulation, businesses
      can grow and create new jobs, while attracting new talent and
      companies to our state. It’s important that we continue this
      growth trend, and the policies that have helped us achieve
      this feat, to ensure Florida remains a top global economy.”
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